Chris & Martin's Scrapbook - 2015

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

Martin T      ©2015 Theophilus

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Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing


 2017  B

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Our Christmas letter • more Christmas photos


Barbara and Larry joined Chris, Ken and Martin for Christmas dinner.


Facetime Perez family


Eggs Benedict breakfast



Lighting up the house


Chris, Taffie and KD


Martin and Bracken front porch sitting


Chris and Bracken at the stable


Bracken birding - view video - and birds at the Bastrop HEB -view video

Bracken early morning


Central Texas Ballooning Asso. Christmas party


Bracken and Fall home scenes • Peggy's memory tree fromTCDS


December 9, 2015 the Texas Chapter of the Recording Academy (Grammy Asso) held their annual holiday party.and celebrated all the Texas Grammy nominees

Chris and Bracken on a cold morning


Bracken intercepting Joel's Lab - video


Martin, Chris & Ken M's office



KD watching as Chris works with Taffie


Bracken Nov 272015



Thanksgiving with Barbara, Larry and Ken • out with KD and Taffie


Bracken sleeping/snoring, on alert and in Chris' Ridgeline


Chris with Texas Extension folks - pasture water drainage consultation


Thanksgiving lunch TCDS


Chris fence rpair after deer ran through


Horsey friends stopping by


111415 Paella Lovers United with Cody and Pat - video


Chris working with Taffie


Bracken Squirreling - video


Chris riding Taffie 11 0915 - view video


Chris, Bracken & Martin • Lake Travis Sunday drive


Chris Taffie & KD • Gaila, Chris, Taffie & KD • view video


Bracken Martin


Chris, KD and Taffie Nov 3rd


Chris, KD and Taffie settling in


Taffie comes home November 1, 2015 • video


Bastrop County bridge work 11/04/2015


Highway 71 which as closed during the Dry Creek & Onion Crrek flood

Video #1Video #2



Oct 31, 2015 • neighbors helping cleaning up bridge beside us over Dry Crrek


Latest photos - water over railing



October 30, 2015 flood - first time water has gone over the bridge in River Crossing by our home


Halloween inRiver Crossing • Btacken moon


Bruce • Chris and Martin ready for Seattle Skype • Chris KD


Bracken chasing birds and keeping watch • video


Chris and KD with Vet • video (turn off sound)


Chris and Jeannie go check out Tuffy / Taffie



Smoke from new Bastrop fires 10/13/15 • Bracken watching Chris at Debby's and at the stable


Very sad - due to bucking, Chris returned Sahara to Rachel


Chris and Martin visiting with Ken in Houston - The Martian - Halloween display near Ken's home




Photo sequence with Chris and Barbara working with Sahara and she bucked Chris off again Oct 10



Photo sequence with Chris working with Sahara. Oct 10


October 9 wedding at the concrete house



Chris and Sahara. Chris began working with Sahara and initially Sahara did well. Then when Chris began trotting, Sahara bucked putting Chris on the ground. Rachel came and worked with Sahara with no problem. Then Sunday when Barbara came over Sahara walked on a lead fine and made one round with Barbara holding the lead and again with no warning, Sahara bucked again.

Downstairs AC replaced by Ron WCU


River Crossing Neighborhood Night Out


Chris and Sahara out front

Chris was approached to book four well known bands for a large event that would take place on four “guest” ranches near San Antonio. It was for an international conference with 1,000 folks (250 folks on 6 buses to each location). Chris pulled off all 4 without one hitch!

Chris supervised the events at the Knibbe Ranch in Spring Branch and David and other folks supervised the other three. Very cool set-up with hay rides, armadillo races, free belts, the band Cory Morrow and fireworks. Chris just booked the main bands, however lots of work. It’s one of the top major entertainment events DPM has staged over the 25 years ( and she was slowing down(:-)! video





DPM event set up by Chris for AIG - 4 ranches around San Antonio with a major band at each location • videomore photos


Bracken squirrel chasing • video


Chris washing Sahara


Chris and Sahara


Penny's retirement party  09/24/15 after 25 years at the Texas Center for Disability Studies


Chris, Martin, Shelley & Laura at Penny's party


Another ride


Chris' first ride on Sahara in River Crossing


Bracken has a 2 squirrel day. They must be getting ready for Fall. None caught, just chased for fun. video


KD and Sahara grazing


Colorado Drive grass fire • movie




Sahara Comes Home September 12, 2015 • Getting stable ready & picking Sahara up from Rachels • video more photos

University of Texas releases information on Raquel Torres' $30,000 scholarship award for her design. view page


Waiting for rain and KD and Chris • video


Bracken Labor Day bone


old Tangleridge Circle home




Back porch Colorado Drive home

Chris & Martin at the Scoot Inn


Chris took her trailer out to Rachel's to work with Sahara video


Bracken finally passed her driver's test • can we go ride?


