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These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away. Martin T

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For folks interested in the Big Bend and its history we highly recommend Carl Williams recently released book "More than a Badge"

picture of Buddy & Peggy riding by Central Scholl gym  picture of BJM  picture of Rock Hounds  picture of Theophilus family and Mom & Pop Crerar   

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photos above by Martin Theophilus ©2014 • click photos to enlarge

Some of these photos are from the Theophilus family albums and some have been contributed by others.

Theophilus family photos in Alpine, Texas- 1943

  picture of Peggy in Alpine near original house 1943

  picture of Twin Sisters 1945  

 Ollie, Peg & Peggy Anne 1943 • Peggy Anne Theophilus (left) & Alpine WW II

Alpine, Texas 1943 

Martin Mom's letter about first day in Alpine (moving from Ohio) February 15, 1943

  Alpine, Texas 1943  Alpine, Texas 1943  Alpine, Texas 1943 Alpine, Texas 1943     

Fay Bowman's comments on Alpine

picture of 1946 snow 1946 snow at Theophilus home   Alpine, Texas 1940's  Alpine, Texas 1940's  

Alpine, Texas 1940's   picture of the Theophilus' Shoppers Guide Press publication     picture of Buddy & Peggy riding by Central Scholl gym 


   picture of Alpine Creek flooding  picture of Phyllis,DonnaLyn, Nina & Buddy at the Ft Stockton swimming pool, late '50s  picture of Rock Hounds  picture of BJM

picture of Phyllis,DonnaLyn, Nina & Buddy at the Ft Stockton swimming pool, late '50s     picture of Alpine Creek flooding  picture of BJM  picture of Rock Hounds  

   picture of Alpine Creek flooding  picture of Phyllis,DonnaLyn, Nina & Buddy at the Ft Stockton swimming pool, late '50s   picture of Rock Hounds  picture of BJM 



Alpine High Band 1958

Margaret & George Crerar 1955

picture of Joe burgess with his dog Zip as they packed to move to Silver City, NM

Joe and Martin bought used WWII signal guns from a surplus supply.  We'd learned Morse code for our ham licenses. So we'd use them to communicate at night.  Best time was when one of us went on"A" mountain and the other to "Twin Sisters" and coded to each other.

Six foot high stack of hail near Alpine, Texas with Martin's Mom Peg on top in May, 1953

Martin & Peggy climbing Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend 1954

Martin riding horses in Big Bend with Peggy Anne & Aunt Ina.

Float prepared for Alpine parade 1950


Here's an Alpine parade with a Girl Scout float.  Around the World in 80 Days was showing at the Alpine, Texas Granada Theater.  It was released in 1956.

1967 Aerial picture of Alpine


Peg Theophilus art classes in home

Piñata at Theophilus' home 1950s

1963 AHS Band parade (Mr. Banks left)

Martin & Jackie Crawford

Martin & Jackie Crawford

Martin's Mom down on Woodward ranch where she hunted rocks regularly.

view 1950's video of SR Geology trip

Martin's Grandmother (Margaret Crerar) at Santa Elena Canyon


Pop Crerar and Martin

Martin's Mom helped the BBC with the "Making of the Continents" by enabling their access on the Hess Ranch.  She joined Chris and Martin on their 1985 UK trip and spent time with Ned Kelly as they were editing the BBC documentary.  On that same trip she donated an extensive collection of Big Bend rocks and fossils to the University of Cambridge Museum of Zoology.

Chris and her Sister Sheila looking at Martin's Mom's donations at the University of Cambridge in 1986 (the year after Peg Theophilus passed away).



picture of Theophilus family and Mom & Pop Crerar

Alpine, Texas 1960's



picture from play

Martin in AHS Maskers  drama club


AHS classroom


Palmer Coats, Carol (second from left) 1964 - Twirlers for Alpine High School with Rochelle Sohl, Debbie Boyson, __ & Donna Mueller

Carol was elected Band Sweetheart in 1964 and Martin was her escort.

