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Favorite Photos

family & friends

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

Martin T      ©2015 Theophilus

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Chris <1984  •  Martin <1984  •  >1984

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What a great way to begin the nw year!  Two of our musician friends, Kay & Art were married in Austin


Chris off to meet Rowan and spend time with Julius, Sharon and Anthony • Rowan, Chris & Anthony in Columbus


Barbara taking care of Dancer & KD in 10.8 degree weather • Bracken & Troubador • movie


Chris and Julius in the snow; a Snow Angel; with "the boys"Rowan & Julius and with Anthony


Chris and KD out for ride while Dancer munches

Chris and Martin celebrate the 25th anniversary of the day Martin proposed


Bracken and Troubador


Bracken's Birthday - to Bastrop's Carl's with Troubador, Chris & Martin


Annually we are lucky, as we are invited back to our old neighborhood (1985 to 2002) to join a February multi-person birthday celebration with the Acklens and our other neighbors. It's also fun as the folks who live across the street in our old house (which we loved for 18 years and on which our current house was based with added stable & studio) invite us over to see their remodeling work.  Very fun!

Troubador & Bracken 02/13/10


Valentine's Day • Chris took KD and Dancer for walks with Dominique and her horses




Valentine's Day • Martin rode Yamaha in neighborhood  •dash • nice clouds • Troubador and Bracken on driveway • Chris, Dancer & Dominique visiting Liz next door • front and rear view • video (very shaky)


Valentine's Day • Chris and Marin went to Trudy's • Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan sent pic of Ohio snow


Chris watching Academicos da Opera / Austin Samba School rehearsal for Austin's 2010 Carnaval in prep for video shoot Saturday • brief video


Chris washing her horse trailer & Ken came over and helped Chris re-hang our swing and hung the stable fans



Chris and Martin taped Acadêmicos da Ópera at Austin's 2010 Carnaval • view our video in HD on You Tube


Dominique & Chris enjoy sunny ride



Our first snow after 10 years on the property • movie


Chris with Dancer, KD, Bracken & Troubador


Our neighbor and Chris' horsey friend Barbara is learning to play the banjo , so we joined she and Larry at Bastrop's Lumberyard to listen the band Robertson County Line with Bastrop dentist playing banjo.  A little Bluegrass. brief cell phone video


NARAS Texas Chapter held their annual SXSW members party at the Four Seasons Hotel and featured Los Lonely Boys for the entertainment - Chris is shown with Craig Toungate and the other couple is performer Jim Stricklan (who has done voiceover work for us) and his wife • brief movie

George Coyne (Parrot Tracks Studio, Austin) used Phantom's studio to transfer tracks from a client's tape.


video shoot (Ft. Hood families with children with disabilities) at Peaceable Kingdom for UT TCDS

Packard classic cars on display in Salado on March 27, 2010 - sills and video by Phantom Production, Inc. ©2010  Packard classic cars on display in Salado on March 27, 2010 - sills and video by Phantom Production, Inc. ©2010  Packard classic cars on display in Salado on March 27, 2010 - sills and video by Phantom Production, Inc. ©2010

After leaving the Peaceable Kingdom shoot, we ran across this Packard classic car meet in Salado. 


Martin's BDay 2010 • Celebrated at Baxter's in Bastrop

Chris mowing


Julius new bike & Rowan (pics from Sharon)


Mum"s day 2010


Mum"s day 2010 - movie

 John Viehweg engineering Skull Duggery for Phantom Productions at Austin Recording Studio

Engineer John Viehweg at Phantom's studio transferring 4 track tapes


For David Perkoff Music - produced DVD for San Antonio Agudas Achim Sisterhood's musical production


Chris and Domnique take Dancer to the vet - movie



May 30, 2010 •   RealPlayer movie  • more pictures





Chris and Martin begin celebrating 25th Aniversary with a party 05/30/2010 • Preparty set-up 5/29/2010


Skype May 31, 2010



butterfly on C&M's circle tree • went to see new home & for dinner with Mike & Mary & met their deer neighbors


Chris & Martin with other UT TCDS staff and family attended Ana Canevaro's 40th birthday  on July 10, 2010


Chris with the regular evening wash of Dancer & KD w/troubador standing watch


Sunset 07/20/2010 and Chris with Dancer • video



Skyping with Julius, Rowan, Sharon & Anthony for Chris' birthday • video


Chris' birthday • video


President Obama came to Austin and we capture a few clips • video


Chris & Dancer


August sunset


Chris with Julius and Rowan in Ohio • More pictures

4th of July

Chris Bracken at A&M awaiting Troubador's exam

Cheryl Ross' retirement party June 30, 2010

Rain coming, so Chris brings in Dancer & KD

went to see new home & for dinner with Mike & Mary & met their deer neighbors

Randell's truck tailgates.  After we happen upon DPS unit, DPS tickets him for illegal lane change


June 1, 2010


Chris' gig at the Austin Austonian provided some great photo ops (including M in western) •  The Austonian is the tallest 100% residential building in the US West of the Mississippi  •  view video

Skype with Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan


Skype with Anne & Ivan



Chris catching Dominique's horses and bringing Dancer, KD & Troubador in from the rain • video


Skype with Anne and Ivan on Anne's birthday


Celebrating 26th anniversary of first date

Wonderful visit with Sharon, Anthony, Julius and Rowan over Holloween weekend • view QT movieview RealPlayer movie


Heading out of San Antonio back to Ohio


Martin's California Ampex 200 trip 12/06/2010 • moreslide showmovie • more about these tape recorders


San Antonio Riverwalk 12/13/2010 • movie

Chrismas letter 



Skype with Julius, Rowan, Sharon & Anthony on Christmas day

R2R Logo


New Years Eve Chris had gigs around Austin - Lighted wagon at Hyatt Lost Pines - Band at Bastrop's Baxters - Martin, Chris, Bennie, Liz Elaine & Johnny at Baxters

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