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These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

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Rock hunting with Martin's Mom

1946 Marfa, Texas to 1956 Alpine, Texas

My Grandad George Crerar came to the US from Glasgow in 1907, eventually moved to Cleveland and was a mason who helped build the Cleveland Tower (1926 and 1929). His daughter married my Dad. Dad was then drafted in 1942 and sent to Marfa as a Link Trainer Instructor. Mom and Dad went back to Cleveland after WW II, hated the Ohio cold snowy winter and decided to return to Alpine. Dad arrived back in Alpine on January 7, 1946 where they had just received the record 15 inches of snow and the Alpine train station had burned to the ground. Luckily for me, they persevered!


Early moviemobile

Marfa Texas medical clinic where martin was born in 1946

Martin was born on Austin Street in the Marfa, Texas Searls hospital (pictured above).  Time  cover 04/08/1946

Martin's parents chose to live in Alpine while Martin's Dad was stationed at the Marfa Army airbase and they returned to live in Alpine permanently after a brief return to Ohio after World War II.  Due to a dispute between 2 Alpine doctors (one not allowing the other to use his facility), Martin's Mom and Dad went to Marfa where Martin was delivered by Dr.W.E. Lockhart in the Searls Hospital's second floor.  more

Go to more about Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas Searls Hospital in 2009

The Marfa, Texas Searls Hospital is now someone's home with a laundry underneath

Martin (Buddy) April 8, 1946

Peg, Peggy Anne & Martin

Peggy Anne & Martin

Martin "Buddy" born April , 1946

George and Margaret Crerar, Cleveland, OH, April 17, 1946 (11 days after Martin's birth)

Martin at two weeks with Mom & Sis

Martin at two weeks with Mom & Sis

Martin's Grandparents Margaret & George told Peg and Ollie that if they had a red headed boy (George originally had red hair) that they would move from Cleveland, OH to Alpine, Texas.  Martin was born and they moved the next year.  It was wonderful because Peggy Anne and martin always had their Grandparents near by.




George and Margaret in Cleveland, OH in 1946 prior to their moving to Alpine, TX

Margaret Singer Crerar 1947


Peg and Ollie started their own printing and Shoppers Guide distribution in 1947

Peggy Anne on fence with "Pop" Crerar rebuilding a cow shed

Peggy Anne 1946

Peggy Anne and her Grandmother Margaret Crerar standing by the Manuel Musquiz ranch Texas Historical marker

Sally Theophilus (Ollie's Sister) and Don Gibson were married on February 7, 1947 in Newcastle, Pennsylvania


Martin's Dad worked initially for the LaBeff Motor Company auto dealer as an accountant.  He and Martin's Mom then started their own gift shop and printing service.


Telegram from Martin's Mom to Dad regarding Ollie's Mom passing away

November 19, 1947


Family with old car

Grandma Margaret Crerar, Martin, Sister Peggy, Dad, Oliver Theophilus, Grandpa George Crerar and Susie • view video from that period

That's a 1939 Chevy they're standing beside

The Theophilus/Crerar homestead in 1947.  Left to right - Theophilus home; "Middle House" where Peg, Peggy Anne and Ollie lived while Ollie was stationed at the Marfa Army Air Field.  It became Peg's "rock" house where she worked on her pottery, art and jewelry.  The porch of of the "Middle House" became Martin's "Ham Shack"  with a pole tower on the roof.  Later a large ham tower erected  with John King's assistance behind the Shoppers Guide Office, which at this point had not been build.  Next was the Crerars's home and the garage.

This is the Theophilus home from the front in 1947

Peggy Anne in the snow in 1947.


1947 Alpine snow - chicken house

Dad, Peggy with Sussie & Martin

Martin and his Grandmother in April, 1947.  Notes written to Martin from his Mom

Dad, Martin & Peggy on front porch in Alpine in 1947

Mom & Pop Crerar with Martin & Peggy at the Rock Pile 1947

Pop Crerar with Martin & Peggy 1947

Alpine Big Hill pre-paving

!947 Alpine, Texas parade

!947 Alpine, Texas parade

1947 Peggy Anne with Mom & Pop Crerar

Grandma Margaret Crerar, Buddy (Martin) Peggy Anne and DAD (Ollie) 1947


Mom Crerar with Martin & Peggy on her front porch

Martin & Peggy in back yard 1947

Martin & Peggy in back yard 1947

Margaret & George Crerar & Aunt  Ina at Clamity Creek south of Alpine

Margaret Crerar at the Rock Pile in 1948

Dad, Martin & Peggy 1948

Mom, Martin & Peggy 1948 on Crerar's front porch 1948

Grandma Margaret Crerar, Sister Peggy and Martin (Buddy) 1948

Martin, Mom (Peg) Peggy Anne, Dad (Ollie) and Susie in 1948 in front of the family's 1939 Chevy.