When the Believers (poster page 1, page 2) played at the AHS Junior Senior prom in 1964, Martin asked for a copy of the tape recording made on their Roberts recorder (seen above). The Believers were a group of Sul Ross State College (now University) students. After the prom the band members headed for their homes for the Summer of '64. Go to Believers page

More about Martin's music work

AHS '64 senior trip to Topolobampo & Los Mochas, Mexico





1964-1965 Larry and Donna Johnson (San Antonio) with Carol - Video

Larry's bat

1964 Larry & Donna River Road w/Carol, Claude & Martin

Carol & Claude Guillemet the French foreign exchange student on the River Road 1964 - view video with Carol, Martin, Donna, Larry and Claude

Sully Sul Ross mascot

During holidays, Martin & Carol took care of Sully the Wolf mascot for Sul Ross University in 1966. We took her out on 2 leads and walked around (or more accurately dragged around) campus. She loved to collect beer cans and bring them back to her cage.  She got to go to Sul Ross games.  It was hard for us to see her in a cage and unfortunately she was eventually poisoned.   Watch movie of Sul Ross University mascot "Sully" in 1966.

Carol and Martin delivering magazines for Martin's Dad

Carol and Martin delivering magazines for Martin's Dad 1963 - 1966. They also picked up the Odessa American papers in Monahans and drove them to Ft. Stockton, Ft. Davis, Marfa, Marathon and Alpine.

1965 Tom Karvonen, Martin, Carol, Margaret Crerar, George Crerar, Ollie Theophilus, Peg Theophilus, John Crerar, Ina Krogstad, Peggy & Karl • view movie from that period

Tom, Peggy, Martin and Carol 1967

Carol & Martin's 1966 Mustang between Alpine & Ft Stockton. The Mustang was bought jointly while still dating.  The car was special ordered from Brewster County motors.  We knew it would be shipped and pass through Alpine on the train en route to El Paso where it had to be trucked back.   So we kept our eyes on the trains passing through.  - view video 

Martin's Mom & Dad , Nov 22, 1966 - 25th wed anniversary

Margaret & George Crerar

picture JCM

Joe Burgess, Carol & Martin around 1966 during Joe's visit to Alpine from NM.

Carol & Martin with Corky (Louis Thornton) .  Many hours were spent studying and playing cards.  Corky also worked as a dispatcher at the Alpine Police Department.  Corky and Martin also shared their practice teaching (Band Directing) at Alpine High School. 

Martin's Mom and Dad helped him create a recording studio in their home by cutting a sound proof window between Martin's room and his sister Peggy's old bedroom.

Martin with Carol in Alpine studio 1966 - Corky designed the Sul Ross uniforms so that they would be both concert and marching band uniforms.

1968 Alpine parade



Sul Ross Band preparing to play for Lady Bird Johnson's arrival at the old Marfa Army Air Base to have a float trip down the Rio Grande.  Tony Bronze, Carol & Martin in center of photo.  

Mom at Fort Davis dedication talking to Lady Bird Johnson

Mom at Fort Davis dedication talking to Lady Bird Johnson.  Mom gave Lady Bird some agate from the area.



Fort Davis dedication April 4, 1966

Carol's maids of honor at wedding

Carol's Maid of Honor was Donna Lynn Mueller (Johnson), and maids Terri Bronze and Debbie Boysen

Wedding party at Carol & Martin's wedding

Carl Williams served as Martin's best man, Tony Bronze, Corky Thornton and Ben Avant served at the wedding party

Carol working at the City of Alpine - Brewster County dispatch office  Martin working at the City of Alpine - Brewster County dispatch office

Martin, Carol and their friend Corky Thornton (below) went to work for the joint City of Alpine and Brewster County police dispatch services during 1967 and 1968.

Alpine Police dispatch (North 5th) 1967

Martin & Carol pictured with diplomas after receiving bachelor degrees at Sul Ross State College in Alpine, Texas  

Carol (Bach & Masters English) & Martin's (Bach Music) Sul Ross State College graduation, May, 1968

After graduation, Carol, Martin Corky & Tony Bronze traveled to San Antonio to see Hemisfair - view video clip

Martin's personal DPS car 

Having enjoyed working for the Brewster County Sheriff' Department and City of Alpine Police Department as a police dispatcher, Martin wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement.  After graduating with his Bachelor's degree from Sul Ross, Martin worked as a State of Texas Sul Ross Police Officer. However having a kidney removed at age 4 due to cancer, he was not able to go further in law enforcement, and went into social work.

