Chris & Martin's ScrapBook 2019

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

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  Canine Family  •  476 Colorado Drive  •  Dancer • KD • Taffie •  Chris  •  Alpine   •  Marfa, Texas

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Chris and Taffie out for ride with Barbara and Jeannie


Martin BSO patrol


Thanksgiving FaceTime with Sharon, Anthony, Julius, Rowan and Linda + Desi & Tito


Happy Thanksgiving! • Chris cooked a wonderful turkey dinner, then we had strawberry cheesecake for desert at Barbara and Larry's


Greg successfully repaired our Studer A807


Folks working behind our property  • antenna/weather system check • video


Chris and Taffie heading out for ride


November 23rd Sock Hop


Chris, Taffie & Holly (Farrier) • Chris covering stable fans • Deer


At 5:22 on 11/16/19, we heard a loud boom that shook the house and made Taffie jump while Chris was cleaning her hoofs. We thought maybe a high glider tank had exploded, however never found the cause


Chris & Taffie 11/16/19 • video


Greg working on Studer A807


Martin patrol BSO - Stony Point playground volunteers


Greg working on our Studer A807


Second bedroom changes - sold bed adding couch


Bracken and Troubador's tree • sunset


Chris and Taffie cold morning and then nice day out for ride Nov 10


Trudy's on 30th street vent fire Saturday nite. We had breakfast at Trudy's Little Texas on Sunday


Martin patrol Nov 9 - checking patrol car & patrolling


Taffie watching Chris clean out trainer garage and Efrain helping with clean out


Chris and Martin met Union Pacific's Big Boy in Luling, TX on Nov 6th • BigBoy in Cheyenne, WY snow • video


Martin patrol 110219


Chris sold Bennie's horse trailer


Cold Nov 1st morning (24 degrees)


River Crossing Halloween hay ride


Chris and Barbara looking at Bennie's spreader and trainer and off to horse event • Chris cleaning Bennie's trailer and helping sell it.


Martin patrolling for the Bastrop Sheriff's Dept




In memory of both Bracken and Troubador, on October 13, 2019, we planted a Texas Live Oak tree in the back beside Bach's pecan tree. A portion of Bracken and Troubador's ashes were scattered around the smaller Live Oak in the front yard. That tree was chosen because Bracken and Troubador were always chasing squirrels to that tree. The rest of the ashes were scattered around the new tree in back. Taffie stood in the coral watching us spread the ashes. She had seemed to note Bracken's struggles the last couple of months. When we went inside after scattering the ashes, a squirrel came around the new tree and then went and laid on one of the fence spars near the tree, Was this the squirrel who always came up to the back porch and teased Bracken? They had many fun chases! Maybe...just interesting.


Chris and Taffie going out for ride


Chris cleaning out tack room, wasps nests & Taffie looking on


Martin Patrolling !0/12/19


Creatures of the night back porch and yellow jacket nest


Chris Taffie out for ride


Holly (farrier)with Taffie and Chris • Bennie's horse trailer


35th anniversary of Chris and Martin's first date


Greg Klinginsmith worked on Studer A807 - 10/03/19


Bastrop Chamber First Responder's Appreciation Luncheon &River Crossing Neighborhood Night Out


Martin patrol September - Rick forgot to leave keys & brought them to the LEC • several Sept patrol


Chris and Martin toured the TxDPS Museum


Chris helping Martin reconfigure museum


Chris' Horsey party • Jeremy & David picking up MOMSR donations


Martin Bastrop PD ride out with Hamrick & Yarborough 08/30/19


Sunset • new camera in stable •


Martin patrol August


August 16, 2019 - Missing Bracken sooo !!! Martin & Bracken 10 am morning walks


Chris and Ken putting up back porch lights • Allen Johnson's pic of Taffie • Chris & Taffie • video


Chris' Birthday  Part 2 • video


Reconfiguring the vintage collection & touring Austin's Mosaic Sound Collective


Mary and Mike with us at Abdulos • Edison in morning sunrise and living room cabinet •Chris & Dancer painting in morning sunrise



Chris' pre-B-Day card - view pdf • Birthday Flowers from Sharon, Anthony, Jules & Ro • Presents Martin & Chris


David's BDay party included Chris' BDay • video


Chris & Taffie • video


Bonnie Brack February 1, 3007 - August 1, 2019 • Go to Bracken's page

On June 11th, we got up and found that she couldn’t walk on her left side. Our vet sent us to the north Austin vet hospital where they said it might be a more severe stroke or a brain tumor. They recommended steroids to see how she responded. Between the steroids and her incredible determination, she continued for seven weeks.

This morning, she could not walk at all. She was twelve and a half exactly today. She had a good life, but boy do we realize how much she was ingrained in our every moment.


Taffie with Shawn and bailing in background


Bracken sleeping near Chris • Chris Bracken & Taffie


Loading Bracken with the longer ramp


Chris with Bracken and washing Taffie in the evening


Bracken chased bunny then patrolled in the woods • Martin with Bracken


Martin patrol (no lights)


Taffie at sunset


Chris & Bracken at the stable • Chris, Taffie, Bracken and Martin on a cool late July evening • video


Sunset • We're both trading off staying in the living room -Chris with Bracken • Bracken & Martin back porch


Chris, Martin & David at  Hyde Park Grill - Chris will be covering gigs while DP in Europe & India • Bracken at Hyde Park • Chris, Martin, Carolyn and Bennie


Bracken back home • Watching rabbit at Bill's


Bracken at the stable, went for ride then Chris gave her a bath and brushing


Drone shots of home and the Vista pipeline at the Colorado River


Misty and Chris • Bracken and Martin HEB


Chris and Bracken • Holly (farrier)


Bracken & Martin out for regular morning walk, riding back from Austin and in the master bedroom


Martin worked traffic for the McDade Watermelon Festival Parade V


Chris cleaned out screened in porch, back deck and chairs and table set • Chris and Bracken out front


Chris washing Taffie on hot day prior to thunderstorm


Chris and Bracken at the stable


Bracken and Martin waiting for Chris at HEB • Brack watching Chris prepare supper and at the stable • waiting for Chris in the morning • sleeping


Chris, Taffie and Bracken out front grazing • video


We took Bracken to Wendy's - fries, no thank you! Hamburger, yes please! And a drink!


Bracken watching Chris and Taffie getting ready for ride and heading out • Chris bringing in Bennie's trash bin


Chris getting fence spars from Susie and Ron 8 Taffie at sunset

Bracken July 1, 2019

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Alpine •  Marfa, Texas

Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing


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