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picture of BJM

Bill, Joe & Buddy (Martin)

Family & Friends

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away. Martin T

©2015 Theophilus




Carol (Phyllis) & Martin (Buddy)

  Alpine, Texas 1957 to 1963  

Twin Peaks Drive-In, Alpine, Texas

Margaret "Peg" in 1957 Sul Ross Brand year book.  She received her Bach of Arts that year.


Martin's Grandparents in1957 at Kokernot Field in Alpine, Texas with George Crerar's brother John and his wife Anna

George Crerar's and his brother John

Margaret Crerar, Anna Crerar (George's sister) and George Crerar at Indian Lodge, Texas - note the Prices Dairy truck to right

Mary Crerar from Toronto, Canada. George Crerar’s baby sister. George brought her from Scotland when their father & mother died.

Gearge Crerar, Martin, Peg, Peggt, Jerry Lee Armstrong 1958

George Crerar, Martin, Peg, Peggy, Jerry Lee Armstrong 1958

Peg (Martin's Mom right) with family Volkswagon 1958

Peg (Martin's Mom right) with family Volkswagen 1958


In the 1950's the Theophilus family followed the baseball games played by the Alpine Cowboys.  These included local games at Kokernot Field, as well as the road trips.  A couple of players who attended and taught at Sul Ross State College were Roy Lewis and Ray Van Cleef.


Ray Van Cleef & Roy Lewis

The Alpine Cowbos Baseball club at Kokernot Field, Alpine, Texas


Kokernot Field baseball park in Alpine, Texas looking from West side of field

  Closeup of 06 gate at Kokernot Field baseball park in Alpine, Texas

Kokernot Field baseball park in Alpine, Texas looking from the East

Kokernot Field baseball park in Alpine, Texas looking from East side of field

  Kokernot Field baseball park in Alpine, Texas looking at the Northwest gate

Kokernot Field baseball park in Alpine, Texas as seen from the parking lot

1950's Alpine Texas Cowboys baseball scorecard 

1950's Alpine Texas Cowboys baseball scorecard

1950's Alpine Texas Cowboys baseball scorecard 

   1950's Alpine Texas Cowboys baseball scorecard

Horses along the Ft. Davis to Balmorphea highway 1958

Martin's sister Peggy and her husband Tom had acquired a dog named Pepper.  However when they moved up North, they found they couldn't keep her.  Martin paid for her to be shipped back to Alpine on the train.  After he and Carol married, Martin's parents kept Pepper.

Dad, Martin, Peggy & Mom in Crerar's living room


Dad, Peggy, Mom, Martin, Grandma, Grandpa Late '50's

Cousin Jim Gibson

Martin's Cousin Jim Gibson

Martin (Buddy) 1958 Big Bend National Park

Martin (Buddy) 1958 Big Bend National Park

Martin (Buddy) 1958 Big Bend National Park

Martin (Buddy) 1958 Big Bend National Park

Sandy & Peggy Anne horses BBNP

Sandy & Peggy Anne horses BBNP

1958 Big Bend National Park - Buddy, Bud & Elsie

1958 Big Bend National Park - Buddy, Bud & Elsie


Big Bend National Park 1958

Big Bend National Park 1958

Martin Ham license 1959 helped by John King who also built the custom transmitter.

picture of Rock Hounds

Martin's Mom often took a group rock hunting on Martin's birthday

picture of BJM

Bill, Joe & Buddy (Martin)


1959 - Peggy Anne driving parents new Ford Falcon (dealer tag in back window) Joe Burgess riding shotgun and Martin in back.


Joe Burgess - Martin's (Buddy's) room - models with Telstar hanging from the ceiling. Martin and Joe ran around together and often manned the Burgess' Curio Store. Many rubber band fights ensued there.


For Christmas, Martin and Joe's parents bought them Sears twin headlight Higgins bicycles. This may have been the beginnings of Martin's law enforcement, as Joe and he taped penlight flashlights to both handlebars and Martin had a bike siren that used the front tire as a driver. They were the Alpine Bicycle Police. The day Joe was moving to NM, he and Martin crashed while racing each other. The crash happened by Lockhart's Clinic, thus the bandage on Joe's arm (below with his dog Zip).