Deer, Deer  video



Chis 2015 Seattle trip- Julius, Anthony & Rowan • Chris at Sheila's with Geri, Ron & the Kids • Julius, Rowan & Chris • Chris & Anthony - video  all photos in pdf  Go to full page of photos


There was a squirrel • video


Bracken Dozy and there must have been a squirrel here


scream break


KD and bird in flight 


Barbara and Gaila took care of KD while Chris was in Seattle


KD grazing around where Dancer is buried • video


Napping with Bracken ain't easy! • video  • orange moonrise


Abbey Road Crossing 46th anniversary  • MB Arby's • Brack squirrel


The Stable • Chris Brushing Bracken and Chris heading out to Seattle for a few days


Chris mucking out, treating KD's sores and giving treats


Chris at Rachels riding Sahara - video of Rachel's horses running


Bracken watching for Chris in Copeland where she was checking out a horse


River Crossing party welcoming new owners


Chris & KD • video


Bracken on high alert • Rain


Upstairs AC repair - Ron WCU replaced by himself - great folks to work with


Chris (for passport) • Bracken (taking my pic again?) • KD Chris • Family


Gaila and Chris with Farrier working on KD


David's birthday lunch - video


KD takes a "selfie" • KD & Chris


Bracken • KD rolling and dog shaking • video


Martin and David Forchhiemer in Martin's "ham shack"

Photo right of the Alpine, Texas KVLF studio from the ’60’s when I was there. The Magnecord that’s in my office now is behind Gene Hendrix. In the late 1950's and early 1960's  I rode my bike out to the station and sat for hours nights and weekends by the turntable on the right with David Forchhiemer, Bob Beall and Phil Wayne Evensburger who were the DJ’s. I was a “go-for” to copy tapes and retrieve news from the teletype. Never paid, just wanted to learn about the technology and enjoy the music and stories.   Martin 


Chris lost one of her best friends Karen Montoya (who was also British) in April and Karen's husband Montie passed away this August. Left - Karen, Montie, Jessie, Chris & Martin • Chris with Karen and her Mum • Jessie, Christina, Karen & Montie • Karen's Mum, Chris, Karen & Montie • Ken with Karen's daughter Christina who was named after Chris • Scott (Christina's husband, Karen, Chris & Christina • Karen's 1963 Beatles signatures • Montie's funeral


AC replaced • mower belts replaced


Chris Birthday Pappadeaux


Facetime Seattle




Chris' Birthday began with the discovery that KD had broken the gate and was next door, luckily unhurt • video


Chris KD sunset • Bracken by Berdoll's Squirrel


Back porch water came from AC drain rather then slab leak


Chris "on the mower again!"


Taking Bracken to Bastrop for lunch, we came across a car fire on Hwy 71 • video


Bracken "ready to go for lunch" - video


Chris and Martin taped interview with Joel Block at his studio for MOMSR


Martin at UT TCDS IT work on PC's Penny's office


Chris and Gary unloading hay and working on mower - video


Mockingbird entertainment - video


Margaret Koch, Bullock Museum Deputy Director and Chris • La Belle


KD rearranges his alfalfa • movie • Moon Star


Chris mowing & KD acting • Bracken watching for Chris at Lowe's


Chris gets her tractor back from repair


Chris & Martin attended screening of "Amy" Amy Winehouse's documentary hosted by Tx Grammy chapter.
Sad movie, however very well done. Her first manager Nick Shymansky, gave a live interview after the screening.


July 6 - ACL Moody Theater - Outlaw - A Tribute to Waylon Jennings with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Kacey Musgraves, Jessi Colter, Toby Keith, Lee Ann Womack and many more.  more photos & video


Bracken in ER Vet - urinary infection


Chris and KD on his 22nd birthday!


KD gets new shoes - video


Chris contracted for our neighbor to repair the pasture drainage damage caused by our heavy rains


Chris & KD • Home


Attended the grand opening of the Firefly Studio near Wimberly. Caught up with Steve & Ray Hennig, Jerry, Bill and Fred. Beautiful studio!


