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Why P H A N T O M?

Phantom Productions began as an audio recording company in Alpine, Texas in 1964. Originally called Highland Sound Company (suggestion by Scottish grandmother), we produced record albums, radio shows, film audio post production and music projects across Texas.

In audio production microphones may be "phantom" powered. That is, remotely powered. We liked the "behind the scenes" image that Phantom provided. We work behind the scenes to provide professional services! picture of Phantom studio while recording AHS radio program

The Alpine schools recorded a weekly radio program in our studios (picture at right)

Phantom Productions, Inc. was created in the mid 1960s and we found the evolution of recording technology exciting and challenging. picture of Ampex 601 reel tape recorder

Some of our first recorders were battery operated novelties and one even came from Western Auto. A Webcor recorder enabled us to record "sound with sound" and musicians loved it!  Then came our first Sony and we were off doing on-location work that included church albums and college band tours.

The Ampex 600similar to the one in our collection(left) was an incredible machine I used for the Sul Ross University recordings in the 1960's.

A connection with Sony created a link with Balco Sound of Lubbock, Texas and we began selling Ampex, Altec, Shure, Electro Voice and all the other well known brands in the Big bend area of Texas.

Here are some pictures from our 35+ years. Also, we began a collection of recorders we've used and those we wished we'd had, when the budgets were tight.

Enjoy! ...and please comment. We'd love to hear about your evolution!

More about Phantom Production's evolution

Phantom Production's Vintage Recording Collection

In collecting our vintage recorders, we have attempted to include pieces that had a significant role in the development of audio recording.  Our focus is primarily on those reel to reel tape recorders that enabled musicians to hone their craft.  We felt it would be interesting to include some of the early cylinder, disk and wire units, however, our main collection reflects the recorders that first became available to musicians and "prosumers" in the '50's, '60's, '70's and early '80's.  So many innovations assisted the musician to capture that unique sound.  They included, "sound with, and on sound," echo, and then came multi-tracking.  Essential to the recordings were the microphones and mixer, so we've added some of those pieces as well.  For perspective, we added reel to reel pages in radio catalogs from the late '30's to the early '80's and included some tape recorder ads as well.  We hope you enjoy our online information. Take a look at our "Unique & Unusual" page also. You'll see some of the audio and video units that were interesting benchmarks of production development. We include some video equipment as that's Phantom's prime business. It continues to evolve as we have time.  Enjoy!

We've acquired some other items that relate to the recording industry during this period, as well as some Concertone instruments for our recording and microphone display area.

picture of Concertone trumpet  picture of Concertone professional trumpet  picture of Concertone Mellotone horn picture of Concertone horn  picture of Concertone Trombone  picture of Concertone Accordian  picture of Concertone Accordian  picture of Concertone Accordian   picture of Concertone saxophone

Click on picture for a larger view

   picture of Dog and Trumpet Pub, London, England

Dog and Trumpet Pub - London England (this we did not acquire (:-)

Phantom Productions is the registered trademark of Phantom Productions, Inc. Copyright 2012

All pictures and content on this web site are the property of Phantom Productions, Inc.



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