Crerars with Helen (left) and Margaret (2nd from rt) at San Francisco airport 1948 - view Crerar video

Helen, Margaret & George in Oakland, CA

Aunt Isabelle 1948 at the Failes


Big Hill South of Alpine in 1946, Peggy Anne and her Grandmother Margaret Crerar


Martin's Grandfather was the greens keeper for the Alpine Country club Golf Course when they first came to Alpine in 1947. This is the Golf Course maintenance shack.

   picture of Alpine Creek flooding   

    picture of BJM  picture of Rock Hounds

picture of Phyllis,DonnaLyn, Nina & Buddy at the Ft Stockton swimming pool, late '50spicture of BJM  picture of Rock Houndspicture of Alpine Creek flooding

picture of Phyllis,DonnaLyn, Nina & Buddy at the Ft Stockton swimming pool, late '50s 




Susie 1948


1948 Grandparents garden

Margaret Crerar 1949 - in her 1912 wedding dress


Martin's grandmother by the same location

Aunt Isabel golfing at Alpine Country Club

Buddy (Martin) & Peggy 1947

Golf Course mower

Martin on his tractor

Buddy beside grapevine



Alpine, Texas snow 1949 Martin & Peggy

Peg, Ollie & Martin (Buddy) 1949


Peggy on dog house 1948

Theophilus swing set 1948


Alpine house 1949

Ollie worked part time as an accountant at LaBeff Motors in addition to Shoppers Guide Press




Peggy Anne in front of the Theophilus home where Martin's Mom and Dad had opened their own Gift Shop which later became Shoppers Guide Press of Alpine.

Grandpa Crerar at the chicken coop 1949 (Garner's home in background)

Crerar chicken house in the snow in Alpine January 1949

Peggy snow in Alpine January 1949

Peg building snowman in Alpine January 1949 - Garners home in background



Martin (Buddy) & Peggy 1949

The Theophilus family: Mom (Peg Crerar Theophilus, Dad (Oliver "Ollie" Theophilus), Martin (Buddy) & Peggy Anne in 1949


Peggy Anne with Ginger and her kitten in 1949


Mom & Buster

Mom & Buster Krogstad riding mules at the Woodward Ranch South of Alpine, Texas

Horse and riders by Crerar's home



Peggy Anne by the Alpine back yard swing in 1949

When Martin was three (1949), he fell off a swing in the backyard of his parents home.  When he was checked out by Dr. Lockhart, he found Martin had cancer (Welm's tumor - kidney was removed) and sent the family to El Paso.  His surgery was successful at Southwestern General Hospital in El Paso by Drs Turner and Deter.


  The movie below include scenes from the hospital grounds including the nurses.  Also a cab driver that always met Martin's train when he was going back and forth from Alpine to El Paso for checkups. 

View video of scenes around hospital - El Paso

El Paso Greyhound bus station 1949

Waiting at El Paso airport for Aunt Isabel

El Paso airport with Aunt Isabel

And we'd always go out and eat at the El Paso airport and watch the planes come and go.

Martin & his Mom at Southwestern General Hospital, El Paso, Texas 1949


Martin, his Mom and Aunt Isabel at Southwestern General Hospital, El Paso, Texas 1949


Giant movie set West of Marfa in mid- 1950's

Go to more about Marfa, Texas

Martin had to return often to El Paso for checkups.  The facade of Reata from the filming of Giant was a significant landmark in the trips.



Dad & Martin, El Paso 1949

When we'd go to El Paso for my checkups, we'd always go to downtown El Paso and see the alligators (no longer there)




El Paso Airport

Peggy Anne in Alpine back yard snow 1949

Big Bend Park 1949

"They went that a way"

Margaret Crerar's sisters, Jean, Elsie, Isabel with Mrs. Miller

Martin's Grandmother's sister Isabel with Mary Lynch & Ms. Miller

Mrs. Failes, George Crerar (2nd from left), his sister Anna, Margaret Crerar, John Crerar and Mr. Failes


After WW II, Dad worked as an accountant for LaBeff Motors and then he and Mom started Shoppers Guide Press.  Martin began working for his Dad in the 1950's printing business cards on an offset press and helped put together the Alpine Shoppers Guide Press.  View copies Shoppers Guide

Dad managed distribution of newspapers (El Paso Times, San Angelo Times and the Odessa American) from mid 1950's to the 1970's .  He later became the distributor for all magazines in the West Texas area.  Mom taught art classes and for awhile taught art in the Marathon school system.  She earned degrees in Geology, Art and Industrial Art from Sul Ross State College.