Carol receiving her Masters Degree from Sul Ross UNiversity

Carol receiving her masters Degree at Sul Ross University in 1969

Tom, Peggy, Mom Crerar, Martin, Carol, Dad, with Karl and George Karvonen in front  1968

1969 Christmas dinner hosted by Carol & Martin at their new home bought from Carl Williams after he and Alice moved to Midland. . At the table: Dr. Karvonen, his wife Hilia, Ollie Theophilus, Martin, Carol, Margaret Crerar, Tom Karvonen, Peggy Anne and Dan Karvonen


Carol & Martin's home in Odessa 1970 built by Wylie Brown Builders

George, Aunt Ina, Martin, Dad (Ollie) Mom (Peg) Karen, Aunt Isabel, Peggy & Karl


Carol on her Honda West of Odessa

Martin riding cycles in Big Bend with George Jones

Martin riding cycles in Big Bend with George Jones


Martin Odessa Child Welfare 1974

Martin Child Protective Services Supervisor Odessa, 1973

Martin's Dad, Mom, Martin, Brandy & Cheryl


TxDHS Midland Center staff Martin, Louie, Jane, ?, Johnny, Carol & Glen • Carol Turner at DHS Midland training center

Martin in Phantom's recording van in El Paso with Carol  Wilson 1978



Martin produced the company's first Austin album with Dan & Dave "Live at the Backroom"


New generations productions staff in Austin Custom records offices

Moving to Austin in 1978, Martin began working with Peter Butcher, a British music producer.  They both were on the Board of NGP.  New generations productions staff in Austin Custom Records offices


Dad & Mom & Martin on their 40th wedding anniversary November 22, 1981

Peg & Oliver's 40th wedding anniversary

Juda & Lee McCollum With daughters

Karl, Keri, Karen & Tom

Christmas in Alpine 1981 Tom, George, George's wife, Peggy, Karen, Peg, Karl, Cheryl, Martin & Ollie

DHS Personnel & Training staff at retreat Indian Lodge, Fort Davis, Texas 05/07/82

Peg, Martin & Ollie getting ready to enter Scotland

Crerar relatives in Scotland 1982

1983 aerial view of Theophilus home across from Alpine Central School

Alpine's Anthony's store staff where Martin's Dad was the accountant

Peggy & John  married 06/17/83

Family at the First Presbyterian Church of Alpine

Christmas in Alpine 1983

Alpine Presbyterian choir with Ellen Boyd at the organ and Martin's Mom front row center

Class of 1964 at their 1984 reunion

Karl, Karen, Claudia & Paul


picture of Martin working sound board at UT Texas Union for HSC

Running Sound for Housewives Choice Austin 01/21/1984 UT's Texas Union club

Mom, Dad & Martin in Alpine 1984


Martin, Mom & Dad at Niagara Falls


Taken during 1984 Ohio trip - Uncle Don,  Dad, Janet with her daughter, Mom, Aunt Sally & Martin

Martin, Mom, Sally, Don & Dad 1984

In 1984, martin took his Mom & dad back to Ohio and Pennsylvania where they grew up, went to school, worked met and married


Chris at sunset in West Texas

Chris & Martin met on October 5, 1984.  view movies celebrating Chris' 2004 birthday


Chris,& Martin with Martin's family

June 1, 1985

Chris & Martin's wedding June 1, 1987 (back row) Claudia King, John King, Joe King (in John's arms), Anthony Perez, Kenneth Alan Perez, (front row) Karen Karvonen, Paul King, Peggy King, Chris, Martin, Margaret Theophilus and Ollie Theophilus



Martin, his Mom, Chris, her Mum, Ms. Chenry 1985 in Chris home Sudbury, Suffolk, UK

Dinner at Lynn and Peters (Chris' brother) on the family farm in Suffolk, UK

Dinner last night before heading home.  Martin's Mom, Peter, Sheila, Lynn, Mum, Chris & Martin

