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Production Notes: Martin began working with Bruce Scafe (the original producer of Austin City Limits) in producing video for the Texas Dept of Human Services.  In 1980 we also produced a booklet about starting your own recording business.  It provided information on sources of customers and hints on the business aspects.  See our ad in the 1980 Modern Recording and Music Magazine. Click here to see coverHere's our recording and album fee schedule.  Phantom's first Austin music album and video was produced for "Dan and Dave" who had been one of the favorite Austin "off the wall" bands. The album was named "Legends in Our Spare Time." It was produced on an Teac 80-8 (8 track) in Phantom's van and mastered at Cedar Creek Studios with Martin, engineer Ben Thornton and producer Peter Butcher, and at George Coyne's Parrot Tracks Studio. Peter and Martin formed a partnership that spanned several Austin music companies and took on an international scope.

picture of Phantom van interior  

picture of article on Dan&Dave's album     This is a picture of the Teac 80-8 and mixer set-up in the back of Phantomm's van.         Ben in Cedar Creek studi  Dan & Dave "Live at the back Room"  


Martin produced the Austin Texas album "Dan & Dave Live at the Backroom"  This is a picture of the Teac 80-8 and mixer set-up in the back of Phantom's van.

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Peter Butcher and Martin met when Phantom was producing a promo at Lake Travis. That work resulted in the formation of an Austin music company called New Generation Production. The goal of the company was to identify the best music coming out of US studios and promoting the music to publishers and record labels. Peter's British experience in the music industry created some very helpful ties internationally.

logo of New Generations Productions

  Harvey Campi's single release

Martin designed and began building a studio for New Generation Productions. The studio later became the home for Riverside Sound Studio.  One of the Board members for NGP was Harvey Campi, Ray Campi's brother of Rockibilly. We produced and released the single "Little Young Girl."


Music Etcetera worked with quite a few bands during these years. One band that created a large following was Shammy. The band members included James Mikulinka and Wayne Gathright (previous Austin Music Lane Recording Studio owner). The band owned its own recording studio built into a mobile home and included a great Trident mixing board. Poster

Click here to listen to one of Shammy's track on K98's "Homegrown" album.


One of Phantom and Peter's early collaborations was the production of a demo for the Cain Sisters who had secured backing from Willie Nelson. This came about, so the story goes, by their blocking Willie's exit from his ranch and talking him into to listening to some early tracks. That's Peter (above) dancing to tracks at the on-location session. Poster


Music Etcetera logo

Peter secured the US marketing for the 1981 release of Leslie Gore's old hit "It's My Party" by UK artists Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin. The record had great success in Europe and made it to 72 in the US.  The 1981 remake by Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin was a UK number one hit single for four weeks and was also a major hit in Austria (#3), Germany (#3), the Netherlands (#26), New Zealand (#1), South Africa (#3) and Switzerland (#6). The track reached #72 in the US.

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More about Music Etc.  More Music, Etc. - Business Plan   Newsletter 1  2  3   Artist Form

business card from Morley Grossman, pianist, The University of TexasMorley Grossman on stage Kim Meyers playing on 2222 West of Austin


Phantom Productions completed many on location recordings around Austin during the 1980's.  This photo is from a recital at UT.

One of the artists Music Etcetera worked with was Kim Meyers.

Click here to go to photos and a clip from Phantom's recording of Kim Meyers at a country venue on RR2222.


Rich Records logoPeter took on an album production for Rich Michaels in 1982.   Listen to cuts from Rich Michaels

Rich Records was created to produce and promote Rich Michael's album.

story on Phantom Productions recording record album for Roundrock's Sweethome Baptist Church    Sweet Home Baptist Church album cover

Click here to see the album cover and hear a song

picture of ACR studio recorders and mixers  Austin Custom Records mix-down room with Sony 580  picture of ACR record lathe

Martin set up the duplication room and remodeled Austin Custom Records studio. He was ACR's Chief Engineer during this time. The ACR record cutter is seen in the picture above.  We used a variety of ACR's and Phantom equipment.  They included the Teac Model 5, Model 2 (Phantom's original), 2340, 3340 (Phantom's original), 7300, a great old original Teac Series 70H8 8 track, Sony 580 (Phantom's original 580). More pictures of Austin Custom Records studio are below.

picture from Austin Custom Records studio   picture from Austin Custom Records studiopicture from Austin Custom Records studio   picture from Austin Custom Records studio

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Martin at Phantom's mixing console editing Housewives Choicepicture of Martin recording HWC on location at the University of Texas

