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Peter with Tina & Lara

Peter Butcher

1944 - 1992

All photos by Martin Theophilus

©2007 Phantom Productions, Inc.

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    Peter Butcher was a very dear friend who left us way too early.  Peter touched much of Austin's music during the 1980's and early 1990's.   We worked creatively on many projects including: New Generations Productions, Music Etcetera, Dan & Dave Live at the Backroom, Sweethome Baptist Church, Shammy, Housewives Choice and many others.

He worked out of Cedar Creek Studio, Rollingwood studio, Parrot Tracks, Europa, and many other studios around Austin.   We even created the studio that became Riverside Recording Studio.

Peter managing Cedar Creek studio, Austin, Texas • video by Channel 24

Martin, Cheryl, Peter, Peter's daughter and friends

Phantom van at Austin's Lake Travis

Martin first met Peter at an event at Lake Travis promoting new recording services that evolved into New generations Productions. 


This is a picture of the Teac 80-8 and mixer set-up in the back of Phantomm's van.

Martin produced the Austin Texas album "Dan & Dave Live at the Backroom"  This is a picture of the Teac 80-8 and mixer set-up in the back of Phantom's van.   Peter provided final mastering oversight.

Go to more on Dan & Dave and listen to some of the album



picture of article on Dan&Dave's album



Ben, Dave, Peter Butcher, Dan at Cedar Creek  recording studio mix session

Engineer Ben at Cedar Creek studio with Dave, Peter and Dan



Martin with engineer ben at Cedar creek studio in Austin, Texas mastering Phantom's Dan & Dave "Live at the Back Room" 

Martin and Peter with engineer Ben at Cedar Creek studio in Austin, Texas mastering Phantom's Dan & Dave "Live at the Back Room"

See also Phantom's History 1980's

Martin took the position of Chief Engineer at Austin Custom Records.  Later New Generations Productions staff also located at the Austin Custom Records offices. 

picture of ACR studio recorders and mixers

Martin responded to this ad when he first came across it in 1978 in El Paso.  He had purchased the equipment previously, however wanted to connect with the referral service.  In 1979 ,Len Clark contacted Martin and indicated he had obtained my information when he bought Land Voice.  A new company was formed that included Len Clark, Cheryl & Martin and Peter Butcher.  The new company was named New Generation Productions, Inc.  More Land Voice info 

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New Generations Productions logo

New generations productions staff in Austin Custom records offices

New generations productions staff in Austin Custom Records offices. 



New Generations Productions officed out of Austin Custom Records and eventually Martin designed and NGP began building studio and office space at the MET Center at Austin's East Ben White and Riverside Drive (pic right)  Plan 1  Plan 2

Initially NGP was also working with the band Shammy consisting of James Mikulenka, Larry & Wayne Gathright (Music Lane Recording),  The group was originally from Victoria and owned a recording studio that was built into a mobile home.  The MET Center allowed the band to park the trailer behind Building 1 and  Martin engineered some of the groups sessions.

When NGP closed their offices, Riverside Sound eventually became the new owner.  The studio was completed by Bill Johnson and Herschel Cunningham.  One of Riverside Sound's first projects was recording tracks for Stevie Ray Vaughan's Texas Flood, for which the studio won gold records. read more...   and more


When NGP dissolved, Martin & Peter joined to produce and promote music through Music, Etc. , and Rich Records.

 Martin's Music, Etc. card

While continuing Phantom Productions,  Martin formed a new company with Peter Butcher.  Peter and Martin had met while working on NGP projects.  Using Peter's European resources, Music, Etc. worked to secure new music from recording studios in the US and promote them to international publishers and record companies. Peter and martin also enjoyed success during this time charting Leslie Gore's "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To " on the US Billboard charts. See more

More Music, Etc. - Business Plan   Newsletter 1  2  3   Artist Form





Phantom van during recording & production of the Sweethome Baptist Church album

Phantom productions rcorded an album for Austin's Sweethome baptist church

Peter at the Phantom productions' on-location recording of the Cain SistersPeter at the Phantom productions' on-location recording of the Cain Sisters 

  Peter at the Phantom productions' on-location recording of the Cain Sisters

One of Phantom and Peter's early collaborations was the production of a demo for the Cain Sisters who had secured backing from Willie Nelson. This came about, so the story goes, by their blocking Willie's exit from his ranch and talking him into to listening to some early tracks. That's Peter (above) dancing to tracks at the on-location session. Poster


Peter's birthday with Tina, Lara and Tina's family

Peter's Birthday surprise

Peter unusually speechless after Tina surprised him with a nurse-o-gram.





Peter and Tina



Music Etcetera logo

Peter secured the US marketing for the 1981 release of Leslie Gore's old hit "It's My Party" by UK artists Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin. The record had great success in Europe and made it to 73 in the US.

Click here to see more and listen to "It's My Party"

More about Music Etc.  More Music, Etc. - Business Plan   Newsletter 1  2  3   Artist Form



Martin & Peter produced album for Rich Michaels

Martin Cayce & Peter working on Rich Michaels record  view more   PeterButcher

Peter Butcher working on Rich Michaels rcord release


Music Etcetera worked with quite a few bands during these years. One band that created a large following was Shammy. The band members included James Mikulinka (who was also our real estate agent) and Wayne Gathright (previous Austin Music Lane Recording Studio owner). The band owned its own recording studio built into a mobile home and included a great Trident mixing board. Poster

Kim Meyers playing on 2222 West of AustinOne of the artists Music Etcetera worked with was Kim Meyers.

Click here to go to photos and a clip from Phantom's recording of Kim Meyers at a country venue on RR2222.



Martin visited Peter Butcher's parents in the UK during 1982 trip with parents   View video of Peter producing in Cedar Creek Studio Small file video


Sounds of Austin produced by Bruce Newlin

Rollingwood Recording Studio

James Hinkle at Rollingwood Recording Studio


martin & Bruce at Rollingwood

Martin & Bruce Newlin at Rollingwood recording studio where Peter was working with james Hinkle and Housewives Choice.


Jeff (HousewivesChoice) at Rollingwood during Housewives Choice recording session


Mark (photographer) at Rollingwood during Housewives Choice recording session



Peter Butcher at Rollingwood Recording Studio






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