The family Thanksgiving 1985

Thanksgiving 1985 - out for walk on Tangleridge Circle.  Ceda, Orion, Chris, Mom, Joe, Karen, Peggy & Paul.- Last photo of Martin's Mom who passed away on December 22, 1985

The family at George Karvonen's wedding after Martin's Mom passed away

Anthony, Martin & Chris in UK

Anthony, Martin & Chris in UK

Joe, Martin, Chris, Mum, Lynn & Sheila


Mum, Chris & Martin at the Rose and Crown pub UK

Chris, Sheila & Peter

Chris and Martin (far right) represented Phantom Productions at the 1988 Midem in Cannes, France


Dad showing plaque for Mom's contributions to geology in the Big Bend

Dad (right) and Rotary friends managing pancake supper at elementary school in Alpine.   Rev Newbill on left

Anthony & Chris - UT graduation

Sale of Shoppers Guide Press

Dad (second from right) at grand opening of Shoppers Guide Press after it was bought by the Merrihews in 1986

Dad, Chris & Martin

Ken (US Navy) & Chris in San Diego 1986 on USS Truxtun. Ken supervised Command and Control Center.


Dripping Spring restaurant with Mike Kanda, Sally, Judy & Jim, Chris Elsie, Bud & Don - After Ollie's funeral. Martin's Dad passed away on January 1, 1987.

A bit about Chris & Martin's work in music

1984 - This was a cool year, as Martin  met Chris and she joined the music business on the first date with dinner and then an evening with Peter Butcher at "Rollingwood Recording" an Austin recording studio.


The Austin Music Industry Council Chaired by Ernie Gammage evolved into the Austin Music Business Association Chaired (AMBA) by Martin Theophilus. Later AMBA merged with the revitalized Texas Music Association (TMA) under Carlyne Majer and eventually became the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) Texas Chapter.

  Phantom's Winter 1991 Newsletter

Chris' roots were in England. Also, Peter felt the response to the new musicians we were working with was much more helpful from the European record companies and publishers. So we kept pitching new material that direction. On our 1986 trip back to Chris' home, we decided to try to pitch some of the artists we were working with. We came up with an idea to take US NTSC music videos we produced and see if we could show the material in the UK (where PAL is the standard video format) It greatly exceeded our expectations and we were able to actually meet with the International Rep at Island Records (it was pretty neat to sit in the waiting room and see all the mailed demos from artists all over the world). Our pitch was that we couldn't leave the NTSC videos for the record company to look at later, so they would need to look at them now...AND THEY DID!  - view video of Island, creole and Burne Music (Curiosity Killed the Cat) London, England


Gary P. Nunn performing in the trade show area of the 1988 Midem in Cannes, France  Caravan of Dreams staff were also part of the 1988 Texas Midem delegation

January 1988 Chris & Martin with Phantom Productions attended Midem in Cannes, France - picture includes the Texas delegation to Midem in 1988.  Phantom also worked to represent one of Peter Knight's bands in the US. 

Chris and Martin initiated the creation of the Commercial Music degree program at Austin Community College. Beginning in 1986 proposals and surveys were continually provided to ACC to convince the college of the need. It took several years and lots of help from others. It became a reality in the Summer of 1988 (regular classes began in 1989. ACC said if ten students showed up for the first class, they would continue the program. Thirty-eight showed and additional classes had to be created.  Later Peter would become an instructor for the program.

We negotiated an album contract for Seattle, Washington based GRETTA GOEHLE with German record company Dutche Schallplatten based in Berlin, Germany.  A single was released at the New Music Seminar in 1991    

Gretta Goehle


Phantom managed Pat Mears' record contract negotiation with H  Upon the completion of the negotiation at MIDEM in Cannes, France, SilenZ wired funds for Pat to complete her album project.  Chris also managed Pat's US bookings. 

