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Chris & Martin's ScrapBook - 2007

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

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Canine Family  •  476 Colorado Drive  •  Dancer-KD   •   Chris   •   Alpine •  Marfa, Texas




Christmas letter - Page 1   Page 2




 Bracken and troubador

Elaine, Johnny, Chris & Martin at the Hyatt Lost Pines


Thanksgiving with Julius, Sharon, Linda, Anthony, Ken, Chris & Martin - go to more pics & movie


Chris & Martin's Nov 2007 UK trip  Go to Trip Page



Shirley MacLaine- Paramount Theatre Austin

Troubador & Bracken playing with teathered tennis balls     Troubador & Bracken playing with teathered tennis balls   

Troubador and Bracken plying with two tennis balls fitted to a rope  - view video


Julius with Sharon in Anthony's new car

Julius with Sharon taking Anthony's new auto for a spin


Chris videotaped Dominique to help with riding workout - view


Chris' visit to Columbus, Ohio - more pictures


New floor    floor pics and video 


Blue Bell




Portland, OR 08/07 • view movie

Lightning Cedar Creek


CTBA Lake Travis Flight  August 11, 2007 • go to more photos

QuickTime video

  Troubador & Bracken more water play  2   •  Go to #3   Spider 


        view video


Chris & KD

troubador in Martin's office


Bracken contemplating stairs and playing ball with Troubador


   Troubador & Bracken water play



Paige Davis - view video clip from Cabaret show Austin, Texas 

Phantom Productions, Inc. - HD video shoot for Stuart Moulton  -  The Mansion at Judges Hill 05/24/07 - view clip #2


     view movie

Chris and Dominique attend Katy horse show

           view movie Dancer Chris Troubador Bracken  #1  #2


Chris Dominique, Amy & Gary unloading Chris' hay


Chris with her new tractor


Troubador & Bracken


Chris, Ken & Martin - Mother's Day May13, 2007 •  Troubador & Martin


Chris & Dominique • Competition • Seguin, Texas   more pics


Rat snake visitor



Chris Dominique April 28, 2007  •  video



 Bracken & Troubador movie



DPM produced the Lee Ann Womack show for the Principal Financial Group at the Hyatt Lost Pines  M1  M2



Bracken & Troubador movie movie2



Bracken & Troubador


April 7th & 8th Midland with Alice and Carl Williams


April 7th & 8th scenes Odessa/Midland

KD KD    Dancer and stable door movie



04/05/07 Chris' pics of KD -  click on pic for larger view


04/01/07 iChat Julius, Sharon & Anthony


04/01/07 Chris & Bracken • Liz, Becky & Bennie exercising horses  •  House & Troubador



03/31/07 Troubador & Bracken • new Pecan Tree

Troubador and Bracken   Bracken  Bracken  Bracken 

03/23/07 Bracken joined our family!

Bracken   Bracken   Bracken

Heading to new home   •  Troubador?

Bracken Bracken Bracken  Bracken 

More Bracken pics (with her sisters) • video

Bracken's Mom  Bracken's Mom  Bracken  

Bracken's Mom & Dad


March 18, 2007  •  iChat Julius,Sharon, Anthony Ken & Chris  * Ken, Christina, Karen & Chris

         Chris & Martin's Murano ion Fort Davis to Balmorphea highway       

03/10&11/07 Fort Davis with Karen, Tim and family • with Troubador


03/02/07 Troubador checking out Dry Creek



02/28/07 added a tree in memory of Sasha - Chris pointing to location & hole dug...   video


recording the Spanish audio for the Tx DADS Consumer Directed Services


Dancer in stall relaxed 02/24/07


Troubador 02/24/07 - goin' for it...goin'...goin'...goin' it!


KD 02/23/07


Chris & KD 02/18/07


Dancer & KD 02/15/07





Valentine's • Gristmill • Gruene Hall  • video


Grammy Party • Martin, Bennie, Liz, Chris, Rob, Elaine


Laura & Jeff's Annual B-Day party Tangleridge Circle


Chris & Martin looking at C&M's old Tangleridge house with Jeff


Tracie Lynn visits Phantom's studio


Troubador •  KD


Chris meeting with RunTex folks to coordinate entertainment  (Segeway folks touring downtown)


Chris with KD and Dominique with Bob





Pictures from our Superbowl party 02/04/07


Sharon with Julius 13 weeks     

Pictures from Sharon, Anthony & Julius - Julius 13 weeks (far left with Sharon) real snow in Portland, OR


Phantom produced Your Life,Your Choice for the Texas Center for Disability Studies and the Texas Dept of Aging and Disability Resources - From Left Ken, Dedrick, Carla and Chris



Troubador in Ice with his ball



Ice and snow in Cedar Creek • KD and Dancer • view movie


Chris with KD and Dominique with Bob excising - watch movie

Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video  Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video Mary,Jim and Martin  working on IBAT History video 

Phantom's editing session for the Independent Bankers Association of Texas

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