Joe moved to Reserve NM. Martin and Joe both had obtained Novice ham radio licenses and were able to communicate occasionally after Joe's move

picture JCM

Joe Burgess, Carol & Martin around 1966 during Joe's visit to Alpine from NM.


Jan school pic and 7th grade orientation.  Jan Evans was one of Martin's first "girl" friends vs "girlfriend." She had a crush on Joe Burgess and after Joe moved to NM, Jan and Martin shared stories. They would hang out on the steps of her home talking about all issues.  Martin's Mom once sent the police chief Jack Johnson to get Martin to go home.  Martin (with the help of his Mom), threw a surprise party for Jan's birthday.

Jan Evans Geisha Girl at Alpine HS prom - Mom did decorations

Jan Evans Geisha Girl at Alpine HS prom - Martin's Mom did decorations


One of Martin's Mom's great prom sets

Peggy with her Mom's cutouts 1958

Martin threw a surprise birthday party for Jan.


Lee Armstrong and Peggy 1958


Alpine High Band 1958

Martin (Buddy) 1958


Bill & Martin during Alpine Creek flooding

Palmer Coats, Jan Evans, Rochelle Sohl & Dina Sue Turner at Alpine Country Club dance

David, Carol & Donna Lynn at Alpine Country Club dance




Martin's Mom Margaret "Peg" on rock hunting trip with the Sul Ross Geology Dept.  - view video

Martin's Mom made copper plaques for various Alpine organization

Donna Lynn walking with Martin


Alpine Country Club dance

picture of Carol Vogt, Peggy, Patty Koch

Peggy Anne & Friends

Janet, Betsey, Peggy 1950s

Peggy Anne


1959 Theophilus' Shopper Guide Press, art store, print shop and eventually a Hallmark bookstore and magazine newspaper distribution building.

Martin (Buddy)

Crerars 1959 - view video


John King & Peggy 1959



Martin's Ham Shack 1960


John King looking in on Martin's Ham shack

Bill Stovell in Martin's Ham Shack


You can see the ham tower behind Martin & Pepper. The tower was installed on a concrete slab with hinges so it could be lowered and updated.

David Forchheimer who later became a well known Country DJ.

  Gene Hendryx Alpine, Texas KVLF radio station "Voice of the Last Fronteir

KVLF radio recently sold (April 2015) and in their story, there's a photo (left) of the studio with Gene Hendryx from the ’60’s when I was there. The Magnecord that’s in my office is behind Gene Hendrix. I rode my bike out to the station and sat for hours nights and weekends by the turntable on the right with David Forchhiemer, Bob Beall and Phil Wayne Evensburger who were the DJ’s. I was a “go-for” to copy tapes and retrieve news from the teletype. Never paid, just wanted to learn about the technology and enjoy the music and stories.  Vic Torres KVLF

Magbecord S-36B reel to reel tape recorders in the KVLF radio station, Alpine, Texas - 1960's.


Grandma Crerar at the Santa Elena canyon in the Big Bend

Margaret Crerar and Aunt Isabel at the Santa Elena canyon in the Big Bend

Crerars and Ina at the Wishing Well at Indian Lodge

Carol, Donna Lynn, Nina and Martin at the Ft. Stockton swimming pool

AHS dance band at Central Grade School gym party

1957 Elvis Certificate created for the AHS band winning sweepstakes

Terlingua 1959

Alpine High School band program, May 14, 1959



Martin began playing trumpet in the 5th grade and majored in Music at Sul Ross. Here in Alpine High uniform 1959.  Peggy Anne in 1960 AHS band uniform


Martin's first date was with Linda Powers (seen left at the Alpine Country Club and right in photo with Martin in 1984). At 14, Martin didn't have his driver's license and was mortified when his Dad honked as he drove up to her house, as he always did when picking up Martin's other friends.  Martin had his Dad drive around the block.





Alpine High Band in parade - Leland Schultz, Director



1960 AHS Band Banquet & Dance

1961 AHS Band Banquet plan

Peg Theophilus' scrapbook from 1960.  During this period Martin's Mom participated in the building of sets for both Central Grade School and Alpine High School proms.  The following photos show some of her work.