Pat Mears

Chris, Martin John Cambridge, wife Joan and Joan's mother

Chris, Martin & Phantom UK's John Cambridge, wife Joan and Joan's mother • More John Cambridge & Mark Luke Daniels UK tracks

  Todd Oxford and   Todd Oxford and


Music videos 


Chris &Martin being interviewed by Austin News Channel for early Austin South by Southwest festival.  Phantom Productions was the first group to bring international companies to SXSW and the first to attract international panelists to the SXSW workshops. View Austin Cablevision interviews Chris & MartinDavid Case

Chris & Martin with David Case, John Cambridge plus family and friends in pub in Milton Keynes, UK

Chris, Martin signing contract with Metal Band Skullduggery

Chris, Martin signing contract with Metal Band Skullduggery - MORE INFO & VIDEO

In one of the more unusual happenings, an impersonator of Dick Dodd showed up in Austin and was identified as a fraud by someone how happened to be at KLBJ.  Subsequently the real Dodd came to Austin and APD busted the fraud on stage. Our band with Ron Rogers helped set up the bust and then played with the "real" Dick Dodd" from CA. View Austin news video



Chris & Martin at Midem 1988


Martin & Chris with Mark Luke and Andy Murphy at Midem in Cannes, France

Martin & Chris with Mark Luke and Andy Murphy at Midem in Cannes, France

Chris, Martin with Gary P. Nnnn, German radio personnel & Intercord Records producer Jurgen Kramer

Chris, Martin with Gary P. Nunn, German radio personnel & Intercord Records producer Jurgen Kramer


Martin & Chris sign Mark Luke to publishing contract with Montie Music Group at the Lowes Hotel in Montie Carlo

Martin & Chris sign Mark Luke to publishing contract with Montie Music Group at the Lowe's Hotel in Montie Carlo

See more about Mark Luke

Mark Luke Daniels signing the Gene Simmons Custon RCA record contract    Mark Luke Daniels record contract from Gene Simmons (KISS) on his custom RCA label

Mark Luke signed to 7 album custom RCA record deal with Gene Simmons of KISS


James Hinkle playing with Marcia Ball at Austin City Limits

Chris and martin managed guitarist James Hinkle. James playing with Marcia Ball at Austin City Limits - view brief clip  James Hinkle Gibson article 01/15/08

Tracy, Martin and Chris  during Tracy's recording seesion at Cedar Creek Studio, backed by Marcia Ball's band, produced by James Hinkle

Tracy, Martin and Chris  during Tracy's recording session at Cedar Creek Studio, backed by Marcia Ball's band, produced by James Hinkle - view video clip




James Hinkle playing with Marcia Ball at Austin City Limits

James Hinkle playing with Marcia Ball at Austin City Limits

Chris with Lee Ann Womack - Hyatt Lost Pines gig

Gary Morris in concert for DPM event

In 1990 Chris met with Canadian entertainment producers who suggested Phantom should move into the corporate entertainment market.  After initiating several bookings with David Perkoff, Chris & Martin met with David and began offering support services to David Perkoff Music   Click this link to view more about David Perkoff Music.  At one point Chris and David were booking 500 events a year!

Chris and Martin at DPM event

Marvin Hamlisch, Chris & friend


Jerry Jeff Walker & German Radio

Martin & Chris with Christine Albert and German radio


Butch Hancock & Rusty Weir were interviewed as well


Butch Hancock & Rusty Weir were interviewed as well


Christopher Cross and Martin at DPM event Helen Reddy's song set list

More about Chris & Martin's music work

Robin Rather threw a surprise birthday for her Dad Dan Rather at DPM event

One of Chris & David's productions for the Children's Hospital, Austin, Texas

Paige Davis - view video clip from Cabaret show Austin, Texas

Phantom Productions, Inc. - HD video shoot for Stuart Moulton

The Mansion at Judges Hill 05/24/07 - view clip #2


picture of Chris with lee greenwood

Don Walser playing at DPM gig for Chris




Back to family

Thanksgiving - Peggy, Ken, Ken's friend, Mindy John, Margaret, Joe, C & M

Karen participating for Sul Ross at riding competition

Chris' brother Peter and Sister Sheila

Peter's 50th Birthday party 1993 UK

Chris, with the Theophilus' in Wales & Martin

1995 trip to UK with Helen & Bud (Martin's Uncle -Dad's brother)

Martin & Chris with Peggy & family

Peggy, Martin's Sister (2003)

