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Born January 11, 1994 in Bastrop County, Texas

Named Bach Von Tanglewood

Bach for Johann Sebastian Bach

(Shiner Bock on his wilder days)

Mother Cleapatra Acropolis DL343993/02

Dad Hoprhaus Of Falco D823727 12-89

Passed away August 18, 2004 - Inflammatory Bowel Disease - 58 years old in new human years

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picture of Sasha and Bach   Reflections upon the celebration of Bach's life...August 18,2004   picture of Bach and Chris


picture of BachBach was so much a part of our life.  He split his time between Chris and Martin's offices always giving us equal time.  He loved to have ice as it came out of the refrigerator door and had learned to "whisper."  He could bark loud and medium, however could make a very small "oof" when asked to whisper.  He sang.  Really!  When he heard sirens, he would hold his head back and hit this deep solid note and hold it for the longest of times.  He always sang for our birthdays.Bach in studio march 2004 

picture of bach and Sasah with their new beds Christmas 2002  In the garage where they slept, we'd provided fans and blankets to keep the dogs cooler and warmer depending upon the season.  However, when we built the new house two years ago, we gave them a room of their own with air conditioning.  How Bach loved to wander about outside in the Texas heat and then come back to his own room whenever he wanted to cool off. 

Bach following Chris' Pathfinder out of the garageYou would think he "lived to ride."  picture of Bach in his favorite PathfinderOne of us would say "what do you want to do?" and Bach would bound to the garage door and hang by the tailgate of Chris' Pathfinder.  When Chris got in to drive, he'd go quickly look under the front wheel well to watch the engine start and then glue his nose to the back bumper as she would pull out of the garage to make it easier for them to get in.  As Bach aged, we felt that jumping in and out of the truck was hard on him, so we bought him a ramp.   When preparing boxes to ship, Bach would get excited by the boxes and sound of the packing tape, knowing he had a good chance of a ride to the Post Office, or FedEx. 

We are going to miss Bach so very deeply.  We were so lucky to have Bach in our lives.  He gave so much love and I know he felt it in return.  It is incredible that over the last several years we were able to work more at home and spend quality time with him.

picture of Sasha riding Bach in Chris PathfinderSasha, our 8 year old Doberman is confused and lonely.  From the time she came home Bach was with her 24/7.  They even shared the same kennel cage when we went away on trips.  Bach gave Sasha so much love.  He would clean her ears and face and allow her to do anything she wanted with him.  Bach disciplined her all of 4 or 5 times her entire life. picture of Bach & Sasha They never quarreled over bones and for several years, Sasha would ride on Bach's back when we were in the Pathfinder.  When Sasaha was little, she'd open her mouth wide and hiss at Bach like a snake.  We called her "the shark." When Sasha would begin barking at visitors from the Dining Room, Bach would come upstairs to Martin's Office to show he was not guilty.


Bach and Sasha always came out to our new property to romp around the land and wander through the house as it was being built.  Stairs were new to them and a funny occasion as they learned to climb and go down.  Once completed and Dancer (Chris' Quarter horse) moved in with us, Bach took to being a Farm/Ranch dog like a duck to water.  Bach always went around with hay on his back and was constantly licking out the empty horse feeding bowl. Bach would lie in the stable hay room door while Chris fed Dancer and Moonie every morning.  Bach touched noses with dancer when he first met her.Quicktime videoBach & Dancer touching noses




Bach liked eating out.  Most often fed in the garage, Bach would pick up the corner of his bowl and carry it outside to a nice patch of grass to eat.  We never could get him to bring the bowl back.  However, Bach and Sasaha used to have a bed made out of an old water bed frame.  Our previous German Sheppard (Orion) eventually could not get in and out of that bed, so we'd cut out a piece and built a ramp.  Bach liked to get his ball, go to the top of the ramp and drop it so that it rolled down the ramp into his food bowl at the bottom.  He probably should have taken up golf.  Bach would come in and have ice first thing in the morning and several times during the day.picture of bach at Christmas 2002

Bach would shed during the Winter months and often leave what looked to be little lucky rabbits feet.  We called them "bits O Bach" as we'd pick them up.

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 picture of Orion and young Bach  picture of Orion and young Bach with Chris & Martin   picture of Orion and young Bach  picture of Orion and young Bach   picture of bach in 1995 as a puppy

• In February of 1994 when we brought Bach home, he threw up several times on the way from motion sickness.  He was fine except when he rode in a vehicle.  This is rather surprising, as he outgrew the motion sickness early on and then he wanted to ride whenever possible.  So he rode whenever possible.  Then it became an obsession.  Bach loved Chris' Pathfinders.   We are sure a couple of times that he tried to transfer the title to himself at the County Clerks' office.

