Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing


 2017  B

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum 35 foot bronze star installation - view movie

bronze star being brought in on a truck    star being raised by 2 cranes  star is upright an still being handled by 2 cranes 

star is upright and being moved into place by 1 crane  star as seen from front of museum

Superbowl Party 2001


In 1984 Martin was in New York on a trip along the east coast and took this photo of the Twin Towers.

On September 11, 2001 Chris was at home preparing her entertainment booking work for the day. I was working in downtown Austin on East 5th Street for Cortex Interactive as an IT and media manager. Cortex was in the process of completing interactive media training for Delta Airlines that included international security, passenger management and baggage handling. Chris and I produced video at Austin's Bergstrum Airport for the training. I was also continuing to provide media and IT services on the University of Texas main campus. So on that morning I parked at the UT Jester parking lot, caught the Armadillo bus in front of the new Bullock Museum and rode to Cortex. I tried to complete a planned stock purchase, but was told all the brokerage systems were down. Then another employee arrived and said a small plane just hit one of the twin towers. I looked at a news feed on my computer and called Chris to tell her to turn a TV. All the Cortex staff decided to go home. I caught a bus back to Jester and drove home. The second tower and the Pentagon had now also been hit. Chris and I watched with disbelief and sadness as the day unfolded. Cortex closed the following Spring as Delta Airlines was a prime customer and suspended the current training plans.

Portland September 2001

At the Beach

Anthony as "Action Figure"

Chris Soaring over Oregon


Anthony & Friends

picture of Chris & Anthony   picture of Chris & Anthony   picture of Martin, Chris & Anthony

Alpine & Fort Davis - November 2001

Thanksgiving 2001

Thanksgiving with Bev, Ken, Chris & Martin

Christmas 2001

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