John,Paul,Karen,Claudia,Joe,George,Margaret,Karl & Peggy (Martin's Sister)

Chris being escorted around Andrews Air Force Base

Chris & Martin's  Hot Air Balloon video production also took them to Washington DC for the Andrews Air Force Base Kodak ballooning event, the United Kingdom hot air balloon factories and additional events around Texas.  Here are some video clips that include some of the scenes and a few clips from the final production.  All Phantom's Hot Air Ballooning video are available at this link.  Phantom's Hot Air Ballooning DVD's

Alpine Balloon event 1998

Theophilus' old Shoppers Guide Hallmark bookstore later managed by the Merrihews as an office supply store.

2001 Fort David with the Kings and Caswells

picture of Peggy's obituary in Alpine Avalanche  picture at Peggy's service in Farmers Branch

Peggy - 1942 - 2004

Painting by Peg Theophilus, Peggy Anne's Mom

picture of Bach and Chris   picture of Bach

Bach von Tanglewood  1994 - 2004

Go to Bach's Web Page

Sasha - On the Friday evening (July 15, 2005) Sasha rooted an Armadillo from the front garden and chased it into the woods.  She was quite pleased with herself.  She Sasha with small butterfly on her paw 07/17/05became ill on Sunday morning.  She had no temperature, however she kept wanting to lie in the bushes by the side of the house and Chris felt that she was not going to make it.  One or both of us stayed by her side throughout the day.  In mid afternoon, a small butterfly came and landed on her paw.  She just watched it and it stayed for 5 or 6 minutes which we thought was unusual.   Martin said it was as though Bach had come to take her across the bridge. 

Sasha MovieBach & Sasha movie




picture of Sharon and Anthony dancing after ceremony 11/27/04  picture from BVI 

picture from BVI  picture from BVI

Sharon & Anthony's Wedding BVI 11/27/04  (more pics)

picture of Chris on Dancer - June 2004

Movie of Dancer and Moonie coming in for supper

Movie of Steve working with Moonie

Pictures from the 2005 Alpine High School Reunion    Pictures from the 2005 Alpine High School Reunion

  Pictures from the 2005 Alpine High School Reunion  Pictures from the 2005 Alpine High School Reunion  

Martin's 41st Alpine High School reunion 2005

Pictures from the 2005 Alpine High School Reunion  Pictures from the 2005 Alpine High School Reunion

Pictures from the 2005 Alpine High School Reunion  Carol, Martin, Chris, Donna, Larry, Sue 

  Go to more picsGo to Alpine Reunion 2005


Chris & Martin were hosted to a wonderful English breakfast at Beryl & Ben Wright's in Pleasanton, TX in 2006

Tracie Lynn visits Phantom's studio 02/07



Chris & Martin with Karen & Tim, Timothy, Becky &

03/10/07 Fort Davis




Anthony, Ken & Chris

Ken's B-Day

Anthony, Sharon, Chris& Martin at Sheila and Jon's wedding - San Juan, Puerto Rico • MORE PICS & Movies

Anthony, Sharon,Julius, Jan, Chris, Uncle Don & Aunt Sally, Martin -Columbus, OH July 30th through August 3rd 2008 • more pics & movies


2009 Peter, Elaine, Ken, Chris and Martin celebrated New Years dinner together - view movie sharing some laughs and Skype



Peter (Chris' brother) and Elaine visited for a week around New Years2009 - Peter, Elaine, Chris and Martin video visited with Sheila and Michael (UK) using Skype


April 7th & 8th Midland with Alice and Carl Williams  2007

Julius, Sharon and Anthony came to Texas 2009!• view slide showQT movieRealPlayer

Chris, KD & Dominique



Dr. Wolff and Troubador at A&M on 09/17/09. Trou diagnosed with encephalitis - given 16 months to live and with good meds and lots of love was with us for 4 more years• Chris with hay and Trou and Brac on 091809 • Martin & Troubador 092009 • Carl's hamburger on Sept 26th

Chris with Rowan and Anthony


Chris and Martin begin celebrating 25th Anniversary with a party 05/30/2010

Sharon & Anthony with Julius and Rowan in Ohio

June 1, 2010

Wonderful visit with Sharon, Anthony, Julius and Rowan over Halloween weekend • view QT movieview RealPlayer movie


Chris with Dancer & KD

Bracken & Troubador

Chris and David working on DPM files in 2010. Chris has been with David Perkoff Music since 1990.

