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Chris videotaping Terra Nova interview

Interview with Jerry Tub and Nick Landis - Terra Nova Mastering Studio profie for theMuseum of MagneticSoundRecording*

"Mega-Kudos to Chris & Martin Theophilus of the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording for producing this video on Nick Landis & I at Terra Nova Mastering!"

Jerry Tubb, Terra Nova Mastering Studios

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Arlyn photo take by Martin Theophilus of Neve/API console for the Museum of MAgnetic Sound Recording


Lisa and Freddy Fletcher - Arlyn Studios profie for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording*

"This is really good."

Freddy Fletcher | Partner/Head of Production, Stageside Productions at Austin City Limits LIVE

"This is beautiful!!!! ... I have enclosed a photo of us. Please let me know if you need anything else at all. This is stunning about Freddy"

Lisa Fletcher - Arlyn Studios

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Freddy Fletcher Arlyn Recording Studios & ACL




Lisa Fletcher providing tour of the Arlyn Studuios



Lisa Fletcher - Tour of Arlyn Studios for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording*

"Well done guys. Thank you so much" - Freddy Fletcher


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Lisa Fletcher Arlyn Studios




logo of the Family to Family Network

Mary Jane Williams, Director Family to Family Network conducting Inclusion training - video production by Phantom Productions, Inc.

Mary Jane Williams, Director Family to Family Network conducting Inclusion training - video production by Phantom Productions, Inc.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to recommend Phantom Productions for a full range of media and web services.   I have had the pleasure to work with owner, Martin Theophilus, on two different projects over the past 15 years. Overall we are very pleased with the creativity and quality of services that we have received. 

Family to Family Network initially contacted Phantom Productions to help with the creation & development of our website ( many years ago.  We contacted them due to their experience and knowledge of the disability community.  When we were asked to create a new website to provide accurate & consistent information on the special education process – Phantom was our first choice.  Martin was quick to offer suggestions and help us plan the new site. 

Phantom Production has provided us with web design and hosting services for the Texas Project FIRST website for the last 10 years, as well as technical support and hosting for our Family to Family website.  Both projects are dynamic, responsive websites that require frequent updates, and Martin always responds swiftly to our requests, whether to make changes or solve problems.   As a nonprofit, we also appreciate that Martin has gone “beyond the call” to connect us with various web data collection tools for grant reporting purposes.  Family to Family Network also used Phantom Productions for video work related to some other projects.  He has provided media services for the disability community for more than two decades, and this gives him a unique understanding of our audience that reflects in the quality of his work.

On the scale of satisfaction, we award Phantom Productions a full five stars!
Best regards,
Mary Jane Williams, Executive Director, Family to Family Network



logo of EveryChildTexas

Support family Mom taking Jadon for a walk  Nancy with the Providers dicussing Jadon's care  In the support Mom's kitchen with Nancy & Jadon


Thanks for the memories

Dear Martin and Chris,

I want to thank you for all your help over the past fourteen years with developing and maintaining EveryChild's website and video materials. I have appreciated your steady hand behind the curtain keeping the website wheels turning. I have especially appreciated how easily you were able to incorporate your technology insights to help us craft videos that tell our story. We were able to focus on the message while you focused on the technical aspects –from lighting to audio to calming nervous subjects to editing. Together we were able to co-edit to create stories which are truly compelling and have changed the lives of children with disabilities and their families.

Nancy Rosenau, Retired Executive Director of EveryChild,Inc.

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Penny Seay training in Dallas for HHSC video production by Phantom Productions, Inc. for the Texas Center for Disability StudiesIn reviewing multimedia companies in Austin, Phantom Productions, Inc. is the only company I could identify that has any focus on working with people with disabilities and their families. I have looked at over 10 media production companies and none have any expertise in working with individuals with disabilities and their families.

In the last year, Phantom Productions, Inc. developed a video with people with intellectual disabilities discussing advocacy skills with other self-advocates, created a short video on using person first language with people with intellectual disabilities, filmed person centered thinking training and created separate training modules covering the content, and filmed an interview between a person with an intellectual disability and a person centered thinking trainer to use in training activities. Phantom Productions, Inc. has contracts with the Texas Education Agency Texas Project First and EveryChild Texas, both projects working specifically with children with disabilities and their families. No other company in central Texas that I have found has any experience with this type of work.