Martin "Buddy"

Martin (Buddy)

Martin's Mom's Cousins Margaret & Helen visited Alpine in 1950

Alpine backyard - Peggy chasing Martin (Buddy) in the snow

1950 Peggy and Buddy

Martin (buddy), Peggy Anne and Peg at Sul Ross swimming pool.  One of the reasons Peg went back to college was to have access to the pool.

1950 picnic between Fort Davis and Alpine - Peg, Ollie, Peggy Anne & Martin (Buddy) and unknown mother and daughter.

1950 picnic - Theophilus and Olsons

1950 Buddy (Martin)

Float prepared for Alpine parade 1950

Alpine parade 1950

Alpine parade 1950

Peggy & Martin

Peggy Anne early 1950's school photos


Margaret "Peg" Crerar Theophilus 1950


Aunt Ina's son Buster 1950 at Paisano Pass (d1960)

The Deyman family - Georgana "Ina" Singer Deyman (center0 was Martin's grandmother Margaret Singer Crerar's sister

Martin in the Big Bend

Plaque made by Peg Theophilus for the Big Bend Park dedication as a National Park.

This is Cabin #24 in the Big Bend Park that Martin's family always booked

Peggy Anne in Alpine garden

Martin with peach tree in Crerar / Theophilus back yard 1950


Peggy Anne playing in the Alpine snow in 1950

Peggy, Martin & Susie

Christmas 1951

Christmas 1951


Peggy Anne, Buddy & Susie - Christmas 1951

George "Pop" and Margaret Crerar at McDonald Observatory in 1951

Buddy & Peggy - Ft Davis Highway

Ollie & Buddy 1951

Peggy Anne and Susie 1951

Peggy Anne with turtle in 1951


Downtown Alpine showing the Granada theater, the Saddlery and Texas Cafe in the 1950s

Martin 1951


picture of Buddy & Peggy riding by Central Scholl gym

Martin and Peggy riding bikes around Central school


Martin with first dog Susie 

picture of C&M's dogs

Martin with first dog Susie

Martin (Buddy) 1952

Martin in his room in the early 1950's

Martin's room in Alpine, Texas in 1952


Martin and Peggy riding in horse cart

Buddy & Peggy on Christmas 1952

Christmas 1952

Christmas 1952 Alpine, Texas

Peggy & Buddy (Martin) Christmas 1952

Martin (Buddy) riding horse in the Big Bend National Park

Martin with horse Woodward ranch


Martin on horse Woodward ranch

Martin on horse Woodward ranch or BBNP


Martin's Mom "Peg" on Sul Ross rock hunting trip - view video



Mom "Peg" and her cousins from Cleveland Ohio at the Lost Mine Trail head in the Big Bend State Park

Martin at the Big Bend Park headquarters basin in 1952

Big Bend National Park fire truck & Martin (Buddy)

Big Bend National Park fire truck & Martin (Buddy)

Peggy & Grandfather (George Crerar) 1952

In 1952 Martin's parents decided to add on to their home.  They added a large living room and a bedroom for Peggy.  Martin & Peggy had shared the old divided living room for some time, so this gave everyone a change to spread out.

A new addition was added to the Theophilus home in 1950 and it was fun playing on the concrete slab.


Martin defending the slab

Theophilus Crerar Garden guard

New addition from the back in the snow of 1952

Martin (Buddy's) first day of school September 1952

This is the "new addition" that was built onto the Theophilus' home in 1952.  It became the living room and Peggy Anne's bedroom.  Later in 1964 Martin's bedroom (which was the old living room) and Peggy's bedroom became Martin's recording studio.

Peg designed home for Nell and Bill Gardner in Sunny Glen, Alpine, Texas

1952 Martin broke his arm after falling off the back of a donkey at the Woodward Ranch south of Alpine.  Four kids were riding the donkey when it stepped over a wall and martin went off the back.

