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Chris & Martin's ScrapBook - 2008

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

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Canine Family  •  476 Colorado Drive  •  Dancer-KD   •   Chris  •   Alpine •  Marfa, Texas


Peter and Elaine visited for a week around New Years


Peter, Elaine, Chris and Martin celebrated New Years Eve with drinks at the Hyatt Lost Pines (where Chris checked on a DPM gig), dinner at Bastrop's Baxters restaurant and danced and enjoyed the Eggmen at Jovitas on South Congress in Austin - view video of the Eggmen from previous DPM event for IBAT


Peter, Elaine, Chris and Martin video visited with Sharon, Anthony,Julius, Sheila (US) and Michael (UK) using Skype view video



Ken & Chris working on Bracken & Troubador's room (Bracken had to be placed in her kennel, so work could progress)  View video

Christmas letter  page 1  page 2

Christmas Dinner at Barbara and Larry's home


Christmas pics from Sharon & Anthony's


Christmas Day Skype visit with Julius, Sharon, Anthony, Linda, Sara, Sheila and John - watch movie


Bracken & Troubador's Christmas (bones and tennis balls) View movie of play with Dominique's dog and watch incredulously as she runs off with a bone

neighborhood  decorations

Dan Sherrill's Holiday Party 12/13/08 • Dan & Ray - Kay, Fred, Chris & Diane - Nick & Paul - Rusty, Dick, Cheryl, Paul & Henry

Holiday decorations (music note and horse before Bracken chewed horse's tail)

A wee bit of Winter precipitation - still down 17+ inches for year.


pic driving into Austin • Bracken & Troubador • Cycle pen


progress on house across street 12/04/08 - 12/12/08 and our house looking from across street


Chris working with KD day after Thanksgiving 2008 Chris working with KD day after Thanksgiving 2008 Chris working with KD day after Thanksgiving 2008  Chris working with KD day after Thanksgiving 2008

Chris working with KD

Bluebonnet Electric working on power outage on Thanksgiving day 2008   

On Thanksgiving we had a power outage for 1.5 hours slowing diner, but not deterring us to celebrate and give thanks!  This is the Bluebonnet electric crew we appreciated coming to the rescue.  video

Bobcat seen in Cedar Creek's River Crossing 11/22/08 

These Bobcat pictures were taken by our neighbors Amy & Gary near the bridge next to our house


House is being built across street - trucks video

Sharon heading out at 6 am to support Barack Obama 

Yes We Can! Si Se Puede! Yahooooooooo!
Anthony got up early to cheer me on as I left the house for a poll shift from 6-8 am yesterday morning.
We know so many of you worked hard on this election - with your time, your dollars and your support.
Thank you - it's a new day for the United States of America!  Yes we can! Yes we did!



Martin with Yamaha TW200

Chris & Dancer  Troubador  Dancer & Chris Brac, Trou,Dancer & Chris  Chris & Martin with Yamaha preparing ot go ride

Chris and Dancer with Troubador & Bracken (view movie) & C & M preparing to go ride Yamaha

  Martin's Yamaha TW200 in Chris' Honda Ridgeline  Martin's Yamaha TW200 in Chris' Honda Ridgeline  Martin's Yamaha TW200 in Chris' Honda Ridgeline  Martin's Yamaha TW200 in Chris' Honda Ridgeline  Martin's Yamaha TW200 in Chris' Honda Ridgeline    Troubador & bracken by Ridgeline 

Chris' Ridgeline brings Martin's Yamaha TW200 home, Obama sticker (also now has PHANTM plates back)

Chris & patty riding our back in River Crossing

Chris on KD & Patty riding in back  view video

Trudys Austin Texas  Trudys Austin Texas Trudys Austin Texas  Trudys Austin Texas

Trudy's... our Friday & Sunday morning favorite!