• He never had any difficulty communicating.  To request a ride, he'd come up to you and do a long stretch and give "the look."  There was no doubt what that look meant.  If you told him no, not right now, he'd lie down with a deep sigh and try again later.picture of Bach in Phantom studio

• We were impressed with Bach's large feet, huge ears and big nose.  The nose grew more when he was stung checking out a bee.  Bach retained a permanent bump from that sting.  He also carried a scrape on his nose from a disagreement with a neighbors Mastiff.

• Our older German Sheppard, Orion, had taken a dislike to UPS trucks, and unfortunately Bach picked it up from Orion.  The drivers were great and humored him with dog cookies on occasion.  Then a new driver came along.  He was afraid of dogs and before we could get to Bach, the UPS driver took a swing and hit Bach on the side of the head with a metal clipboard.  From then on Bach always had an aggressive tendency toward the brown trucks.  Interestingly, we requested UPS have the new driver leave packages across the street at our neighbors (Laura & Jeff).  At the first drop off to the neighbors, the new driver told Laura that it must be hard having a "vicious" dog across the street.  Laura, having witnessed the clipboard incident, said we don't hit him with clipboards. 

•  As Orion became older (he had a good 13 years), he became more and more jealous of Bach (even though our love for both was equal).  As a reaction, Orion began eating grass and making himself sick.  After awhile, it no longer made him sick and Bach joined him thinking eating grass each evening was something to do.  Of course, after Orion passed away and when we later acquired our Doberman Sasha, she also keyed on Bach and joined in the evening grass munching.  When we built our home and Chris' horse joined us, I'm sure Bach and Sasha felt it was surely the thing to do.  We always thought neighbors must think it weird that our dogs grazed like horses.  

picture of Ceda & Orion pre Bach Sasha   picture of Ceda on her Linus blanket in the driveway  picture of Bach rolling in front yard  picture of Bach with piece of wood  picture of Bach and friend Freddie

Picture far left is of Ceda and Orion (prior to Sasha and Bach).  The bed was in good shape until Bach ate it.  Ceda often took a blanket with her and laid on it.  The far right picture is of Bach and a neighbor friend.  Once Chris saw them playing and Bach pounced on his friend too hard and he didn't come back to play for several days.

• Laura and Jeff planted a beautifully landscaped front yard.  The evening they finished it and watered everything, Bach met us at the door with mud covering every bit of him.  he looked like a "mud dog."  Knowing where the mud came from, we grabbed flashlights and set off to re-plant all of the neighbors yard.  Surprisingly, nothing was disturbed and we never found out where he got into the mud.

• One night we came home and couldn't find Bach.  When we did find him, he was really shaken.  We later found out some kids threw firecrackers at him.  From then on, he was frightened of firecrackers (even in the distance) and of lightening.  We always brought him inside when storms came through.  In the middle of the night when lightening struck close, you'd find him placing his head on the bed beside you.  We'd tell him "it's okay" and he'd go lie down and not stir.

• Early on in Bach's life we found an interesting phenomenon.  One day as we were playing I stroked his chest and he froze.  I stopped and he was playing again.  It was helpful as whenever we wanted to calm him from lightening or whatever, this worked without fail.  It didn't even matter if he was "ready to go" for a ride, barking and carrying on.  Stoke his chest and he couldn't speak, or move.  He'd just look at you like "wow, I really like that!"picture of Bach, Orion & Martin

• Bach could run really fast.   We'd throw a ball as hard as we could one direction and as he picked it up, we'd throw a second ball the opposite direction. There seemed to be a suction created as he went past.  Amazing speed.

• Chris often rides Dancer (her Quarter horse) on Sunday mornings and some how we began a tradition of Bach, Sasha and I going and picking up breakfast at Jack-In-The-Box.  They would get a couple of small pieces of ham and a piece of bacon each.  However, most of the fun for them was the ride.  Dick Clark's radio show is on and once we entered our neighborhood, the speed limit is 35.  Both Bach and Sasha would stand with their noses out the windows.  Occasionally, there'd be a great song that needed backup dancers and by slightly moving the steering wheel, Bach and Sasha would gravitate to the beat. After Sunday breakfast, Bach would follow or lead Martin around the house as he watered the plants. 

• Once while groceries were being brought in, Bach took the opportunity to swipe a package of chicken breast from the back of the truck.  At first we thought they'd been left at the grocery store, but then we found the evidence.  He was always polite, never begged, nor took anything else.