Artist Management with Bruce Newlin: Housewives Choice - recording, editing, posing and mixing sound  POSTER Statesman Article

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business card for Air Texas a radio music show including interview with Stevie Ray Vaughn recorded by Phantom Productionsmix room in Austin during Air Texas

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PPI editing room   Austin Music News clip



Artist Management, SVHS video & the UK

Rollingwood Recording StudioPhantom to this point was primarily providing on-location recording to musicians. We realized that one of the ways we could be more helpful to the musicians we were working with, was to begin handling the day to day tasks that enabled the artist to pursue their music. This evolved into a role as Artist Manager (although we soon found the role was more accurately described as "investor"). Video had already become a dominant media for promotion and it was expensive for the musicians to buy production. We decided to also invest in video production to see if it might give our artists an edge. We choose SVHS as it provided a higher resolution and was much less expensive than Beta SP.


This was a cool year, as Martin had met Chris and she joined the music business on the first date with dinner and then an evening with Peter Butcher at "Rollingwood Recording" an Austin recording studio. Video about Peter




Chris' roots were in England. Also, Peter felt the response to the new musicians we were working with was much more helpful from the European record companies and publishers. So we kept pitching new material that direction. On our 1986 trip back to Chris' home, we decided to try to pitch some of the artists we were working with. We came up with an idea to take US NTSC music videos we produced and see if we could show the material in the UK (where PAL is the standard video format) It greatly exceeded our expectations and we were able to actually meet with the International Rep at Island Records (it was pretty neat to sit in the waiting room and see all the mailed demos from artists all over the world). Our pitch was that we couldn't leave the NTSC videos for the record company to look at later, so they would need to look at them now...AND THEY DID!

One publisher (Chelsea Music (publishers of "Curiosity Killed the Cat."), asked what Phantom got out of a deal if we found interest in the UK. Chris and Martin said "nothing" as the musicians were friends. The publisher said that Phantom's representation was so good, we should negotiate a management contract. Thus began Phantom's management (investor) stint. Chris would later move Phantom from providing resources to new artists to serious booking contracts that brought income to the artist and Phantom. Some of the artists we originally managed toured Russia with the TIES project. 

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Dick Dodd & the Standell's Austin Imitator


Chris and Martin initiated the creation of a the Commercial Music degree program at Austin Community College. Beginning in 1986 proposals and surveys were continually provided to ACC to convince the college of the need. It took several years and lots of help from others. It became a reality in the Summer of 1988 (regular classes began in 1989. ACC said if ten students showed up for the first class, they would continue the program. Thirty-eight showed and additional classes had to be created. Click for more.

ACC News Interview with ACC President Dan Angel and Martin

Part 1Part 2Part 3


Production Notes: Choose Panasonic SVHS as prime Phantom format.

Artist Management: Housewives Choice, Skull Duggery

Austin Texas Capitol building from Phantom's officesPhantom began operating out of Austin Center at 700 Brazos

Phantom also added a 4X4 Production vehicle


quick living room demo set-up for James' bandThis is a picture of a quick living room set-up to record a demo for James Hinkle's band.

another view late '80's editing suite  late '80's editing suite

Early video editing

additional pic of video editing suite at Phantom Productions    additional pic of video editing suite at Phantom Productions

Audio & video editing areas.

  management by Phantom Productions, Inc. 1988

In the 1980's Deborah and Ron created several groups including: Private Lives, Cautious Dreams & Ron Rogers and the The White Slave Boys and the Deborah Giles Band.   Picture above is of Ron and Deborah signing a management contract with Phantom Productions in the late 1980's. Midem Promo Video

As Chris' home was in the UK, the Director of Phantom (Chris and Martin) decided to try promoting Deborah and Ron to record companies and publishers in England. In an effort to be unique, Phantom produced videos on the band, then took NTSC (the US video standard) equipment to England. What this created was an opportunity to actually play and let the music companies see the band performing. It worked and we were able to play the video for both Island Records and Chealsea Music (publishers of "Curiosity Killed the Cat.").

When we were asked to leave the tape, they were told that it was on NTSC, not PAL (the UK video standard). One publisher asked what Phantom got out of a deal if we found interest in the UK. Chris and Martin said "nothing" as Deborah and Ron are friends. The publisher said that Phantom's representation was so good, we should negotiate a management contract.

On the fight home Chris and Martin discussed ways to approach Deborah and Ron with a business proposition. As it turned out Deborah and Ron had been having the same thought. So when they met at the Austin airport, everyone turned out to be on the same page and Phantom's artist management services were launched.