Neil Diamond in concert Neil Diamon ticket  Neil Diamond received "person of the Year" award from Music Cares  AT&T Center San Antonio  

October 12th, we attended the Neil Diamond concert at the AT&T Center San Antonio • We just received notice that Neil Diamond received the "person of the Year" from the NARAS (Grammy's) Music cares group

Sold Pathfinder 2nd time (this time to San Antonio Police officer) - more

Chris riding Dancer & KD looking on

Deer near Horseshoe bay while Chris checking on DPM event

Phantom productions studio   Tascam board in Phantom productions' studio

Phantom studio


iChat with Julius, Sharon & Anthony



Chris returning from having Dancer's teeth floated


         River Crossing Wine Gals  River Crossing Wine Gals

Chris, Liz, barbara and Dominique rode out near Johnson City where Dominique works and then took part in a wine stomp with other River Crossing folks


Chris booked the Riff Ryders for the LBJ Library as part of the 100th LBJ birthday celebration  -  view video


Chris out with KD and Dancer 082308 - movie

Bracken sitting ion her water tub Bracken shaking ion her water tub   Troubador in Murano ready to go to Sonic   Troubador and Bracken watching the Sonic car hop door for their Junior Burger

Bracken in her tub, Troubador & Bracken "ready to go"  and waiting at Sonic watching for their Junior Burger to be delivered


pictures from the IBAT headliners Club shoot (roof of burned Texas Governor's mansion in pic 2) - movie



Dominique brought her new pup by to play with Bracken & Troubador • view movie


Chris working with KD


Cows in the neighborhood - movie

Columbus, OH July 30th through August 3rd • more pics & movies


Chris & Martin visited Julius, Sharon & Anthony in Columbus, OH July 30th through August 3rd.  On August 1, we all went to Cincinnati to visit Sally and Don (Martin's Aunt & Uncle) and Martin's cousin Jan. On August 2nd we celebrated Chris' birthday!  View movie



Chris' new Honda Ridgeline



A brief rain shower • movie

Martin at the Texas Capitol shooting the IBAT news conference


July 5, 2008 River Crossing 4th of July parade & party  • view more pics & movie


click on pic for larger image





Family Photos June 19,2008

 Sharon, Anthony & Julius with Happy anniversary sign Hill Country Hyatt  Chris & Martin in front of the Alamo on their 23rd wedding anniversary       

Chris & Martin celebrated 23 years of marriage at the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio, had dinner with sunset at the Charter House Tower of the Americas, visited with Gloria & Oz, enjoyed the Riverwalk and iChated with Julius, Sharon & Anthony.  View pictures


Becky working with KD • KD, Chris, Becky, Friend & Liz  • movie




Pasture spraying - video  video2


Martin's UT TCDS office is across from the world's largest computer at UT


Ken's B-Day


Chris, Dancer, Dominique, KD, Patty & Molly riding -  movie



Anthony, Sharon, Chris & Martin at Sheila and John's wedding - San Juan, Puerto Rico • MORE PICS & Movies



                 View Video

  - storm video


Troubador, Bracken and friend Zany • view movie


iChat 04/13/08



Bracken and the door  • view movie  - Video


On the evening of 3/22/08 we were invited to see the ranch where Dominique is working.  They had an open house and barbeque  • movie


iChat with Julius, Sharon & Anthony


David played at the Hutto pet event 3/22/08, so we took Bracken & Troubador and they were better behaved than anticipated  • movie


opening of the Long Performance Center in Austin •  view video


Bracken checking out the porch


Chris participated in an event at Rachel's on March2, 2008 designed to help"bomb proof" the horses • view video



Julius, Sharon & Anthony sent us these pics from their trip to Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky


Chris heading out for ride with Barbara


KD and Dominique's horses watching Chris & Barbara out for ride • view movie



We were visited by a few birds Saturday morning • view video

Valentine Day 2008   

Valentine's 2008

Chris won ribbons in the Travis County Expo Arabian horse event

     Dominique at Feb 10 Arabian horse event   KD at Feb 10 Arabian horse event

Chris & Dominique participated in the February 10 Travis County Expo Arabian horse event.  Chris & KD won 1 First, 2 - Second and 1 Fourth place ribbon.


Troubador & Bracken



Superbowl party February 3, 2008 • view movie


Chris, Dominique & Laurie out for ride •  KD being protective of Dancer  •  view movie   • helicopter over area

Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing   Chris & Dominique riding in River Crossing

photos of Chris & Dancer & Dominique & Chris taken by Nell Carroll for the Austin American Statesman - click on article below to see larger image.

Page One Statesm Horse neighborhood article   Page One Statesm Horse neighborhood article



Troubador and Bracken January 12, 2007


House after being re-stained


Chris & Dominique loading for McKinney Roughs (with Bracken watching from her room) - movie

Chris & Dominique    

Chris & Dominique - movie

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