Chris having KD checked for Laminitis by Dr. Moore


Rowan, Julius & Desi • Chris mowing • KD sore hoofs• Bach's tree showing first nuts


Chris, ill, Zany & Bracken at


House with green grass in the evening


Bracken keeping an eye on critters, Chris & Martin


David's Father's Day party - movie more photos


Storm clouds • Chris gets her repaired tractor back


Fun Father's Day! Nothing like starting out with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! There were a lot more early this morning!


Austin City Limits 2015 Hall of Fame inducted the original ACL crew including our friend David Hough and original Audio Director for 41 years. Also Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel, Flaco Jimenez, Guy Clark, Loretta Lynn and Townes Van Zant. The program and photo of Floyd Domino and Lloyd Maines getting ready to play. video



KD gets a bath • KD • Bracken worm • Chris mucking - video


Chris & Martin Produced video for Mike Murray (including miking Mike) who was presenting Change Management to DARS employees



June 6, 2015 party - 30th Anniversary & Chris arrives in the US 50 years ago party - lizards and geckos always arrive early • Bracken partied out after beef rib



Ray Benson & Asleep At The Wheel MOMSR interview released


Chris married Al in the UK. Later they moved to the US 50 years ago today! video

June 1, 2015 - 30th wedding anniversary - more history


Bracken & Martin • Chris tractor heading out for repair


Memorial Day 2015 - great dinner then stormy weather • video


Jo and Christopher's wedding


Chris and Sheila visited Michael during her UK trip May 2015 - More


Sheila's Home & link to article Sheila wrote for the East Anglian Daily Times about her husband Joe Albon during WW II


Cuckoo Tye Farm - Mum's tree - Anne




Bracken and Big Bird


Morris Minor getting looks


Two turtle day • green grass


Facetime with Chris & Sheila at Elaine and Peter's 5/18/15 • KD grazing & Bracken the reluctant ball player


Front porch sittin' on a quiet rainy Sunday morning with Bracken and KD • Back deck cool views • Letting KD out • Dry Creek higher • video


Bracken checking the creek


KD - Barbara - KD standing in the rain - video


Tamie Glass, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture had her third year students designing options for our Museum in the Spring 2015 semester.  (above) MOMSR Board member Michael Murray with UT Assistant Professor Kory Bieg and Lake Flato Architect Ashley Heeren • MOMSR Board member Architect Lloyd Cates, UT Professor Richard Cleary and UT Assistant Professor Tamie Glass • Tamie with students and treats



On May 14th the students gave their presentations to 3 UT Architecture professors and an architect from Lake Fraco architecture Our Board and supporters now have an incredible collection of approaches to creating our Museum. It will take us awhile to digest and begin making recommendations as we move forward. We greatly appreciate the University of Texas School of Architecture Professor Tamie Glass who took on this task with her class. The variety of perspectives and the added creativity they brought to our Museum is priceless


Barbara & Liz getting briefing from Chris and Chris off to UK



Mother's Day 2015  • Chris, Bracken & Martin to Trudy's & Chris' Facetime with Rowan, Julius, Sharon & Anthony


Houston with Ken for Mother's Day and Ken's B-Day


Chris & Martin interviewed Ray Benson with Asleep At The Wheel at Bismeaux Studios for MOMSR video


UT Architecture Professor Tamie Glass and 7 of her Interior Design toured our studio/museum. The class is using our Museum as a design project. 05/05/15 MOMSR Board meeting


Christine & Chris played Arhaven House in River Crossing on May 3rd - video


Louise and Dan hosted a Kentucky Derby party. Steve and Louise with her Derby hat. We all went out to meet their 2 day old foal. - video


Chris, KD & Martin Selfie • Bracken - Brack rolling video



Attended the Doobie Brothers concert April 27th at the Moody Theater with ex-Eagle Don Felder opening. Also Ray Benson joined the concert• video

Last evening (042515) Chris and I were coming home from one of her entertainment gigs at Barton Creek and I stopped and shot a pic of the Austin skyline. On an early morning in 1985, we were on our way to buy Bob Seger tickets at the Erwin Center and I stopped and shot the Austin skyline. Slip slidin' away...