Martin with Susie and a missing tooth

Peggy  Anne in front of new addition to house

First day at Central School

First of School 1952 - Buddy with Peggy Anne

1952 Peggy & Buddy (Martin)

Buddy's First Grade teacher Mrs. Arthur Hill


Alpine 1952

Margaret & George Crerar

Peg Theophilus


Bill Ramsey, Martin's Crerar grandparents cousin.

Bill Ramsey and Anna on his boat on Lake Michigan

Martin "Buddy" 1952

Peggy Anne & Susie 1953

Flash flood at Calamity Creek 1953

New trees planted in front of home in 1953.  The trees grew to be huge.

Martin's favorite mountain Casa Grande.  It was used my the Army Air Corps during WW II as a reference point when flying out and into the Marfa Army Air Base.

Six foot high stack of hail near Alpine, Texas with Martin's Mom Peg on top in May, 1953

Sally (Ollie's Sister) Don & Jim Christmas 1953

1953 cutting hay along Ft Davis highway for the chicken house

1953 cutting hay along Ft Davis highway for the chicken house

Peggy riding in buggy at Cozy Courts

Martin and peggy Sawtooth mountain 1954

Martin and Peggy at Sawtooth Mountain near Alpine in 1954

Martin's Grandmother's (Margaret Crerar)Sister Ina in white sweater center.  Left to right Neil & Helen Murphy, Margaret , Barney & Ina Deymon, Buster, Mary & Charles Deyman.  Children Mickey (child of Neil & Helen), other child unknown

Martin & Peggy climbing Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend 1954


Martin's Great Aunt Ina and her husband Barney Diamond in 1954 at the Mitre Peak Girl Scouts Camp headquarters

Margaret Crerar, her sister Ina (sitting) Peg and Peggy Anne 1954

Peggy Anne and Aunt Isabel riding horses in the Big Bend.

Martin's Aunt Isabel at the Marfa Alpine Airport in 1954 waiting for a TransTexas plane.

Peggy Anne Alpine band 1953



Martin fishing at Marathon Post


Peggy, Martin & Mom in Big Bend 1954

Ollie & Martin (Buddy) 1954

Peg & Peggy Anne with clarinet

Pop Crerar, Peg & Peggy Anne

Mom & Pop Crerar 1950's


Peggy riding with Myra Hord

Martin & Jackie Crawford 

Martin & Jackie Crawford

Boy Scout badge

Grandpa (Pop, George Crerar) & Martin

Martin & Peggy - Halloween



Peggy Anne playing piano




Martin broke his arm falling off the back of a donkey on the Woodward ranch (he was behind 3 other riders on the same donkey when it stepped over a log and dumped Martin off).

Martin's Mom Peg Theophilus received her Industrial Arts Degree from Sul Ross College in 1954.  However, Sul Ross had a policy of not hiring its graduates, so she applied and was hired as the Industrial Arts teacher in Marathon, Texas.

Peg took on the "teacher look"

Mom's (Peg Theophilus) Sul Ross art show with portrait of Martin

1954 Fort Davis Centennial Celebration (1854 - 1954)

1954 Fort Davis Centennial Celebration (1854 - 1954)

The event, which was held on the weekend of October 9-10, tapped the historic resources of the Davis Mountains like no other celebration that old-timers could remember. - Fort Davis Administrative History


1954 Fort Davis Centennial Celebration (1854 - 1954)

Cloudcroft, New Mexico Presbyterian Camp Peggy 1954

Alpine, Texas Presbyterian Sunday School class 1954

Peg Theophilus' Marathon High School Industrial Arts scrapbook

Peg Theophilus Horse drawing example

Peg Theophilus

Peg's Marathon art students


Theophilus' favorite cabin in the Big Bend National Park.  It overlooked the "Window."  Our family stayed there many times in the 1950's.

Buddy with fire truck in the Basin - Big Bend National Park

1955 Big Bend National Park Crerars and Theophilus'

Picnic with Newbills & Theophilus'

Mid 1950's Alpine, Texas flash flood

Alpine flash flood Nations and Ft Davis Highway

Hunters home and Twin Sisters in background

Bill & Buddy Central School in background

Alpine flash flood with Baptist church in background

Ollie looking at Alpine flood

Alpine High School bell in parade

1957 Birthday party Buddy, Joe & Bill

1957 Birthday party Donald, Ricky,??

Jackie Crawford, Buddy T (Martin), ?,Bennie Wright & Joe Burgess

Martin, Dad and Peggy

1957 Balmorphea

Ollie with friends overlooking the new Pecos High River bridge

Beyar Hollis Marathon

1955 in Baton Rogue - Peg, Martin, Sandy, Elsie, Pat Peggy Anne & Oliver

Martin sword fighting with Joe Burgess.  Mom always created great costumes for us.