Phantom Productions, Inc. is integral to our program at this point, having contracted with us via OSP for over 10 years. The principals in the company have developed significant expertise in working with people with disabilities and their families and have an understanding of the critical supports needed to develop media with people with disabilities. These skills are not held by all multimedia production companies, and would require significant time to cultivate with another company, causing us to fall behind on deadlines identified in our grant.

Penny Seay, Ph.D.Director, Texas Center for Disability Studies

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Martin -It was a home run! Everyone loved the videos - they laughed and cried.  Doesn't get much better than that. banker was so lifted by the foundation video he has committed a legacy gift of $100,000 on the spot!  Amazing.   Thank you for your patience, for your creativity, for your knitting, for your story telling. You are indeed a magician.

President - IBAT Education Foundation

production by by Phantom Productions, Inc.  view video - largemobile



Thanks for doing this work for us - we absolutely love it! 

Take Care! Louise - LD Arabians

Antar view video  •  AL Kahar view videoA Day at the Ranch




TCDS logo Texas Center for Disability Studies, The University of Texas at Austin



Thanks for your perseverance and hard work on this Martin!  I’d like to schedule a time to show the video at the office so everyone could see what the possibilities are for future work.  Thanks! Penny

Penny Seay, Ph.D. - Executive Director, TCDS

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Everyhild Texas logo





Martin, its fabulous. Just right.  I love the images you selected to use while the voices are in the background. The timing is good, the flow works, the storyfollows. I think its just right. Good to go. Thanks so much. It is just what we need.  Nanc

Thanks Martin. A pleasure to work with you and a great product. Doesn't get any better than that.  Nancy

I just watched. They look great. As always, you've done a masterful job. I love the photos of John and Mahal as the speakers are talking. 

Thanks for the rush job too.    Nancy

Nancy Rosenau, Ph.D.,
Executive Director, EveryChild, Inc.

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man reading a book with Chloe



IBAT logo



Everyhild Texas logo

2007  Hi Martin! The video looks terrific! I don't know how you squeezed everything in, including the pic of me kissing the gorilla! What were you thinking! Thanks forall you've done and do and will do in the future. Best. Mary

Just a note to tell you again how well the 2005 IBAT Education Foundation Gala went and the videos your prepared for us were smash hits. Thank you for your excellent work. View entire letter.

Mary Lange, CAE, Senior Vice President
Independent Bankers Association of Texas

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view IBAT Baker Group President's Award video largemobile


IBAT logo

Mary Jane Williams with the Family to Family Network and Laura Buckner with the Texas Center for Disability Studies video production by Phantom Productions, Inc.


I have been to two TEA meetings over the last week also and people are raving about TxPF I was beaming...thanks for all your help in getting it up and working and for your unending dedication and guidance.  Thanks again for all you do to make us look like we know what we are doing!! 

Mary Jane Williams, Executive Director
Family to Family Network

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Cortex Interactive logo



Big Austin

Every time I view your video for BiG, I think of the quality of work you produce!  I definitely have you in mind when it's time for my fitness video!(:-)  Thanks again!

Kratai Chidee Albert

Produced by Phantom for Cortex Interactive - video 4 largemobile

view additional Phantom/Cortex productions - Delta Airlines (rt) largemobile

video 1 largemobile • video 2 largemobile  •  video 3 largemobile

Phantom Productions video for Cortex Interacive's Delta Airline Training Series



MCET logo


NASA logo

Phantom Productions' time lapse hot air ballooning video produced for MCET and NASA
A note of thanks and appreciation for your production on the time lapsed balloon launch for our satellite broadcast and subsequent CD for the NASA series of programs on aviation for US middle schools. In all respects - the rapid turnaround; your special efforts to shoot in the right conditions (despite several poor weather attempts and it being a holiday); and your continued patience and good humor - your work has not just been professional, but gratifyingly personal "next time."

