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1990  More detail at this link

Artist Management: Mark Luke Daniels, Tracie Lynn, Skull Duggery, Danny White, John Cambridge

In 1989 Phantom Productions celebrated 25 years in the music business. The 90's began with significant projects going forward on several fronts. The partnership with David Case in England (formed at MIDEM in Cannes, France) provided Phantom with European and Asian offices through Phantom, UK. In addition Andy Murphy joined Phantom as a producer and Peter K. as a promotional agent. Our artists were going strong and we produced a business video to promote our services.

1990 Phantom Phacts Video (8 part)

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  picture of Tracy at Phantom working on new songs    Go listen to Tracie's "The Silence"

Tracie Lynn recording demos at Phantom • view video of James Hinkle producing Tracie's material with Fred Remmert at Austin's Rough Cedar Studio

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  picture of the signing of management contract between Phantom Productions and the metal band Skull Duggery

picture of Skull Duggery performing at Town Lake Austin   Go to Skull Duggery Page

Pictures of the signing of management contract between Phantom Productions and the metal band Skull Duggery, studio sessions and live concert on Austin's Town Lake.



  Tracy, Martin and Chris  during Tracy's recording seesion at Cedar Creek Studio, backed by Marcia Ball's band, produced by James Hinkle 

Tracy, Martin and Chris  during Tracy's recording session at Cedar Creek Studio, backed by Marcia Ball's band, produced by James Hinkle - view video clip

picture of Phantom's video editing set-up early '90s picture of Phantom's video editing set-up early '90s  Housewives Choice recording in Chris & martin's living room

Housewives Choice recording in Chris & Martin's living room - view video clip - Note: this was one of the last sessions with the Teac/Tascam A-3440 as Phantom moved more to video for promotional work.

Phantom's video editing set-up early '90s (click on picture to enlarge)

  picture of Chris, Martin, Mark Luke and Andy at Midem 1991 cover of the Midem, Cannes, France news magazine    Chris and Martin, Phantom Productions were featured in the 1991 issue of the Midem Cannes, France magazine

Chris and Martin at the 1991 MIDEM & Martin, Chris, Mark Luke and Andy at the Midem Texas stand

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Clients:David Perkoff Music, Inc.,Texas Council of Community MHMR,Liberty Balloon Company,American Balloon Corp,Blueberry Balloonfest,Morgan Automotive,Middletown Public Library,James Courts,Leon County School Board, Finance Dept.

Artist Management: James Courts, Tracie Lynn

Peter Butcher, our friend and associate passed away on December 2, 1992.


Clients:Middletown Public Library,Old Pueblo Balloon Classic,Promo One,Merrill Lynch,Marco Antonio Rodriguez L.Mexico,American Balloon Corp, Liberty Balloon Company,Skysigns Unlimited, Inc. Kodak Hot Air Balloon Race, Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, DC,Corporate Hot Air, Tiger Software, Markborough Texas, Inc., Austin Division,Poteet Strawberry Festival,James Courts Master Hypnotherapist

Phantom Phacts Spring 1993   

picture of audio session with David Perkoff & Bill Haddad in 1993    picture of audio session with David Perkoff & Bill Haddad in 1993

Bill Haddad brought in mixer and Fostex 8-Track for session produced by David Perkoff (click on picture for larger image)


Clients:Poteet Strawberry Festival,Plano Hot Air Balloon Association,Creative Interchange Consultants Int'l, Inc.,Balloon Federation of America, Liberty Balloon Company, American Balloon Corp,Moving Image Production, Corporate Hot Air Skysigns Unlimited, Inc.,Florida,David Perkoff Music, Esther's Follies, Ray Anderson, American Heart Association, Haynes and Boone, Lubbock Regional MHMR,Mid-States Corporate Federal CU,Austin Ind School District, Construction Man.,City of Austin, Dept. of Planning & Development,City of Austin, Dept. of Public Works & Trans., Labatt, Canada,BRSG Black Rogers Sullivan Goodnight, Inc, The Metro School Dist of Wayne Township,American Constructors, Inc.,Danger Zone The FOX Network,Geologist Division,Liberty Balloon Company,


Phantom Productions turned thirty this year. Newsletter

Letter from American Heart Association

SelenaIn documenting the Poteet Strawberry Festival, we have the opportunity to videotape a wide variety of music.  The Poteet festival often books very new and up and coming artists.  This year was no exception.  One outstanding act was SELENA. Previously we were invited by a Latin Music Promoter to see Selena perform at Austin's Southpark Meadows.  We were blown away by her performance and professionalism.  When we had another chance to see and tape her briefly at the Poteet festival, she had just won a Grammy.  The news of her death a sort year later was devastating.  An incredible loss.

View Selena video from 1994  Poteet Strawberry Festival View video


Phantom also videotaped The Mavericks at the 94 festival. View video RealPlayer.  And Radney Foster - view video

Little Texas was another band taped by Phantom during this period - view video



Clients: Apple Computer,Ballooning Magazine,Consulting International,Florida, David Perkoff Music, Inc.,C. J. Johnson,Dell Computer,Live Oak Theater,KGSR FM,Ray Anderson,The Courtyard,Creative Interchange Consultants Int'l, Inc.,Maryland Preakness Celebration,Volunteer Management Associates,Allied Film Video,Keith Kelly,Capital City Container Corporation,Australian Hot Air Balloons,Leander Independent School District,First Presbyterian Church Austin,Campbell Memorial Hospital,North Texas Ballooning Association, American Constructors, Inc.,Ojo Magic,New Mexico,Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan,Mary Shiels Hospital,Hospital Volunteer Dept,,City of Arlington,Dover Elevators,Esther's Follies,Poteet Strawberry Festival,American Balloon Corp,

1995 Phantom Phacts Newsletters  


Clients:NASA, MCET - Mass Corp. for Ed. Telecommunications, Air and Space Museum,AT&T Wireless Services,Poteet Strawberry Festival,Palm Harbor Homes (12 part management training series,Esther's Follies,Central Texas Ballooning Club,American Balloon Corp,Galaxy Promotions,Consulting International, Florida, Comedy Sports for AT&T, Dick Goss Promotions,David Perkoff Music, Inc.,Skysigns Unlimited, Inc .Florida,Texas Department of Human Services,C. J. Johnson,Ray Anderson, Comedy Sports,Cajun Electrical Cooperative,



Confederate Air Force San Marcos • August 17, 1996  • Russian YAK flight + Bell P39 and other interviews

View QuickTime



Clients:AT&T Wireless Services, GRB Entertainment - The Learning Channel, Consulting International, Tampa, Florida, Poteet Strawberry Festival,Ray Anderson, Esther's Follies, Church of Latter Day Saints, Pitsco, Inc., Canada, Discovery Canada,Brad Henderson,Lipscomb Event Managers, Inc.,City of Austin, Public Works,DOD, On-Site Inspection Agency,USA MICOM,American Constructors, Inc.,Central Texas Ballooning Club,Comedy Sports for SPRINT,LAF Communications,Andy Fowler)




picture of Mike MurrayClients: GRB Entertainment. Consulting International, Florida, Poteet Strawberry Festival, University of Texas at Austin, The City of McAllen,Texas, Mike Murray, Consultants International,


picture of Keith KellyClients:Pitsco, Inc., Pitsco Catalog Div. Canada, Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet, Poteet Strawberry Festival, Keith Kelly, Storm Warnings! Great North Int'l, Inc., Mike Murray,  Del Poling - Consulting International, Florida,

picture of program for the Harvey Pittel Saxaphone Quartet



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