Chuck Stringfellow and Jan Briggs






Big Bend - Pat, Sandy Elsie, Peggy Anne - 1960

The Window at the Big Bend National Park - Peggy Anne, Sandy, Uncle Bud, Aunt Elsie & Peg - 1960


Margaret Crerar and her sisters in 1960

Ina - Thanksgiving at Peg & Ollie's home (Alpine, Texas) 1960

George, Ina, Helen & Margaret at Sawtooth Mountain

Margaret Crerar, Archie Singer (brother) & Ina Deyman (sister)

George Crerar & Archie Singer in Aunt Ina's son's boat Chuck's boat 1960, White Lake, Michigan

Margaret Crerar at White Lake Michigan 1960

George & Margaret Crerar heading back to Texas from Michigan in 1960

Ina & Margaret in front of 729 Ruddiman Dr, Michigan March 1960

Margaret Crerar at Niagara Falls in 1961

Margaret & George Crerar and Ina with their sister Christina's children (the William Brown family)

Radio telescopes near McDonald Observatory and Fort Davis in 1962. Peg T, Martin & aunt Ina

Peg on Woodward Ranch 1961

Peggy Anne Alpine High School graduation 1961

Alpine Texas Masons - George Crerar top right

Peg Theophilus painting for cover on one of her scrapbooks

1961 Peggy Anne Sul Ross choir

Peggy Anne & Blackie Christmas 1962

Ollie & Peggy Anne Christmas 1962

Ocotillo blooming in the Big Bend 1962


George and Margaret Crerar 1962

Margaret & George Crerar celebrating their 50th Golden wedding anniversary on July 3, 1962

picture of Theophilus family and Mom & Pop Crerar

Martin "Buddy" Theophilus, Margaret & George Crerar, Peggy, Margaret "Peg" and Oliver "Ollie" Theophilus on a Sunday in 1962

Ham Fest with John King 1960


Peggy Anne & Tom Karvonen

Sue, Lee, Tim Eicholtz & Robert Graham at Peggy & Toms' wedding.  The air Explorers were supposed to be guarding Peggy & Tom's car. However my Dad enticed the guards into the church with ice cream and the car was creamed.



Peggy & Tom married 23 June 1962

Martin's Grandmother Margaret (rt) with Her Sister Ina

Margaret and George Crerar.  Martin's Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary, July 3, 1962

Margaret and George Crerar.  Martin's Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary, July 3, 1962

Juda & Carolyn Ann

AHS Play Ghost From Outer Space

AHS Play 1961


AHS Play 1961

1962 Alpine High Senior Play

Martin played trumpet in Alpine High School band

AHS Bands

Cats in parents room

Theophilus/Crerar back yard

Martin's old toy machine gun and tricycle

Grandparents home and car

Train coming between Marfa & Alpine

picture PGMS

Palmer Coats, George Cooley, Martin & Sue Bradford

Palmer Coats

For folks interested in the Big Bend and its history we highly recommend Carl Williams recently released book "More than a Badge"



In grade school Martin's friend Bill Stovell introduced Martin to Carl and Alice Williams. Carl was Alpine's new Texas Highway Patrolman.  Alice and Carl had the boys over for breakfast often on Saturdays and Martin participated in Carl's Boy Scout pack and eventually was part of the Air Explorer Squadron formed by Carl.   This also evolved into Martin's membership in the Brewster County Rescue Squad.

Bill & Martin (Buddy) Alpine flood

Carl williams became a Deputy Sheriff with El Paso County and subsequently was accepted to the Texas Department of Public Safety Academy. When Carl graduated from the DPS academy, he was assigned to Alpine. (late 1950's). Carl later ran and won the Brewster County Sheriff's office. In 1969 Carl became one of the first members of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Education and Standards and moved to Midland. Carl's Chief Brewster County Sheriff's deputy became a TxDPS narcotics officer.


This was the beginnings of Martin's interest in law enforcement and radio communications. An additional influence was Martin's dating Juda Moore whose Dad was an Alpine Policeman. Fred would allow Martin to ride with him on patrol. Picture left is Juda and Martin's friend Lee being married. Fred is on the left.



Carl was a very influential mentor. In addition to the Boy Scouts and the Brewster County rescue Squad, Martin and Carol became good friends with Alice and Carl as well as Barbara and George Jones. Barbara & George resided in mail floor of the Brewster County jail. Carol & Martin would join then and other officers to watch football games.