 1987/88 Eyes & Ears featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan performing for "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign and the filming of nadine with Kim Bassinger and Jeff Bridges  1987/88 Eyes & Ears featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan performing for "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign and the filming of nadine with Kim Bassinger and Jeff Bridges


1988 cover of the Midem magazine in Cannes, France.  Chris & martin represented Phantom Productions, inc. and several Texas bands  Chris and Martin (far right) represented Phantom Productions at the 1988 Midem in Cannes, France      Gary P. Nunn performing in the trade show area of the 1988 Midem in Cannes, France  Caravan of Dreams staff were also part of the 1988 Texas Midem delegation

January 1988 Chris & Martin with Phantom Productions attended Midem in Cannes, France - picture includes the Texas delegation to Midem in 1988.  Phantom also worked to represent one of Peter Knight's bands in the US. 

Here are video's that Phantom Productions shot or that were provided by the bands that we represented at the 1988 Midem.  Back then we were using regular VHS one camera shoots.

Deborah Giles

and Ron Rogers

The Volcanics

The Volcanics

Surina and the Daves

Surina and the Daves

Surina and the Daves

The Tom Ash band

The Tom Ash band

The Tom Ash Band

Kathy and the Kilowatts

Kathy and the Kilowatts

Kathy and the kilowatts

Latest Flame

Latest Flame

The Blueprint band in Austin 1988  The Blueprint band in Austin 1988  The Blueprint band in Austin 1988


Ring of Power with Robert Gladwin

Ring of Power with Robert GladwinRing of Power

Ring of Power

Chris and Martin being interviewed by Time Warner  for Austin's South by SouthwestView Austin Cablevision SXSW interviews Chris & MartinDavid Case

Phantom's Chris and Martin being interviewed by Austin CableVision for SXSW.  Phantom had just returned from Midem in Cannes, France and where we entered into a partnership with David Case, Mass Productions, Milton Keynes, England. David later became Phantom UK.

View clip from 1988 SXSW

Martin Chaired the Austin Music Business Association which worked in conjunction with the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce  More info   Eyes and Ears   Newsletter 1  2  3  4

Phantom productions' logo at the Texas stand attending Midem  David Case, Phantom productions, United Kingdom being interviewed for South by Southwest by Austin's Time Warner Cablevision 

SXSW - As Mass Productions and Phantom Productions, Inc. joined transatlantic forces, we used the SWSW II Conference to announce our evolution. Trivia: Some interesting items include: Peter Butcher was the person who brought folks from the New Music Seminar in New York to Austin to look at creating a major festival (SWSX) in Austin. Peter facilitated the introductions of Louis Black, Louis Meyers and Roland Swensen to the New Yorkers. Also David Case and Mass Productions was one of the first international participants in the Austin SXSW. Phantom Associate Gary Taylor from Vancouver, Canada was one of the first panel participants from outside the US.

go to David Case, Mass Productions, Phantom UK & Hong Kong


Phantom productions, United Kingom's Danny White promotional page  pictures from Phanom's showcase of Danny White in London

Pictures from Phantom's showcase of Danny White in London. Click on picture (above right) for larger image.

Phantom Productions created Phantom Records and Phantom Video, using the Billboard Spotlight on Austin in 1989 to announce the expansion.

picture of cover of Billboard Spotlight on Austin music issueReview of Austin, Texas' music scene by Billboard September 9, 1989 in Phantom Productions' vintage recording collection   Austin ads from the Billboard issue spotlighting Austin music in 1989  Review of Austin, Texas' music scene by Billboard September 9, 1989 in Phantom Productions' vintage recording collection

Phantom Records ad in Billboard's Spotlight on Austin, Texas September 9, 1989


Austin Texas Eyes & Ears Spring 1989 Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tokyo Cowboys,   hist89Midem Monday daily Cover  hist89Midem Texas story Mark Luke Daniels

Musicians that Phantom Productions, Inc. represented at Midem, Cannes, France in the late 1980's early 1990's

We negotiated an album contract for Seattle, Washington based GRETTA GOEHLE with German record company Dutche Schallplatten based in Berlin, Germany.  A single was released at the New Music Seminar in 1991

Gretta Gohle 

The Human Touch Joel Guzman

Steven Fromholtz

Phantom managed Pat Mears' record contract negotiation with H  Upon the completion of the negotiation at MIDEM in Cannes, France, SilenZ wired funds for Pat to complete her album project.  Chris also managed Pat's US bookings. Pat Mears

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Water The Dog

Bobby Bridger



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