Chris & Martin's ScrapBook 2019

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

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  Canine Family  •  476 Colorado Drive  •  Dancer • KD • Taffie •  Chris  •  Alpine   •  Marfa, Texas

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Bracken out for a ride June 30, 2019



Martin patrol - stopped by Elaine and Johnny's, but no one home


Chris arranged to have trees downed in recent storms cut up and carted off


Bracken watching Chris and Taffie heading out for ride • Martin brought out some carrots • video


Chris Mowing and Bracken watching her coming in • Bracken still recovering


Ariel photos Vista, Double Eagle & Home


Bastrop Police Dept COPS meeting and new uniform with black pants


Bracken getting better - Chris and Martin still trading nites with her • Chris & Taffie


Chris and Bracken


Chris and Taffie out for ride & checking trails • Bracken came out for a few minutes • Chris & Taffie in stable


A couple of days after the storm, Bracken developed serious mobility problems on her left side. We took her to our Crossroads vet in Bastrop who then sent us to the Austin Veterinary Emergency Services in Austin.  X-rays showed serious hip arthritis. The vet felt that because of other left side hearing and sight problems, Bracken may be dealing with a brain tumor, or possibly a stroke. They said an MRI could be completed, however first they recommended we take her back to our vet the next day and begin steroid treatment to see how she responds. The steroids began on the 12th. On the 19th of June, she seems to be improving. We've  been trading off sleeping in the living room with Bracken. video


Anthony, Julius & Rowan on Father's Day • Chris' card • Lori and Ken


June 8th storm • video


Birds have re nested our bird house • video


Taffie's hay arriving


Chris' River Crossing horse signs • Taffie purple mask • Rain - video


Chris, Taffie and Holly (farrier) • Bracken dusk


Bracken finishing off Martin's blackened fish from Pappadeaux & Is this camera looking at me? Looking at me too!


Raccoon front porch • vintage moved to Bracken's room temporarily


Martin Patrol • new Bastrop Police Dept. COPS uniform


June 1, 2019 Chris and Martin's 34th Anniversary


Chris, Bracken & rabbit • movie


Mom's stones Kerrville & Hunt


Chris and Taffie out for ride with Brenda


Church close patrol & new Bastrop communications Building • Martin Bastrop Sheriff's patrol • video


Chris and Taffie out for ride • video


Bracken at In/Out burger • Chris and Bracken watching squirrel


Shawn replaced antenna mast and worked on compost bin


Bracken checking out the woods and getting a back scratch • video


Bracken on guard and out while Chris tucks in Taffie


Chris and Taffie rode with Brenda


Mother's Day


Buzzards in Double Eagle • Shawn Working on fence with Taffie


Chris borrowed Bennie's mower to mow Bill's pasture • Bracken hay room • storm clouds


Martin patrolled on a weekend when Bastrop County was doing stepped up traffic enforcement including the use of unmarked patrol cars • v


Chris Taffie


Martin Bracken Taffie


Birdhouse • birds gone • Stormy night • Mom's agate & silver


Bracken, sound asleep, cookie, shaking and on alert


Alpine 60th Reunion of the AHS 1959 Class and Friends • more photos 2

Photo of Sheila and Chris from Christopher's wedding - May 16, 2015 • Go to Sheila's memorial page



Chris UK trip for Sheila's Memorial • brief clip


Martin Patrol • Bracken back scratch • video




Martin and Taffie's Fly Mask • video  shorter version


Chris in UK • Martin with Bracken during thunderstorm


Chris and Barbara with Casye • New River Crossing Horse sign


Bracken chasing another squirrel • video


Chris and Taffie meeting Brenda for ride and Chris getting hay


Bracken chased a fast bunny • video  • Bluebonnets


Martin 2019 BDay • dinner with Mary and Mike


Home photos with Bracken


Brack on alert ay night • Bracken dreaming video • with Chris at the stable • Chris giving Brack a bath


Bracken • video


Martin Bastrop Sheriff patrol • video


Heading out to meet Sylvia and Stuart at Pappadeaux


Chris brushing Bracken • chasing bird


Chris and Taffie go for ride • video


Flowers in memory of Sheila from Sharon and Anthony


Sheila Isobel Miller Albon • March 8, 1938 - March 20, 2019  • more photosvideo

Chris' sister Sheila, passed away today at the Melford Court in Long Melford, Suffolk, England. Sheila was a strong, nature loving, beautiful horsey lady that we are going to deeply, deeply miss!