Brewster County Sheriff Carl Williams and DPS Officer Jean Pate



Carl, Alice, Martin & Chris in 2007

picture of Brewster County Rescue Squad 1962

Pics from Carl Williams - Brewster County rescue Squad. When Martin was in High School, he joined the Rescue Squad.   Often he would join others in fighting area grass fires and assist in hunting for lost hunters in the Davis Mountains.  Riding in the back of the truck above left Martin with a bruised rib.

picture of Lee & Buddy in Air Explorer Squadron  

Martin and Lee McCollum in the Air Explorers.  The jeep that Lee's driving was our "emergency rescue vehicle."  However , it would only go 45 mph, so people would be passing us out on the highway, even though our lights and siren was blaring.

pictre of Air Explorers

All the Explorers got together on a cold Winters day to paint the rescue truck. We painted it in an abandoned service station and kept the windows closed.  We also were drinking beer and smoking cigars, so with the paint, there were a bunch of sick kids.


Brewster County Rescue Squad

Pics from Carl Williams - Brewster County rescue Squad - Alice, Michael, Renee Bill Stovell & David Teplicek

Brewster County Rescue Squad

Pics from Carl Williams - Brewster County rescue Squad




Dedication of the Camino Del Rio Tx Hwy 170  

Carl C. Williams to Ben English - Ben, in the for what its worth Department I made the river road trip many times with my Dad,a long time before they decided to pave it. As a highway patrolman I traveled the road many times officially and unofficially before it was paved and later after it was paved. I was the official escort on several of the trail rides that traveled the road before it was paved. Hard on patrol cars but much fun otherwise Lots of stories here to. Martin just brought one of them to share with all. Thanks again..


FM 170 “River Road” Dedication - from Carl Williams
On November 4th 1961 The “River Road” “Camino Del Rio” FM 170 was officially dedicated.
Attending Master of ceremonies Senator Dorsey Hardeman of San Angelo, Herbert L. Petry chairman of the Texas Highway Commission he clipped the red ribbon opening the road. Rex Ivy Brewster County Commissioner and Big Bend Park Development Committee serve a Bar B Q at LaJitas for the crowd. Name contest winners students Juan Nieto of Presidio, Carol Humphreys of Marfa. S S Capitanachi of Ojiniga, spoke , Glenn Garrett representing Gov Price Daniel. Garrett is the Executive Secretary of The Texas Good Neighbor Commission. The Marfa High School Band provided the entertainment for the ceremony.
FM 170 was originally designated as a 5.0-mile highway from US 67 in Presidio northwest to Ochoa. On December 16, 1948, the road was extended to the northwest an additional 13.9 miles to Adobes and to the southeast to a point 6.3 miles from Presidio. On July 15, 1949, the road was extended 11.7 miles to Redford. The road was extended on October 29, 1953 further to the northwest 13.9 miles to Pinto Canyon. Further construction to the northwest would then undergo a long hiatus.
On July 28, 1955, with construction focusing toward the southeast, the road was extended 5.2 miles beyond Redford. On October 31, 1958, the road was extended an additional 13.9 miles. On February 5, 1960, FM 170 received its final extension to the southeast to RM 2462 at the Brewster County line. The RM 2462 designation was then canceled with that road combined with FM 170 for a total extension of 38.0 miles to its present terminus at SH 118.

Dedication of the Camino Del Rio Tx Hwy 170 Dedication of the Camino Del Rio Tx Hwy 170

More comments by Carl in 2018 to Ben English

A little more on the River Road Dedication.
On November 1, 1961 beloved Marfa Coach L. B. Martin was killed in a plane crash when it hit the Boundary Commission flood gauge cable some 40 feet above the river near Alemeda Creek. All occupants in the plane were killed. Coach Martin was preparing to participate in the River Road Dedication. I was in Presidio setting up Escort and security for the Dedication and was the first officer on the scene of the crash.

This was kinda of a strange deal. Best I remember Presidio County Sheriff Ernest Barnett had requested Col Homer Garrison director of DPS to provide escort and security for the Rio Del Camino Dedication. If memory serves me, for some reason no DPS brass was able to attend, no Sgt’s, no Lt’s, no Capt’s and I was assigned to put the operation in place (Sgt for a day so to speak Ha) It seems that our instruction were to establish constant road patrol to assist motorist going to the dedication but no tickets or arrests unless absolutely necessary.

