Chris & Martin's Scrapbook - 2013

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

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Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing


 2017  B

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Happy New Year!



Chris took a tumble by the mailbox after her foot got caught on purse strap • video


Martin took Chris & Bracken to check on events at the Hyatt Lost Pines

122913 saw Martin Burke at Zach with Liz & Bennie


River Crossing party 12/28/13 & the white elephant gifts that got away and one that unfortunately didn't


Christmas dinner with neighbors Debbie & David and their friends Carol & Mark * Chris & Bracken


Skype with Sharon, Linda, Anthony, Julius & Rowen!



Christmas 2013 • Bracken video

Dancer had a problem getting up again and Chris walked her around after Martin, plus Debbie & David helped us get up.  video



When Dallas scored their last touchdown Sunday & won, our German Shepherd Bracken flipped over on the stairs with her signature "touchdown" move. Laughed 'till we cried.  The next day she went to the vet for annual shots.


Christmas scenes around the house

Chris & Martin's 3013 Christmas letter


Central Texas Ballooning Association Christmas Party


Bracken HEB with dogs next door and in her new Murano

NARAS Grammy Texas Christmas Party - brief video

KD and Dancer - December sunrise


Chris & Bracken coming back from muck pile


Fall colors & Martin rode Yamaha to Lost Pines • Chris & Martin to City of Austin Cultural mtg


Trudy's Dec 2013 and Austin while driving Chris to check Hilton Hotel gig


Bracken gets a new bed.  She jumped on it before we could even get it unpacked.  How'd she know the box was for her??


Skype with Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan 12/2013


Visit with Donna Lynn & Larry at Darryl Mueller's • Chris taking Dancer out to graze


Video shoot with Mike Murray


Weekend lunch break with Bracken in Chris' Ridgeline & Bracken on Martin's leg on stairs



C&M 2013 Murano 11/29/13


Thanksgiving at Chris & Martin's home with Ken, David (flowers), Barbara &  Larry

Sharon & Anthony's anniversary


Skype Sharon, Julius & Rowen



Chris prepared for Trick or Treaters • Julius & Rowan in costume


Halloween Rain filled up Bracken's hot tub and Dry Creek with Dancer & KD looking on & an armadillo • Movies of Bracken & Dry Creek


Bracken at Lady Bird Lake


Chris, KD, Dancer Bracken

Upgraded HD


Skype 101313


Chris, Martin & Bracken at DQ • Bracken in the stable Hay Room


Bracken, clouds, squirrel tracking and HEB watching for Chris



Andy Zaretsky and his wife toured the museum on Oct 11th.  Andy is a physician originally from Russia and has a collection of about 150 primarily tube reel to reel recorders in New York


Bracken riding in Ridgeline, Chris cleaning out her Honda Ridgeline & retrieving Martin's Yamaha after servicing in Georgetown

Ed Helvey  from South Dakota toured the museum on October 2nd.  Ed was an audio producer and publisher with many ties to the music industry and recording


Brac through the kitchen window.


Chris and Ken re-building our fence



09/28/13 Chris rode Moonie with Marjorie, Rachel & others at Mc Kinney Roughs


Front porch with Bracken • Trudys • rainbow on way home


Bracken in Phantom t-shirt • waiting at HEB • Brack upside down on stairs


Chris, Dancer & KD Farrier • Bracken with Ridgeline & hitch horse



Pat Washburn's 30th anniversary at DeLeon & Washburn PC - Sept 20,2013 • Pat's our attorney.  In the early 1980's Pat was the bass player in Housewives Choice, a Texas Ska band.  HWC was the first band Martin managed with Bruce Newlin.  Pat also enabled our video work with the Acadêmicos da Ópera's Samba band performances at the Austin Carnaval Brasileiro


Chris, Dancer, KD & Bracken

  view brief video clip  more photos


Sept 13 AT&T Dallas Cowboy's Stadium Sul Ross vs Eastern NM

September rain from the deck


Skype ASJR 090813


Gecko & Chris cooling off Dancer & KD



Waiting for Chris at HEB, watching for rabbits, enjoying her tub and Bracken the reluctant ball player movie


08/20 vet


Natalie & Will's wedding • brief video clips more photos


Skype Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan



Chris' Birthday with Ken & Martin, Seattle presents, Skype Anne & Ivan



Bracken taken to lunch


It rained!


