Chris & Martin's Scrapbook - 2017

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

Martin T      ©2017 Theophilus

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Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing


 2017  B

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Bracken to Go last day of 1217 • video


Austin red light runners followed by unmarked APD officer • video • Martin rode out with Bastrop PD Officer Hamrick

Chris and Martin's Christmas newsletter - view pdf


Taffie Christmas carrots • video


Bracken Christmas present & ride • video


Perez family Skype


Christmas Day


Christmas Eve


Operation Santa Cop Bastrop Police Dept. Chris and Martin helped wrap gifts



Bracken chasing squirrels & birds


Texas NARAS Grammy Chapter party • video


Bracken with a bone from Don's Bar BQ • with Christmas decorations • in fog • on watch




Bracken's 2017 Christmas bed • Brack loves to scratch her back on the front bushes • video


Central Texas Hot Air Ballooning Club Christmas Party

Bastrop Sheriff's Citizens Sheriff's Alumni Christmas party

Snow December 7, 2017 • videogo to more photos



Snow December 7, 2017 • video go to more photos


Bracken Full Moon • new Forest development


Chris and Taffie out for walk • video


Bracken waiting for Chris


Bracken in Martin's office and out with Chris in the morning and coming down stairs • video


Bracken & circle tree• web on a foggy morning


Bracken squirrel standoff on back porch • video • Chris & Brack


Bracken thoroughly enjoyed our trip • Antelope Lodge • scenes around Alpine • Theophilus & Williams houses • Big Hillvideo


Thanksgiving at the 12 Gage Restaurant at the Marathon Gage Hotel was excellent!


Bracken was a great traveller and was perfect at the Antelope Lodge in Aline, the La Quinta in Midland and at Alice and Carl's home


The Marfa Army Air Base entrance • Crerar and Theophilus graves in the Alpine cemetery


Bracken, Martin, Chris, Alice and Carl Midland • Carl treated us at Rosa's Cafe and we also made a Taco Villa stop • view more


Chris working with Taffie • video


Seattle Skype


Taffie grazing with friends • Brack on Alert • Front porch chairs


Bracken chasing birds • video


Chris working with Taffie


Taffie grazing • Bracken Squirrels and BBQ • squirrel video


Martin providing water to Taffie • Brack & Martin Front porch & ride • Bracken Martin's coat


Bracken excited to get to go • video


2017 River Crossing Treat parade • video


Brack watching for Chris at HEB • video


Bracken watching for squirrels and then watching for Chris


Spectrum working on bridge cable


Martin, Bennie & Chris RC party • Chris working on garage blinds


Chris with Taffie trying to undo her halter •  video


Bracken cookies • video


Bracken and squirrel in standoff • Taffie

Larry's Birthday - Maria, Larry, Barbara, Chris & Martin at Gracie's


Bracken & Martin working and riding


Ampex clone shipped to CA

Justin Boyd brought his Sound in the Visual Arts Media class from the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio to tour our Museum


Time with Bracken


Martin, Chris, Mary & Mike • Chris mowing • UltraLite over RC • Gecko


Bracken • Bracken evolution video


SpectrumTW finally came out and began repairing line downed on Aug 10th.


Officer Alvarado Family Violence tree• Martin rode out with Officer Sanford after breast Cancer Awareness photos


Chris working with Taffie


Chris mowing and hay arriving


Chris mowing • Taffie untying lead • Bracken walking the woods • video from recent


Bracken & Martin took Chris to look after Liz & Bennie's horses • Home from Debby & David's • UltraLite flights over home

Liz Wallace  December 7, 1953 - September 21, 2017

memorial service - Houston, TX October 7, 2017

We have been so fortunate to have Liz and Bennie as neighbors. Liz, always full of energy, humor and there for anyone who needed help. In spite of daunting events Liz and Bennie never wavered. We always enjoyed our times together. Chris so appreciated Liz's help, not only caring for horses, but for Liz's knowledge and helpfulness when problems arose. We are so thankful for Liz and Bennie's friendship. We pray for Bennie and all the family to have strength through this most difficult time. Love, Chris & Martin


Becky, Bennie & Liz walking their horse • Barbara, Liz and Dominique • Chris Liz, Dina & Bennie • Dominique, Barbara & Liz • Martin, Chris, Bennie, Liz, Elaine & Johnny • Liz and Bennie helping with Chris' tractor and moving stable gravel


Murano radio & tech configuration • dashcam • BCD536HP scanner • yaesu ham radio & mic • antenna array for all radios • Law Enforcement memorial License plates

Jimmy's bachelor party MOMSR Museum tour 0100517


Bracken having a fun ride • comfortably watching for clouds • King Kong clouds


Chris & Martin attended the Bastrop Chamber First Responders Appreciation Luncheon • Tamera MacIntyre received the 100 Club award • COPS group


