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Phantom van at Austin's Lake Travis  

Phantom van at Austin's Lake Travis.  This picture shows some of Phantom's first on-location music video work in 1979.  The video camera can be seen sitting on the left bench.  It was tethered to the VHS deck (bottom right). 

The blue cable was the 8 channel  100 foot Whirlwind snake.  The decks were the 4 track Teac A-3340 and the Teac A-3000 2 track mastering deck.  Also included in the picture is the microphone briefcase, TV monitor, assessory trays, 4 channel dbx, Marantz 5420 cassette deck, Technics amp and JBL speakers.

Phantom Productions / Highland Sound Company - On-location recording

The music playing in the van was recorded in Marfa, Texas in 1969 at the Thunderbird Motel in Marfa.

Highland Sound moved to the Odessa Midland area of Texas in the early '70s.

1971  to  1975


Highland Sound produced demos for all types of bands, produced wedding recordings and completed on-location recording for schools

(right) Martin using his Dad's Sunday School Super's office to record the First Presbyterian Church choir in Alpine. (Note the mike cords going out the window and the great quadraphonic headphones).



picture of HSC/PPI equipment for on location recording in Odessa, Texas


picture of equipment 1976picture of Maranta 5420 and Sony 580

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Some of phantom's equipment in the mid '70s included the Yamaha 1020 Receiver for monitoring.  Other equipment used for on-location recording included Teac's 3340. Sony 580, the Tapco 4400 reverb, Marantz 5420, Pickering headphones, pair of Sony Electet Condenser mikes, pair of Teac ME120 mikes and pair of a Sears Guitar Amps for playback on location (they could fill a room).  The Teac 3340 was mounted on a hand truck with the Sears amp for easier portability.


Phantom's on-location recording set-up. Operating out of the Odessa/Midland, Texas area, Phantom began completing on-location recordings for bands, schools and churches. Austin Custom Records contracted with Phantom for albums in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas.


Due to all the club noise, Martin asked this Odessa band if he could use their equipment truck for isolation in mixing the live recording. The success of that set-up resulted in Phantom's creating the van below.

This van was customized for on-location recording in El Paso, Texas during the Summer and Fall of 1978. Phantom Productions moved to Austin, Texas in November of 1978.

equipment in HSC/PPI van in El Paso

Inside the Phantom Productions/Highland Sound van, we used the Teac 3340, a Teac 3300 2 Track, JBL L40 monitors, The Teac Model 2 mixer with the MB-20 meter bridge, the marantz 5420 for making a cassette copy for review and the Technics amp..

El Paso's Country

The CowPokes (last concert), Viscount Club, El Paso, Texas. Click here to listen.

El Paso editing equipment

Highland Sound Company • Phantom Productions, Inc. moves to Austin, Texas, November 1978


El Paso editing equipment


Highland Sound business card when Martin first came to AustinPPI recorded Elijah at this Austin church

PPI recorded Elijah at this Austin church


PPI recorded Elijah at this Austin church

First Austin on-location job upon moving company to Austin was at St. David's Episcopal Church.


newspaper write-up on Megan Meisenbach

Phantom taped flautist Megan Meisenbach at an Austin Soiree.

PPI record Kade I Man

Phantom has always taken on a wide variety of production jobs. The first year in Austin included everything from The church and private concerts, to Kade I Man at Antone's (then in North Austin).

PPI van at Austin's Lake Travis

PPI recording the Big Band Sounds of Austin at Symphony Square

Phantom produced an album for Clifford Zirkel's Big Band Sounds of Austin.

Click here to listen to some songs.

Highland Sound and Phantom productions yellow page ad

The Yellow Page ad above reflects the period we were transitioning to our new name and look.

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Phantom productions has a 5 hour 2 DVD set profiling our vintage tape recording clooection for $14.95.  The set also includes some history of sound recording; how the tape recoder works and a bit about recording in Texas during the 1960's through the 1980's.

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