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What is Multimedia?

Phantom produces a variety of media; video, audio, graphics, web design and more.

Our productions capture and document entertainment performances, corporate events, festivals and for promotion.

A significant portion of our work involves families with children with disabilities and those organizations that assist and provide resources to persons with disabilities.

We design and host web sites for musicians, non-profit organizations, corporations and state agencies.


Phantom Productions, Inc. began producing audio demos for musicians, radio shows and promotional ads in 1964.  In 1978, Phantom began producing video for corporations and organizations.  Many of our productions were centered on entertainment and promoting Texas music.  We always felt these production capabilities gave our clients an edge.  We still do!

Instead of multitrack tape recorders, we now use digital cameras and edit our productions on computers.  We pride ourselves in maintaining the same commitment to professional productions and personal client relationships. In 1998 we began designing web sites that incorporated our other media work.

We see Phantom Productions' multimedia services as filling a need for high quality products that are tailored to the clients vision and budget.  We charge $45 an hour for one camera shoots and the same for editing.  However, most of our projects are bid by evaluating the clients goals and providing our services for an agreed fee.

Phantom Productions, Inc. provides High Definition multi-camera on-location production using Digital Video. We also provide pre-production consultation, scripting, teleprompters, talent, licensed music, clips, as well as, audio and video post-production services.


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high definition production for Austin's Caberet Theatre performance of ex Trading Spaces host Paige Davis

Paige Davis performing at the Austin Cabaret Theatre

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EveryChildTexas new home page design

EveryChild Texas new home page design

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Chris & martin Theophilus, Phantom Productions, Inc. Directors

Audio for video is our prime audio service






Phantom HD Canon XH A1


Producing in HD High Definition.  Please contact us for more information

Media Clients have included: David Perkoff Music (including: DELL; UT Exes; Independent Bankers Association of Texas IBAT - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; Lumberman's Association of Texas; Esther's Follies; San Marcos Outlet MallDPM wedding musicTexas Department of Aging and Disability Services - Texas Center for Disability ServicesCortex Delta Airlines;  Big Austin 1, 2, 3, 4; Commemorative Air Force; Austin Children's Hospital; EveryChildTexas,Inc. - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, PSAs 1, 2, 3Festivals and Events;  LD Arabians 1, 2, 3Mission Presbytery; Michael F. MurrayMusic VideoAustin Caberet Theatre - Paige Davis;  Poteet Strawberry Festival 1, 2, 3; Todd Oxford;

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