Robert Zalisk, Producer
Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications

MCET for NASA Funded Project  view video largemobile




picture of Michael F. Murray


picture of Michael F. Murray

Thanks for your speedy quality work. I am looking forward to a lot more work together.

Mike Murray, President
Creative Interchange Consultants International 

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Mission Presbytery Overview - view video clip





Preakness logo


1991 Maryland Preakness Celebration hot air balloon photo

Please accept our warmest thanks for producing a wonderful video capturing the many delightful moments of the Maryland Preakness Hot Air BalloonCompetition. Phantom Productions is a high caliber production company. You have done a magnificent job in featuring all aspects of our balloon festivities.

Sandra W. Cuneo, Executive Director
Maryland Preakness Celebration

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picture of Poteet Strawberry Festival logo design


Selena performing at the Poteet Strawberry Festival

The video is wonderful, everyone just loves it. Thanks for the fantastic job. You both are great to work with.

Ms. Nita Harvey, Executive DirectorPoteet Strawberry Festival

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59th Annual Poteet Strawberry Festival

video by Phantom Productions, inc. • view video largemobile

2006 Poteet Strawberry Festival performer Joe Nichols




Dear Chris & Martin, The video documentaries that you created of our wedding weekend captured precious memories and the magic that we will treasure forever...Your creativity and imagination in filming and editing the entire weekend went far beyond our wildest expectations. We are very impressed with the presentation of the multiple versions of the video through the QuickTime  clip for on line viewing by family and friends and the layout design and content of the DVD's.

Sheila and John

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AT&T logo


Thanks so much for helping us put together our sales kick-off and all the work on our second quarter incentive event. We appreciate your attention to detail and creative direction. The sales force was sincerely excited and this is all due to the effectiveness of the videos. I look forward to working with you much more in the future.

Kathy Ahlenius, Director of Sales, AT&T 



BFA logo  BFA logo


BFA logo


Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into producing our corporate video. Your video and brochure has helped us crack the National market.

Dan Sherrill, President, American Balloon Corporation
Past Director of Competition, Balloon Federation of America

American Balloon promo video largemobile

Maryland Preakness Ballooning Event

Dan Sherrill - Balloonmeister  video 1 • Crew Training video 2

BFA logo





Thanks for coming to our rescue. The video greatly exceeded our expectations! Look forward to future projects.  Craig Tungate

Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes, Promotional Video for Disney 

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American Heart Asso logo



The eighteen minute promotional tape of the Heart Association's Laughter is the Best Medicine looks fabulous and will help us sell the event to sponsors in the future.

Kerry A. Phillips, American Heart Association

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David Perkoff Music • Esther's Follies event - video by Phantom Productions, inc.


Chris and David - David Perkoff MusicChris and David - David Perkoff Music

Other David Perkoff Music event productions with video by Phantom Productions, inc.

Lumberman's Association Circus theme •  view video largemobile

University of Texas Bevo event • view video largemobile


Children's Hospital Foundation of Austin • DPM event • Phantom Productions, Inc. video




Paige Davis performing for the Austin Cabaret in Austin, Texas

Paige Davis performing for the Austin Cabaret in Austin, Texas



Paige Davis performing for the Austin Cabaret in Austin, Texas


PPaige Davis  - Austin, Texas 

Phantom Productions, Inc.

HD video shoot for Stuart Moulton

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Paige Davis performing for the Austin Cabaret in Austin, Texas






This is a typical Phantom video, beautifully composed, skillfully edited, with just the right combination of music and natural sound to bring the viewer into the event.

Ruth Ludwig, Editor, Balloon Magazine, The Balloon Federation of America

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(mobile) - Sunrise Sunset ISunrise Sunset IISunrise Sunset IIISunrise Sunset IV

Sunrise Sunset  view video



Del R. Poling 



Phantom Productions, Inc.'s cover of the Four Year Old Syndrome for Del R. Poling

You guys went above and beyond to create just what we needed, were quick to make adjustments and managed the product through every supplier.

Del R. Poling, President, Del R. Poling Consultants International,

The Four Year Old Syndrome  view video - largemobile

Phantom Productions video shoot for Del Poling's Four Year Old Syndrome




production by by Phantom Productions, Inc.
We welcome the opportunity to bid on your video project.

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