We had one Highway patrol unit working from Alpine to Lajitas, one from Marfa to Presidio, and one from Presidio to Lajitas, Highway Patrolman Baylus Wagnon of Marfa and I were rovers traveling with the dedication officials and escorting dignitary’s as needed. Unfortunately I can’t remember the other Highway Patrolmens names.

As Martin Theophlius has noted I was also coordinating the Brewster County Rescue Squad activities, the Air Explores of Alpines activities and other volunteer citizens in providing rest stops and information to attendees.

Peg (Martin's Mom right) with family Volkswagon 1958 - Martin learned to drive in this car and a Volkswagon bus.

Peg (Martin's Mom right) with family Volkswagen 1958 - Martin learned to drive in this car and a Volkswagen bus.

Martin received his Texas Driver's License on October 23, 1961




Theophilus' 1952 Plymouth - this car was used to deliver newspapers and magazines. On one occasion Martin (Buddy) and Lee McCullum were going out the Old Marathon highway. Normally you could tell where the dip was by watching the train signal beside the dip. On this occasion it was out. We flew in mid air for a few moments,Lee bit the cigar he was smoking in half and we landed on the far side high ended on a rock. Luckily we could rock the car back & forth and got traction.

A few years later it was parked in front of Martin's bedroom on Highway 118 across from Central school. At 3 am a driver coming in from Fort Davis went to sleep and hit the 1952 Plymouth head-on, totaling his new Buick. The Plymouth looked unscathed.

George Cooley worked with Martin on Martin's Dad's newspaper Theophilus' red 1964 Falcon rolled by Martin in 1965distribution.  Every day during the first part of the Summer of 1962 we drove from Alpine to Fort Stockton to pick up the Odessa American newspapers and distribute them to Monahans, Imperial, Balmorphea, Fort Davis, Marfa, Alpine and Marathon.  The red 1961 Falcon was rolled by Martin in 1962 half way between Alpine and Ft. Stockton.

Sue Bradford with Martin's 1961 Ford Falcon 

Sue Bradford with cat in front of Martin's 1961 Ford Falcon

Sue Bradford and Martin's Red Ford Falcon 1962.  Sue worked with Martin delivering newspapers from Fort Stockton to Balmorphea, Fort Davis, Marfa, Marathon and Alpine. 


Unfortunately Martin rolled his Mom's 1962 Tan Ford Falcon while traveling too fast on wet pavement.  Luckily no one was hurt.  Sue and Martin were taken by Brewster County Sheriff Jim Skinner to the Big Bend Telephone office where Carl Williams was working temporarily while campaigning for the Sheriff's office.  Martin asked Carl to call his parents and let them know what happened.  Martin's driving was hard on his parents because in the first year of having a drivers license, he had 3 accidents with his parents cars.

Martin ran around with Sue Bradford and ended up with a crush on her.  For her birthday in October 1962, Martin bought a Princess phone for Sue with the help of her cousin Phyllis Carol Avant.  Carol became a supportive friend subsequently. Carol & Martin 1965 (above)


1963 Junior/Senior prom invitation

1963 Junior Senior Prom

Sue Bradford with cat in front of Martin's 1961 Ford Falcon

Sue Bradford with cat in front of Martin's 1961 Ford Falcon

Margaret & George Crerar between their home and the "middle house" in 1963

George Crerar 1963

Peggy Anne, Tom and Pepper

1963 Martin & Pepper in the Theophilus/Crerar back yard

1963 Martin & Pepper in the Theophilus/Crerar back yard

1963 Martin & Pepper in the Theophilus/Crerar back yard - note Martin's ham radio tower in middle of yard, chicken house and Garners garage

Pepper and Puppy

Martin, Pepper and Ginger


Aunt Isabel, Aunt Ina, Margaret & George Crerar, Helen, Peg, Ollie, Peggy Anne & Tom in MN August 1963

Martin's Dad was raised in New Castle, PA home of the Shenango Pottery factory.  When the family traveled, Martin's Dad would always flip over the plates and see if they were Shenango.  Most often, they were!


Thanksgiving 1967

Peg Theophilus



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