Rain coming • Bracken on watch • snake! • porch sitting


Attended Laura's B-Day party


Larry power washed our patio after we produced a brief video for him


Bracken gets exercise by chasing rabbits that seem to be teasing her •  video 1  2  3



Chris with Dancer & KD, vet, Chris going after wasps on back porch, Bracken keeping an eye on Chris as she takes care of Liz's horses over the 4th weekend, raccoon in Chris'' tack room (you can't see me because I can't see you(:-), horse visitors - Laurie & Karen


July 4th KD's birthday, Ken came up and Chris fixed a great dinner and extra carrots for KD


July 3, 2013 video shoot at UT School of Social Work for TCDS • SpanishEnglish



Chris Dancer, KD & Bracken



Dan's LA-NY cable channel video shoot at Railroad Bar BQ


Hay delivery & Bracken glazed after intense squirrel chasing


James Mikulenka and Last Tango playing at Gracie's in Bastrop • view video


Chris spraying


Sharon came to Austin to attend the Mumford and Sons concert with Kimberly and stayed with Kimberly's Mom at the Austonian


Bracken hamburger from Chris • sleeping on book • with us porch sitting in the evening


Chris taking Dancer and KD out to graze and Dancer & KD coming in for the night - Bracken




For our anniversary we attended the play "Harvey" at the new Austin Zach Topfer theater.  Our friend Martin Burke starred in the role made famous by Jimmy Stewart. When we visited with Martin after his performance, we mentioned that while the show was sold out, we sat in a row of 7 seats and no one else showed up.  We all suddenly realized that Harvey's family must have attended this performance. How lucky!


28th anniversary



Bracken bones • video


iChat SAJ may 28


Incredible Austin Paul McCartney concert 05/23/13 • view video clips

Ken's B-Day dinner at Pappadeaux


Old 71 is supposed to take 5 months to repave...aggravating mess! •  above-Old Highway 71 before


view video

Old 71 currently



Picked up Backen from her Hilton, gave her a bath and bought her some ribs from Don's Bar-B-Q • KD & Dancer • Chris mowing



TCDS HHSC Academy conference Dallas May 14 & 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013


Rain storm


Chris & Martin interview Malcolm Harper of Reelsound Recording for MOMSR - included recording session in Austin


We waited in traffic for the President when going to the Texas Film Commission and saw him leaving when we returned from Buda.


Bracken stalking squirrels



April 27,2013 Blue Rock Studio NARAS P&E wing event

ABJ list


Martin attended Mike Murray's retreat at Mo Ranch


Horse Lacrosse in Hunt, Texas • 042113 • video


Chris with Dancer, KD & Bracken


Fran visited us on Martin's B-Day

Bracken in the woods


Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan Texas visit • brief video clips




Chris took Dancer and KD out to graze in the front & Bracken & Dancer connected. video




Chris & Martin went to Dodee & Billy Crockett's Blue Rock Studio birthday party where Rupert Neve signed his 5088 console.  The new console had just been installed in the studio, first photo shows Rupert and his wife Evelyn looking at the article about him in the Austin American Statesman.  Danny Britt whom Chris books invited us to the event and Christine Albert sent Dodee and Billy a note about our attending.  video


11/14/13 NARAS Grammy SXSW party - Four Seasons - Ray Wylie Hubbard - video video clip


Front tree blooming for Spring, Chris with expandable hose, Bracken with toy squirrel, house at sunset

February 2013





Chris with Dancer & KD, wind blew down tree on fence, Chris & Gary spreading manure on pasture.


19th annual Theophilus Superbowl party

January 2013


M Yamaha 020213


Bracken's 6th B-Day - Carl's


Dancer Vet - 020113


iChat 01/27/13


28th anniversary of marriage proposal • Chris working in the stable


01/16/2013 Bracken on duty & Chris with Dancer & Bracken


Interview with David Hough - Austin City Limits


NBC KXAN Jim Swift interview about vintage recording collection - video  View Austin's NBC KXAN story by Jim Swift about the vintage collection • story



KD, Martin, Dancer, Chris & Bracken  Happy New Year!

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