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DHS Personnel & Training staff at retreat Indian Lodge, Fort Davis, Texas 05/07/82

Family & Friends

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

Martin T

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Alpine, Texas

Part 1 1878 to 1945

Part 2 1946 to 1956

Part 3 1957 to 1963

Part 4  1963 to 1966

Part 5 1967 to 1970

Part 6  1970 to 1977

Part 7 1978 to 1982

Part 8 1982 to 1984

1984 to present

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Sunset on the beach at Westerly, RI - 1984


1982 Austin, Texas to 1984 Westerly, Rhode Island

Martin with Kelly & Shannon Austin, 1982

Martin with Kelly & Shannon 1982

DHS Personnel & Training staff at retreat Indian Lodge, Fort Davis, Texas 05/07/82


Sylvia and Stuart married in Dallas July 3, 1982

1984 UK trip 

Ollie & Peg in the UK

1984 UK tour group

Crerar relatives in Scotland 1984

Peg, Martin & Ollie getting ready to enter Scotland

Sherry & Martin took hovercraft to France.  These are the German gun emplacements from WW II

Thanksgiving 1982 with Sherry's brother and his family

Christmas in Alpine - Mom and Sherry

Sherry' sister, her boyfriend, Craig, Sherry & Martin


Martin's townhouse 08/14/1982 to 04/1985

Pontiac 6000 82-86

Pontiac 6000

Sherry Thjorne & martin

Sherry Thorne Halloween party 1982

Sherry 1982 Halloween party


Sherry's sisters home in Fredricksburg 1982

Sherry's Austin townhouse 1983


After attending an El Paso DHS regional review, Paula and Martin drove to Ruidosa for a day and were caught in a snow storm on the drive back.  03/19/83

Louie Thorp & Ron Conner

1983 DHS Ruidosa retreat


DHS Staff Development party at Martin's townhouse

04/30/83 Paula held a going away party for Darrel


Martin met Janet at a DHS evaluation training and on 05/21/83 after a regional review trip to Amarillo, went to Perryton to visit her and her daughter. Visited Palo Duro Canyon.  Janet was a Nutritional Anthropologist.

1983 aerial view of Theophilus home across from Alpine Central School

Peggy & John  married 06/17/83

Karen, Bitsi & Ollie - 1983

Sally & Don, and Bud and Elsie visited Martin's parents in Alpine after his Dad became ill and required oxygen

Family at the First Presbyterian Church of Alpine

Don, Bud, Elsie, Sally, Mom & Dad after he began needing oxygen


Mom & Dad 1983

M's Dad & uncle Bud

M's Dad & uncle Bud

Dad & Karen at church in Farmers Branch

Dad began requiring oxygen all the time.  Initially he had large tanks, then was happy to get a portable unit

John & Peggy in front of Crerar's old home 1984

Martin at Karl's wedding 11/12/83

Christmas in Alpine 1983


Alpine 1983

Christmas in Alpine 1983

Alpine's Anthony's store staff where Martin's Dad was the accountant

Alpine Presbyterian choir with Ellen Boyd at the organ and Martin's Mom front row center

Martin's Mom with all the cats

Ollie & Peg 1983

Martin Alpine 1983

Bitsi & Teeny1983

Karl, Karen, Claudia & Paul

Karl's wife, Peg, Karen & Martin

Bitsi & Teeny1983

Alpine snow 1983

Dad "Ollie" & Bitsi 1983

Mom in the Bookstore 1983

On location van 1983 Austin, Texas

Martin visited Martha in Houston in 1983 and went to the San Jacinto monument and toured the battleship Texas

Sherry & Martin dated, including going on a tour of England with Martin's parents.    Later Martin almost turned down a recommendation from Sherry when she said she wanted to introduce him to one of her friends.  At first Martin declined, but when she said the person was British and drove a pickup, it sounded too good. 

The introduction was to Chris.

Craig (Sherry's son), Sherry & Martin


05/13/84 Craig in hospital after falling through manhole cover


Martin saw smoke across MoPac and felt it was a house fire.  He exited MoPac and drove toward the source.  Once he saw the house with flames beginning to break through the roof, he began honking as he drove up to the house.  Ms. Jamar met him at her front door and then started to go back in, but Martin convinced her to move away from the house.


Martin then went to the neighbors to make sure they were aware of the fire which was now close to their garage.  Ms.  Jamar said her car was in the garage and the fire fighters backed off just at the gas tank exploded.

052684 Fran presented at Houston conference & then went to Galveston with Martin.  This was a lucky catchup visit because Fran later offered her home in Cleveland for Martin and his parents.

Martin met Judy in the break room of the DHS training center on Burnet Road.  Judy was instrumental in moving Martin from glasses to contacts and introduced him to the Housewives Choice band which resulted in the long term friendship with James Hinkle and Pat Washburn. 


Liberty Lunch, Austin, Texas Housewives Choice

Bruce Newlin, Judy & Martin

Also, one of Judy's friends who was in a plumbers baseball team, asked Martin to play with them.  The most embarrassing moment was while Martin played left field, a long hit sent him far a field.  Martin realized his throwing arm was out of shape when he had to throw the ball toward the infield, then run and throw it again as it had only gone half way.  Chris and Martin attended Judy's wedding to her childhood sweet heart.