Chris weeding stable corral


Chris takes Bracken and Martin for second Ridgeline ride • video


Bracken and Martin take first ride in bed of Chris' Ridgeline pickup • A little apprehensive at first and then loved it...Bracken too! (:-) • video


Double rainbow over Murano and over Janice and Stevens home


Our Museum just added the classic vintage Neumann U87 microphone


Chris & Martin Producing video about Terra Nova Studios for MOMSR - view video


Chris & Bracken - clean Tack Room • M & Brack sharing JIB • Bracken Southside rib• back deck at sunset

MOMSR - Chris & Martin interview Freddy Fletcher, Arlyn Studio


Arlyn Video shoot Lisa and Freddy Fletcher • Chris shooting & narrating • Martin shooting & editing • Arlyn Interview • Arlyn Tour


Martin B-Day!


Chris brings KD in from the pasture - video


Video shoot for UT TCDS for Texas Advocates at the ARC of Texas - Chris mic check

Bracken runs out of the kitchen for a Bunny check - video


Martin surgery South Austin Hospital • Bruce • Bracken & Chris


Easter Seattle • River Crossing moon rise


Chris washing KD and mowing - video


Martin cycling in River Crossing - video clip


Bracken & Martin in the Studio • Chris spraying and KD


Pamela & Chuck Harris' wine tasting party with "At Last" song for couple celebrating their 35th anniversary • view video clip


Rowan preparing for Desi• Desi with Rowan • Bracken arriving 8 years ago 03/23/07 and now


Chris taking mower to have tires replaced - first time towing trailer with new Ridgeline



NARAS Producers & Engineers Event Arlyn Studios 03/21/15


Chris, Mary, Mike & Martin0)3/20/15 • Circle tree in fog 032315 • Bracken


NARAS Grammy SXSW event Four Seasons with Robert Earl Keen • brief video

C&M at Amy's in green 031715


Bracken tracking


Sunset 03/15/15, stable and Chris KD & Bracken stable at night


Martin repairing phones Bracken howling to alarm test - ADT fixed their control panel


Fran made a quick visit while back in Texas


KD at Sunset 03/12/15


Bracken on her bed, in the stable hay room and bird in Dining Room window


Tamie Glass' UT Architecture Interior Design class using MOMSR as their task for this semester

Chris grazing KD with Bracken looking on


Stable gutter ducts repaired


Vet with KD


Coyotes in pasture with one approaching and being chased off by KD. Chris had Bastrop SO, & Animal control out


Chris and Bracken on a cold March morning


Fleetwood Mac Erwin Center - Austin, Texas March 1, 2015 - video


Chris' stable work & Farrier with KD


UT Class visit to the R2R collection - Sarah, Raquel, and Ronnie - Friday Feb 20, 2015


UT Architecture Tamie Glass' class MOMSR review


Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan visit  • Got to Perez visit page



Bob Seger Houston concert February 14, 2015 • video clips


Valentine's lunch with Ken in Houston


UT Architecture Professor Tamie Glass' Interior Design Class & Tamie with Chris, Lloyd & Martin


Jim Cartwright held his annual party celebrating Thomas Edison's birthday (168th) by recording a group of Austin musicians on a cylinder recorder • video


Bracken waiting as CM look at new RC home construction • Austin cranes • Austin birds while out to dinner with Liz & Bennie



Chris went to Callahans (Tracie with Callahans manager top left) to buy Alfalfa for KD and visit with Tracie who was playing a gig • brief video clip

Tracie Lynn with Chris & John, her husband, center.  Phantom Productions' signed an artist management contract with Tracie in 1990. After the contract expired and Phantom began only booking, but not managing entertainment, Chris has continued to book Tracie for a variety of events (no this Callahans one).


Going home and home again 


Tuesday, Jan 27, Martin was almost passing out between the bedroom and bath. Entered South Austin ER that night. Serious internal bleeding requiring 4 pints of blood with stomach & bowel surgery cauterizing two cysts. And some complications that never should have happened. More


Sylvia, Stuart, Chris & Martin Hyatt Townlake 01/23/2015



Chris riding with Jeannie and Martin cycling




House painted January 2015 more photos


Chris DPM costume mtg S. Congress > Amy's


Chris grazing KD with Bracken


Dancer's painting now over the mantel


KD Rolling and Bracken's new bed


Bracken chased birds in formation • video


FaceTime with Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan

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Alpine •  Marfa, Texas

Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing


 2017  B