Chris Sky Dive San Marcos 040911 • view YouTube video

Chris & Martin flew in a B-17 in Austin April 09, 2011  • view video


June 1, 2011 anniversary  •  Ampex 200A press release pic

Skype 062411 Sharon, Rowan, Julius & Anthony



Chris & KD attended a horse event • Martin rode




United Kingdom trip Dec 4 to Dec 14, 2011

Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan visit Chris & Martin Oct/Nov 2011

David & Stephanie's daughter Natalie married


Chris filling septic area with compost • video



March 17 2012 Alpine In Austin at Lolly Lockhart's home

October 5,2012 - anniversary of Chris & Martin's first date!

Phantom History for version IV of the Vintage Recording DVD  Part 2

Chris and Martin founded the non-profit Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording in Austin, Texas - Oct 15, 2012




Troubador November 26, 2004 - November 5, 2012 • with all our love!  Trou's movie

Chris Martin, John and Sharon's sister Sheila

Seattle with Sharon, Anthony  Julius & Rowan  •  view slideshow  •  view video


While in Seattle we went to see Donna and Larry on Whidbey Island •  view video 2012

Skyping with Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan

Thanksgiving 2013 - Barbara, Larry, Martin, Chris, David & Ken

 Chris and Ken rebuilding our fence



July 4th KD's birthday, Ken


Ken, Martin, Chris, Anthony, Julius, Sharon & Rowan

NBC KXAN Jim Swift interview about vintage recording collection - video  View Austin's NBC KXAN story by Jim Swift about the vintage collection • story

Chris spreading muck

Home at sunset


Sept 13, 2013 - AT&T Dallas Cowboy's Stadium Sul Ross vs Eastern NM 



Visit with Donna Lynn & Larry at Darryl Mueller's 2014

Chris and Martin interviewed Malcolm Harper Reelsound Recording for



Chris & Martin visited Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan • brief videomore pics

KXAN Museum interview 071914  •  Composite Chris Dancer KD Bracken KXAN video  •  KXAN Interviewbackup video


Bracken's Birthday • Chris Dancer & KD

Anthony selected by Fast Company magazine as one of the top 100 Most Innovation People in the World










Chris & Martin - Terry & Colleen 

Children's Advocacy gala Cowboys & Caviar • video





Chris' Birthday Party at Nancy's August 1, 2014 • videomuch more


Dave, his wife Judy and their daughter Schyler joined Pat , James, his daughter Claire and Chris to review tapes Martin had recorded at The Texas Union of their band Housewives Choice in 1983.  Great fun and wonderful memories!  

Chris in Seattle Sept 5-9, 2014



Rain Dancer 1982 to 2014 - with Chris from 1995 • October 17, 2014 • Dancer's lifevideo




Oct 15, 2014 Eagles San Antonio


Bullock Museum's La Salle La Belle ship restoration 10/23/14 • Texas Capitol


Chris' 2007 Honda Ridgeline was run into by 18 year old unlicensed driver speeding, maybe texting, crossed 3 lanes to hit her, no skid marks. 11/04/2014 • Luckily no one was hurt and a Fayetteville EMS crew happened onto the scene almost immediately. Ridgeline is probably totalled. • video


MOMSR Board met at Space Studios Nov 13, 2014


The Family Martin, Chris, Kan Daanz & Bracken

Chris' new Honda Ridgeline with Bracken



Chris and David meeting at Central Market


NARAS Texas Grammy holiday party - Freddy Steady, Lisa Morales and Christine Albert - video


More & video


Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company
1305 W Oltorf St, Austin, Texas 78704


Skype with Linda, Anthony, Sharon, Julius & Rowan



Dancer's painting now over the mantel

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picture of Buddy & Peggy riding by Central Scholl gym  picture of BJM  picture of Rock Hounds  picture of Theophilus family and Mom & Pop Crerar   

 Theophilus Photos


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