Bird house boarders video • Bracken to go  video


Vista drone views


Chris mowing and drone views • video


Home drone views


Martin patrol • highway work


Chris and Taffie preparing for ride with Brenda


Bracken and Martin porch sitting


Chris grazing Taffie while Bracken looks on


Hollly, the Farrier visiting Taffie • Bracken looking on • Bracken


Martin Bastrop Sheriff's patrol


Bracken in the woods


Bracken trees another squirrel


Taffie with her Rug  • Bracken on her Bracken • giving us the look while eating • DQ cone break


Deer on Colorado Drive


Bracken on watch and out with Chris and Taffie • Chris giving Brack a brushing • video


Bracken watching Chris preparing Taffie to ride, then sleeping • thinking about stealing Chris' seat


Martin patrol - Rosanky - Thunderbird Lake - 95 county line


Taffie gets a visit from the vet and has her teeth worked on


Chris telling time • video • Bracken and Martin out for our regular morning walk


Valentine's Day


Taffie, Chris & Bracken at stable • Bracken listening • Chris Taffie ride

Peter's birthday


Martin Patrol - New Bastrop Sheriff's vehicles • Dogs loose on Hwy 71 • video


Elaine & Johnny's • Chris & Bracken ice cream • Bracken looking to steal Chris' seat • sunrise front porch


Bracken takes a cookie • video


Chris and Taffie heading out for ride • video


Bracken at Sunset


The 24th Annual Chris and Martin Superbowl Party


For Bracken's 12th birthday, Chris and Martin took her to the Roadhouse for a hamburger • video


Chris, Bracken and the Farrier Holly • Chris in pasture with Taffie • buzzards on old store on Old Hwy 71 • Holly, Chris, Taffie & Brack


Chris volunteering at the Bastrop Animal Shelter


Hang gliders over stable 01/27/19 - Talked to Austin Paramotor, who were launching from Berdoll's pecan field & received apology from flyer • video


Chris grazing Taffie with Bracken looking on


Bracken waiting for Chris to return from volunteering at the Bastrop Animal Shelter orientation and riding


Martin assisted with lady whose suv became stuck in mud


Chris preparing Taffie to go ride


Barbara delivering hay to Chris • Chris and Taffie riding out


Taffie • video


Bracken after firmanator


Bastrop Police Chief Altgelt promotes Andres Rosales to Fire Chief and Wesley Hamrick to Patrol Sergeant


Bastrop Police Dept's relabeled COP car


Bracken watching Chris mowing


Martin rode out with DPS Officer Todd Gilmore

On 01/08/19 during the Bastrop County Sheriff's January Monthly Recognition Ceremony, Sheriff Maurice Cook gave Special Recognition to Martin based on Sgt, Stark's commendation. "Below  is a list of people that the Sheriff would like to recognize at our next ceremony. The ceremony will be on Tuesday January 8th at 9:00 am. We will be in the front training room. Please let me know if you will not be able to attend. Special Recognition- Martin Theophilus C.O.P, Volunteer & Deputy Robert Williams-Post Card McDade High School"


Chris & Taffie • video


Patrolling on Jan 6th, the traffic lights went on flash red at Hwy 71 & Pope Bend. Martin relieved deputies for three hours until TxDot repaired the lights. more photos

David Perkoff threw a retirement party for Chris on Jan 3, 201 at the Mandola's Italian restaurant • 40 event, musician and entertainment folks attended. Chris worked for David Perkoff Music for 29 years and received the proverbial corporate retirement watch (:-)  • more photos and video


David Perkoff threw a retirement party for Chris on Jan 3, 2019 • 40 event and entertainment folks attended • more photos and video


Bracken in water as puppy and during recent rain & squirrels


Chris & Bracken at Wendys and Bracken dreaming video


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Alpine •  Marfa, Texas

Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing


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