Bruce Newlin & Judy




Cayce & Martin


picture of Martin working sound board at UT Texas Union for HSC

Running Sound for Housewives Choice Austin 01/21/1984

Cayce and Martin worked with Peter Butcher on several projects, became friends and good listeners for each other until Cayce moved to LA.


Debbie & Rollie were friends of Judy's who introduced martin to HWC

Housewives Choice playing frat party

Housewives Choice playing another frat party and James' graduation party

HWC at gig


James Hinkle impersonating a waiter and Pat, Jeff & Dave


Housewives Choice at UT Fraternity gig 1984



Michele, Nick, Sylvia & Stuart early 1984


Sylvia & Martin

Sylvia, Nick & Stuart in Dallas

Linda & Paula on Santa Fe trip

Martin Paula, Linda & Jane "the flies be bad in NM

Santa Fe trip

Linda, Jane, Paula and Martin on Santa Fe trip

Martin on Santa Fe trip

Santa Fe trip

Paula & Martin 1983

Paula threw birthday party for Darryl

Martin & Mary Ann in Austin

Mom, Dad & Martin in Alpine 1984

Class of 1964 at their 1984 reunion

Jesse, Carol & Martin at 1984 AHS reunion

Carol & Jesse at 1984 AHS reunion

LaFawn, Carol & Jessie

Phil, Frosty & Frosty's wife

Bruce Carter visiting Martin's town house in Austin 1984

Martin & Bruce Newlin managed Housewives Choice Texas  Ska band Austin 1984

Martin with Paula, Brandon & Ryan

Martin, Paula, Linda, Jane & Diane

Martin had a bad sinus infection at the time of this photo

Martin at Karl's wedding in Fort Davis

Martin at Karl Karvonen's wedding reception in Ft. Davis Texas

Martin on the Lost River Cruise


Linda & Jane on the Lost River Cruise 

Martin, Jane, Linda & Louie 1984

Martin Mom, Karl, Karen, Paul, John & Peggy


Carol Turner, who was a trainer with Martin in Midland, came to Austin to attend the Insight workshop

Martin and Leslie at the Insight conference.  Interestingly, Leslie later married Mark Katz (Katz's Deli) and both Leslie & Mark attended Martin's Music Marketing class at Austin Community College.

Martin and parents

Martin and parents.  Martin took a class called Insight.  In an exercise designed to vent all the pent up anger toward parents, he realized he had none and further more he was very thankful for his relationship with his Mom and Dad.  Martin left the Insight class, called his parents to express the same to them.  As  a result they planned and took a trip back to Cleveland and other locations where Martin's parents met and went to school.

When we arrived at the Cleveland, OH airport, our reserved rental car was really old with high milage.   As we drove out of the airport, I realized my Dad was actually holding his back door closed.  He said it was not a problem (always taking things in stride).  I circled back to the rental agency to complain and they gave us a brand new Olds with 25 miles on it.  Much better for our fun trip!

Martin & Fran in Cleveland during M's parents visit 08/84

Martin & Fran in Cleveland during M's parents visit 08/84.  Fran had worked with Martin in Child Welfare and offered for them to stay with her during their Cleveland visit.  Fran arranged to have oxygen delivered for Martin's Dad.


Mom picking up a quick breakfast.

Martin's Mom worked at the Cleveland GE building in the early 1940's

We went by Margaret & George Crerar's home in Cleveland, where Martin's Mom lived when she met my Dad.

The Cleveland YMCA where my Dad lived in 1941 when he and my Mom met. There's more early info in Cleveland on this page.

Martin's Dad was an accountant for Cleveland's Drop Park Forge during the early 1940's.

This is the Calvary Presbyterian church where Peg & Ollie Theophilus were married November 22, 1941.

Inside of the church

This was the Theophilus home in Claysville, PA where Martin's Dad lived.

The Claysville cemetery where Martin's great grandparents are buried


Taken during 1984 Ohio trip - Uncle Don,  Dad, Janet with her daughter, Mom, Aunt Sally & Martin

Martin, Mom & Dad at Niagara Falls


After taking his parents back to where they grew up, went to school, met and married, Martin took a trip to Washington DC (stayed at Fran Wilson's friend Jane Herd's condo at 18th & Q Dupont Circle) , New York and up the East coast ending up at sunset on the beach at Westerly, RI - 1984

1984 Martin in Baltimore harbor


Baltimore harbor



1984 Martin Smithsonian & Air & Space Museums



1984 Martin's photo in Washington DC.  The roll of film with this picture was processed by a photo shop in Cleveland.  Several weeks after Martin returned to Austin, Fran saw the photo shop was selling enlargements of the same photo.  Martin had them cease and desist.

New York's Twin Towers in distance during martin's 1984 visit

New York's Twin Towers in distance during martin's 1984 visit

New York 1984 Martin's trip


Sunset on the beach at Westerly, RI - 1984

After this trip, Martin was enjoying being single and ready for anything!

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Part 1 1878 to 1945

Part 2 1946 to 1956

Part 3 1957 to 1963

Part 4  1963 to 1966

Part 5 1967 to 1970

Part 6  1970 to 1977

Part 7 1978 to 1982

Part 8 1982 to 1984

1984 to present

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