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Mark Luke Daniels was referred to Phantom Productions by Sandy Edwards a Bank Manager at Franklin Federal. A management contract was signed and Phantom began producing audio and video for Mark Luke. Phantom sponsored Mark Luke at the MIDEM international music conference in Cannes, France. Subsequently, Phantom UK's David Case produced several of Mark Luke's songs with John Cambridge (Phantom UK artist). Mark Luke was signed to a publishing contract with the Montie Music Group (Richie Valens world wide publisher) and subsequently received a 7 album custom RCA record contract from Gene Simmons of KISS.  Mark Luke's album was jointly produced by Phantom Productions, Inc.  and the Montie Music Group.  Players on the album included Gene Elders, who plays fiddle with George Strait, Neal Larson, who plays keyboards for the Rolling Stones and several members of the Desert Rose band.


Chris, Martin with Canadian record execs, Andy Murphy, David & Sheila case (Phantom UK Directors) and Mark Luke with friend Benny.    

Martin & Chris with mark Luke Daniels during promo photo session   Martin & Chris with Mark Luke at Midem in Cannes, France   1991 cover of the Midem, Cannes, France news magazine    Chris and Martin, Phantom Productions were featured in the 1991 issue of the Midem Cannes, France magazine

Martin & Chris with Mark Luke photo session (center) and (right) at Midem in Cannes, France

Martin & Chris with Mark Luke and Andy Murphy at Midem in Cannes, France   Martin & Chris sign Mark Luke to publishing contract with Montie Music Group at the Lowes Hotel in Montie Carlo   - Mark Luke

picture of Chris, Martin, Mark Luke and Andy at Midem    Gene Elders in LA recording on Mark Luke Daniels CD for Phantom Productions and the Montie Music Group 



    article about Mark Luke Daniels (originally managed by Phantom Productions,Inc.) signing the record contract with Gene Simmons of KISS   

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Runaway Train   (Country CD) 

Standing Trendy    (Country CD) 

Here's several rock tracks from the UK sessions (these are not on the CD).  

Runaway Train 

Standing Trendy 


I Ride Alone

Insomnia was written by John Cambridge.  All other songs were written by Mark Luke Daniels ©1990.

With referrals from Phantom UK's David Case, Phantom signed Mark Luke to a publishing contract with the Los Angeles based Montie Music Group. Montie Music Publishers hold the worldwide rights to Richie Valens music. Following a joint LA produced Phantom/Montie Music album for Mark Luke, he was signed to a seven album deal with Gene Simmons (KISS) on Simmon's own custom RCA label. Take a look at the contract!


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