Ollie and Peg Theophilus 1955



Here's an Alpine parade with a Girl Scout float.  Around the World in 80 Days was showing at the Alpine, Texas Granada Theater.  It was released in 1956.

Dad, Martin & Mom in Grandparents house

Martin's Dad Ollie was starting his own printing business, however his first job when he came to Alpine was as the accountant for the DeSoto/Plymouth dealership, seen here as yet another Alpine parade passes by.

Martin's Mom & Dad staged a HellZ A' Poppin show at the First Presbyterian Church in Alpine, Texas in the 1950s

Pat, Elsie, Sandy, Peggy Anne & Bud Big Bend Park


Martin's gas airplane

One of  Martin's model cars with Central school gym in background

One of  Martin's model cars with Central school in background

Martin's model ships

Martin applied for his first Texas Drivers license on October 23, 1961.  He, along with other Alpine High students took advantage of the Driver's Ed program allowing 15 year olds to get their DL's.  Martin learned to drive initially in his parent VW car and VW Combi.



During the many trips Martin's parents made through Ft. Stockton, Martin met Trisha Hardy.  She made some of the paper trips with his family and Martin would spend some Saturdays in Ft. Stockton.  Some of Martin's first records were 45s purchased at the Ft. Stockton record store.

Martin doing homework? Really?

Bill in Martin's room working on gas plane

Ben in Martin's room

Martin's room showing first reel to reel tapes, ham QSL cards, QSL map, old WW II receiver, covered typewriter and phonograph


Martin's original ham set up - Recently saw receiver listed on ebay  - vintage WWII 1944 Navy radio part of RBS-1 radio equipment group, 2-20 Mhz. Receiver model CCT-46217 - 112311


Martin with his original ham radio setup in his parents home

Martin with code key & QSL cards

ham room being built

unhappy to pose ham cat

Martin 1950's Ham Shack

Martin ham radio KN5YCJ 1956

Martin's QSL card for KN5YCJ 


Very early switchboard in Martin's ham room & Bill looking at radio catalog

David Forchheimer in Martin's ham radio shack (Central school out window). Martin's friendship with David who was a classmate that worked at Alpine's KVLF radio station also peaked an interest in radio, recording and the music business.

Bill Stovell in Martin's Ham Shack


Martin's ham shack and 45 ft ham tower behind parents' office

John King was dating Martin's sister Peggy and helped Martin (Buddy) build his ham equipment and pass the FCC Novice license tests.




Martin's ham radio shack - still use the Weller soldering iron today


Friends rock hunting near Cathedral mountain.  This is often what my Mom would arrange for my birthdays.  Cathedral Mountain was also a landmark for the Army Air Corp based at the Marfa Army Air Base.


picture of BJM

Bill, Joe & Martin



Uncle Barney & Aunt Ina (M's Grandmother's sister)



Joe Burgess 1956 Central School picture, Alpine, Texas



Joe Burgess - Martin's (Buddy's) room - photography experiments - models with Telstar hanging from the ceiling



Martin ran around with Joe Burgess during the mid 1950's.  Joe's Dad and Mom had the Bus Station, so we'd often hang out there.  The Burgess family moved to Silver City, New Mexico in the late 1950's.  Unfortunately in a race to see who could get from the bus station to Martin's home the fastest Joe & Martin ran into each other on their bicycles in front of Dr. Lockhart's clinic.  Hence Joe's bandaged arm on the right.  Joe is pictured with his incredibly cool dog Zip.  Joe also got his Ham license and for awhile Martin and Joe could exchange messages. 


picture JCM

Joe Burgess, Carol & Martin around 1966 during Joe's visit to Alpine from NM.

Joe Burgess in Alpine in 1968

Joe came to visit in Alpine in 1968


Window Big Bend 1954



Margaret & George Crerar 1955


Presbyterian Youth Choir 1950's

Peggy (Martin's Sister  1942 -2004) playing piano

Grandma (Margaret Crerar) at Santa Elena Canyon



Martin's Mom's art resume

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All that was left in the early 1960'sof the Reata house from the movie Giant - Go to more about Marfa, Texas

Marfa Texas post card

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