• Bach also dug up a live Christmas tree we'd planted.  However, we found the roots had been cut off and we'd been had by the nursery.  Bach must have been investigating the matter.

picture of Bach & Sasha    picture of Bach & Sasha   picture of Bach & Chris   Bach & Sasha with Chris by stable   Bach looking at house from stable   Bach with mud on his feet looking into house

• Bach would always say hi by coming up and popping your hand with his nose.  He even jumped up and bumped Dancer in the nose when they first met.  Bach had a fascination for Martin's car door handles and they always looked a mess from his nose. 

   March  2004 Austin Kite contest  Chris, Bach & Sasha at March  2004 Austin Kite contest  picture of Sasaha sitting on couch  picture of bach on Christmas 2000   Bach & Sasha with Chris by stable gate  Bach & Sasha in their air conditioned room    picture of Bach in doorway of his room

• Almost every Sunday, Bach and Martin would spend time on the floor being close.  He (Bach) loved having serious ear rubs and the attention.  However, being independent, Bach could only take so much closeness and eventually, give a lick, get up and go on his way.

• Our son Anthony, gave us a hand puppet of a horse and a German Sheppard.  Martin kept the German Sheppard in his closet.  If Bach came into the bathroom and we opened the closet door and pointed to the puppet, Bach would break into his most ferocious attach behavior.  Occasionally, he might not be in a mood to play the game and would just look at you like "not today, it's just a puppet."  Most of the time he'd humorous us though.

• When he felt he should be protective, he'd bristle up and bound sideways, making himself look huge.  However, he always came when he was called and would go to his room, or stay when told to do so.  Chris took Bach to owner obedience school (several times).  While he got his certificate, he never quite wanted to be a model student.

•  He always made guest appearances at our parties, or when we had company.  No one could ever visit without having a chance for Bach to whisper, or sing.

• He chased Armadillos with Sasha, although never knew what to do when they caught up with one.  The first time they did, you could see them looking at each other like "what in the world is that."  Bach and Sasha both caught the wrong end of a skunk on occasion.

  picture of Bach greeting us home 

Greeting us every time we came home

Bach & Sister's tree in July 2004

Bach with Martin's Sister's memorial tree, June 2004


picture of Bach and Sasha on 08/03/04  picture of Bach and Sasha on 08/03/04

picture of Bach and Sasha singing Happy Birthday to Chris on August 2, 2004

pictures of Bach August 2004

I keep thinking about wishing for more time and what regrets I might have.  I'm happy to say we really spent quality time with Bach.  He was consistently a very happy, good natured dog.  To have over 10 years of perfect health and then a very rotten 9 or 10 days, before heading to the Bridge, that's not too bad!   I wish he'd been able to come home one more time before he left, but it couldn't happen.  I was sad that he had to be in a vet hospital, however, we truly felt the care was extraordinary and we had absolutely no concerns.  We had a truly excellent visit on the Monday prior to his passing and I'm so thankful that we were able to hold him as he passed.

Messages to Bach

This prayer was sent to us by Sandy Atchison in Birmingham, Alabama, and was written by Timothy Laurence in 1998 as a part of a service for his much loved Golden Retriever, Madge.  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful message! Chris & Martin


Almighty and Most Merciful Father, we know that the days of our Companions are short and that we will most likely outlive them.

Yet in their time they are those whom God has chosen for their special love of us.

So it is, that this Companion, now departed, did spend his days in the company of us and did teach us the pureness of love and completeness of devotion. It is this sacred purity which lasts but a short time.

But in it, God teaches us the trueness of love and though they not be Man, nor made in the image of God, they are the angels of this Holy Earth, and are sent here to bring us comfort.

Some of God's Creatures have been chosen to lessen our labors. Some are brought unto this earth that they may have dominion over the wildness of the earth and the sea, and others that they may ever brighten God's earth with Beauty, Grace, and Song.

Still others, God has given unto us for our solace, companionship, and love.

So it is with this Companion whom God has chosen for us: That we shall not be alone, that we shall know love, and that we may know of the wonders of God's earth, in all of God's magnificent Creations.

For they, like us are sacred unto God, and though they be the gift of God, they are given to us that we might know the wonders of all  God's Creations.

Blessed be this Companion, and Blessed be those who did know, love, and care for this Companion. For they have performed a sacred duty, and in this, they are better loved by God.

Let a call go out now, into the wind of this, God's Earth: That a gentle soul has laid down his head and has returned unto God's sacred keeping.

Let the trees and grasses whisper of his devotion to us, and that in his time he taught all of us unselfish love, devotion, and obedience.

Remember therefore this Companion's life. For he has been a gift; given unto us that we may learn the sanctity of life and that all that is of God is Holy.

No Greater Gift did God give unto Man.

Let all the Creatures of this Earth be silent. Let the passing of this Beloved of God be sent as a message across the Wind. And peace, everlasting grant unto his soul.


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