Bracken squirrels




New weather system • Law Enforcement Memorial plates


Bracken with a Don's BBQ Bone • video


Bracken after squirrels as we have a bumper pecan harvest and by donated Ampex tape recorder • Chris off to spray her pastures


Martin rode out with Bastrop Traffic Deputy JJ- JJ was initially working traffic on Hwy 290 with two DPS units writing tickets s fro 80+ in a 55 zone • Also met up with two other volunteers Carl and Miles • JJ was working with a new digital ticketing system (that's the printer by his hat) • end of shift gravel truck out of gas blocking


Barbara took care of Taffie and helped with Liz's horses as well while Chris was in Seattle. Lauren also helped with Fri and Mon mornings


Vicki & Hank Studio tour


She is appreciative getting to go • breakfast to go at Trudys.


Bracken and Martin out for rides


Shawn working on home and stable repairs • Chris and Shawn with our upgraded railing


Taffie missing Chris..."she's in the saddle?"  No... Seattle!... "oh!"


Chris with Julius in Seattle • Seattle visit


Bracken in the woods


Chris & Martin catching Tracie and Lonnie at the Hyatt Lost Pines • video


Took Bracken for a ride and ended up watching the President leaving Texas • video


Chris repairing Hurricane Harvey fence damage • Taffie rolling and then getting washed • video


Bracken and Martin on the landing • Brack squirrel • hanging out with Bracken


frog on front door • video


Hurricane Harvey stayed too long! • video


Chris mowing & Bracken on porch • Martin went out with Officer Hamrick on Aug 24


Martin arranged media coverage for the Bastrop Citizen's Sheriff's Academy' Alumni's "Battle of the Badge"which provides scholarships to students interested in law enforcement. • video


Chris mowing her & Taffie's pasture


Arbor repair completed


Eclipse Day - paper hole back porch • Bracken unimpressed • Martin eclipse


Hang glider sunset River Crossing


Bracken excited to go video • Bracken catching cookie video


08/19/17 Bastrop Royal Pines Fire • video


Chris bringing in Liz and Bennie's horses • video



Arbor being rebuilt by John Cox and Shawn


Bracken's beautiful coat


Chris and Martin Met Karen to catch up • Bracken & Martin took Chris to North Austin Appointment • Bracken watching for Chris



Hank and Martin rode out and the the BSO CSE hosted the PHI helicopter


 Joel Block and his brother Pete toured MOMSR • Bracken with Don's BBQ rib


Martin continued with the Teen Police Academy for the Bastrop Police Dept which included meeting "Waffle" the new BISD Police dog.


Martin worked with Bastrop Sheriff's alumni in Smithville conducting Child IDs


Chris cooling off Taffie with Bracken looking on


Martin volunteered for the Bastrop Teenage Jr Police Academy managed by Officer McIntyre


Bracken on watch and listening


Chris working with Taffie


Hwy 71 - car backwards through fence - person leasing the area for his cattle said he just fixed the fence further west when a DPS chase sent another car through his fence yesterday - "JJ" with Bastrop SO responded - video


Back arbor collapsed (poor support)



Chris' anniversary of her 39th birthday! • Visit and shirt from Ken • Flowers and messages from the Seattle Perez family • Chris & Taffie • Cards from Sheila & Anne and gifts from Bracken, Taffie & Martin.


Chris & Martin attended "The Tower" documentary screening at the Bullock IMAX including discussions with the producers. It was the 51st anniversary of the UT Tower shooting.


Ken's flight out of ABIA



Chris' BDay dinner Papppadeaux  •  Group photos


Ken watching Chris cool down Taffie • video


Smoke alarm at home brought out Bastrop Fire Dept. - no fire & no smoke, just hot • Went to see Dunkirk at the IMAX


Chris & Ken • Chris Ken, Bracken & Martin out for ride


Ken surprising Chris at  ABIA 072717  • video


Chris front porch • Double rainbow/No Rain! • Martin Bastrop Sheriff's Office patrol


Chris taking care of Liz's horses (note deer in background) • Farrier Holly

Double Eagle Development • pdf #1  •  pdf #2


Bracken stayed on porch early one morning • Bracken going after a possum (it dove into a hole) • video


Bracken getting to go in Chris' Ridgeline • waiting for rain on front porch • Bracken treed squirrel


Bracken & Martin on the landing and getting to go


Martin volunteered a couple of mornings with the Bastrop Police Dept's Junior Police Academy • video


Chris cooling off Taffie • Bracken full moon


July 1, 2017 Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage play in Bastrop with Liz and Bennie • Earlier that day Martin passed his Technical and General Ham License (had Novice in 1958) • Lizard


Neighbor hooked up trailer direct to AC box and blew neighborhood power for 2.5 hours

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Alpine •  Marfa, Texas

Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video


 2017  B
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing