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Favorite Photos

family & friends

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

Martin T      ©2015 Theophilus

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Chris <1984  •  Martin <1984  •  >1984

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Tracie Lynn visits Phantom's studio 02/07

Ken with C&M on video shoot

Sharon with Julius 13 weeks

Sharon with Julius 13 weeks

Sharon & Anthony with Julius

C&M at the Grist Mill on Valentine's 2007


C&M in front of old Tangleridge house 02/07

Superbowl 2007

Dancer in stall relaxed 02/23/07

Troubador 02/24/07


Chris & Martin with Karen & Tim, Timothy, Becky &

03/10/07 Fort Davis


03/11/07 Fort Davis


03/11/07 Fort Davis

Barbara, Chris & Dominique at horse event 6/07


03/11/07 Bonnie Bracken arrives

Troubador & Bracken

iChat with Julius, Sharon & Anthony


04/05/07 Chris' pics of KD

April 7th & 8th Midland with Alice and Carl Williams

Chris & Bracken

Chris supervising Lee Ann Womack event

Chris & Dominique riding

Chris, Ken & Martin - Mother's Day 2007

Julius, Sharon & Anthony

Troubador & Bracken

Chris & Dominique riding Dancer & KD


Martin shooting HD video in Greenville, Texas for Nancy Rosenau of EveryChildTexas


Chris with her new tractor


Paige Davis - view video clip from Cabaret show Austin, Texas 

Phantom Productions, Inc. - HD video shoot for Stuart Moulton  -  The Mansion at Judges Hill 05/24/07 - view clip #2


   view video


CTBA Lake Travis Flight  August 11, 2007 • go to more photos



Portland, OR 08/07 • view movie


New floor    floor pics and video 


Chris' visit to Columbus, Ohio - more pictures

Chris & Martin's Nov 2007 UK trip 

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        Thanksgiving 2007

Elaine, Johnny, Chris & Martin at the Hyatt Lost Pines


Chris & Dominique loading for McKinney Roughs (with Bracken watching from her room) - movie


House after being re-stained

Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing   Chris & Dominique riding in River Crossing

photos of Chris & Dancer & Dominique & Chris taken by Nell Carroll for the Austin American Statesman - click here to see article  Page 1  Page 2


Superbowl party February 3, 2008 • view movie

Chris won ribbons in the Travis County Expo Arabian horse event

     Dominique at Feb 10 Arabian horse event  KD at Feb 10 Arabian horse event

Chris & Dominique participated in the February 10 Travis County Expo Arabian horse event.  Chris & KD won 1 First, 2 - Second and 1 Fourth place ribbon.

Valentine Day 2008   

Valentine's 2008


Chris participated in an event at Rachel's on March2, 2008 designed to help"bomb proof" the horses • view video


opening of the Long Performance Center in Austin •  view video


David played at the Hutto pet event 3/22/08, so we took Bracken & Troubador and they were better behaved than anticipated  • movie


On the evening of 3/22/08 we were invited to see the ranch where Dominique is working.  They had an open house and barbeque  • movie


iChat with Julius, Sharon & Anthony


Bracken and the door  • view movie

Troubador & Bracken


Julius & Chris morning of Sheila and John's wedding


Sheila and John's wedding - San Juan, Puerto Rico • MORE PICS & Movies

Anthony, Sharon, Chris& Martin at Sheila and Jon's wedding - San Juan, Puerto Rico • MORE PICS & Movies


Ken's B-Day


Sharon, Anthony & Julius with Happy anniversary sign

Chris & Martin iChatting with Sharon, Julius & Anthony


Chris & Martin in front of the Alamo on their 23rd wedding anniversary

Chris & Martin celebrated 23 years of marriage at the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio, had dinner with sunset at the Charter House Tower of the Americas, visited with Gloria & Oz, enjoyed the Riverwalk and iChated with Julius, Sharon & Anthony.  View pictures


July 5, 2008 River Crossing 4th of July parade & party  • view more pics & movie

Chris' new Honda Ridgeline

Columbus, OH July 30th through August 3rd • more pics & movies

Chris working with KD


Dominique brought her new pup by to play with Bracken & Troubador • view movie


pictures from the IBAT headliners Club shoot (roof of burned Texas Governor's mansion in pic 2) - movie

Bracken sitting ion her water tub Bracken shaking ion her water tub   Troubador in Murano ready to go to Sonic   Troubador and Bracken watching the Sonic car hop door for their Junior Burger

Bracken in her tub, Troubador & Bracken "ready to go"  and waiting at Sonic watching for their Junior Burger to be delivered


Chris booked the Riff Ryders for the LBJ Library as part of the 100th LBJ birthday celebration  -  view video

River Crossing Wine Gals  River Crossing Wine Gals

Chris, Liz, barbara and Dominique rode out near Johnson City where Dominique works and then took part in a wine stomp with other River Crossing folks

Trudys Austin Texas  

Trudys Austin Texas

Trudy's... our Friday & Sunday morning favorite!

Chris & patty riding our back in River Crossing

Chris on KD & Patty riding in back  view video

Dancer & Chris Brac, Trou,Dancer & Chris  Chris & Martin with Yamaha preparing ot go ride

Chris and Dancer with Troubador & Bracken (view movie) & C & M preparing to go ride Yamaha



Martin with Yamaha TW200

Holiday decorations (music note and horse before Bracken chewed horse's tail)



Bracken & Troubador's Christmas (bones and tennis balls) View movie of play with Dominique's dog and watch incredulously as she runs off with a bone

Christmas Dinner at Barbara and Larry's home

Ken & Chris working on Bracken & Troubador's room


Peter, Elaine, Chris and Martin celebrated New Years Eve with drinks at the Hyatt Lost Pines (where Chris checked on a DPM gig), dinner at Bastrop's Baxters restaurant and danced and enjoyed the Eggmen at Jovitas on South Congress in Austin - view video of the Eggmen from previous DPM event for IBAT


Peter, Elaine, Ken, Chris and Martin celebrated New Years dinner together - view movie sharing some laughs and Skype


Peter and Elaine visited for a week around New Years - Peter, Elaine, Chris and Martin video visited with Sheila and Michael (UK) using Skype

Chris and David working on DPM files


Chris (Dancer) and Patty out for a ride while KD looks on


Skype video visit with Julius, Sharon & Anthony


Chris and KD returning from treatment


Chris & martin Skype with Julius, Sharon & Anthony 01/31/09

Bracken's 2 Year Old Birthday Feb1 - (hamburger patty at Jack-In-the-Box)


2009 C&M Superbowl Party

Dominique working with Chris & KD

Martin in Studio

  Chris, Nancy Rosenau, Dir EC, & Martin  

EveryChild's Annual Benefit Event- Feb 8, 2009 at Stubb's Bar-B-Que, Austin, Texas


Julius & Anthony & Chris & Martin - Skyping Valentines - video


Troubador & Bracken  •  Also movie of Bracken and Troubador playing rope and getting ready to go for a ride

Chris & Martin - Valentines

Chris & Martin - Valentines - Christine Albert and Chris Gage with Chip Dolan at Tom & Vicki's - video


Chris & Dancer mucking

Chris & KD riding with Dominique, Patty and Patty's friend from Conn


Jim Stricklan in Phantom Productions, Inc.'s studio recording narrative for TCDS Medicaid 101


Marjorie's Birthday Party with horsy, artistry & architectural folks - view video



River Crossing Section II from airplane by Bennie Wallace

Picture of neighborhood shot from plane by Bennie Wallace


Spanish recording session with Ludim, Mike Genesis and Emmanuel



Chris with Dancer on wash rack, Martin with Dancer & KD, Troubador and bracken and Martin in studio editing the TCDS DVDs - video


Martin and Yamaha - video


Skype call with Julius, Sharon & Anthony wishing Martin Happy BDay & Julius as Easter Bunny  - video


Dominique and Barbara getting updated on Dancer and KD care • Martin in BDay hat & Beatles Abbey Road award from Chris


Chris gave Marin a vacation Amtrak train trip from Austin to Alpine & on to El Paso • view slide show  • view videobonus track


Ken, Chris & Martin Skyped with Julius & Anthony


Chris & Dominique out for ride • view video


Chris & Bracken w/Dominique & Stella at Dog class • Troubador looking on • view video


Chris, Dominique & Patty out for ride • view video

Bracken jumping into the Murano "ready to go!"  Bracken's obedience training certificate

Flying Bracken • view video  •  Bracken's training certificate

Ken helped Chris take down a tree damaged by wind and worked on the corral.

Mother's Day

Julius, Sharon and Anthony came to Texas!• view slide showmovie


Sunset in May 09


Chris & Dominique take horses to "bomb proofing" event • movie

24th Anniversary

Chris & Patty back from ride • (right ) Chris at Patty's for ride


Barbara,Larry,Liz & Bennie joined Chris & Martin at the new Austin Music cafe where David and friends a great evening - view brief video

Chris after filling Bracken's tub


River Crossing's 2nd Annual 4th of July Parade • view photosview video


Ken, Chris & Martin Skyping with Sharon, Julius & Anthony

Chris & KD •  Chris, KD & Dominique


Skype with Julius, Sharon & Anthony

Beautiful sunset with time lapse movie

Chris' birthday - Ken, Chris & Martin


C&M took Dancer to A&M large animal hospital & she was given clean bill of health


Martin's working on a DVD documenting Phantom Productions' vintage recording collection


Bracken & Troubador in for their regular afternoon break with C&M - In for the evening


Troubador was referred to the Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic in Bryan for an MRI • back home drinking water with Bracken • view video clip


Barbara & Chris were taking KD to mcKinney Roughs, however KD wouldn't unload • movie

Troubador doin' better 09/06/09


John Haddad celebrated his 65th birthday at El Sol y La Luna in Austin.  Floyd Domino & Jamie Hilboldt; Kerry Awn on stage; John with his 99 year old mother cutting his birthday cake; Chris and Stephanie (David Perkoff's wife).


Chris (Nanny) & Martin (Pop) made a trip to Columbus the middle of Sept.  We all went to Cincinnati to visit Sally and Don Gibson (Martin's Aunt and Uncle); drove by the OSU and USC stadium; attended a neighborhood picnic; and enjoyed much quality time with Julius, Sharon & Anthony! View Slide Show, or here are a few pics and a link to more pics and a movie


Dr. Wolff and Troubador at A&M on 09/17/09 • Chris with hay and Trou and Brac on 091809 • Martin & Troubador 092009 • Troubador and Bracken waiting for Chris to check gig at Hyatt Lost Pines • Carl's hamburger on Sept 26th


While Chris took Dominique to a horse event, Martin breakfasted at JIB and went by Austin's Motorcross Track


Trou and Brac on 100109

Ferrier 100109

Martin, Chris & ken  100409


hris & Martin celebrated their 25th anniversary of their first date.


Chris and KD • Bracken • movie


Martin, Chris and Ken after Ken helped re-hang our swing in the trees •  Troubador persisting with "kick my ball" • Chris & ken composting


Chris and KD heading out to ride with Dominique & Barbara at McKinney Roughs • movie


Barbara borrowing Chris' tractor • Bracken chasing squirrels


Chris & Martin's segment of the River Crossing Progressive Dinner 10/24/09


Playing ball with Troubador and reluctant Bracken. • View movie •  Troubador's become good at handing us the ball.  The ball is not near as important as chasing squirrels


Julius' Birthday skype


Chris and KD out for a ride


Dancer & ferrier


Chris and Dominique heading out to McKinney Roughs to ride with Barbara 11/08/09

Survey Crew ?11/09/09

Chris and Patty

DPM Special Interest Band performing for the First tee of Greater Austin with host Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo  DPM Special Interest Band performing for the First tee of Greater Austin with host Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo  DPM Special Interest Band performing for the First tee of Greater Austin with host Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo 

For David Perkoff Music, we documented entertainment services for  the First Tee of Greater Austin featuring the Special Interest Band and host Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo.  - view movie clips

Chris and KD heading to McKinney Roughs - movie

Troubador & Brack 11/15/09 and with Dominique's Stella


Chris and KD off to ride with Barbara at McKinney Roughs • movie



Cold and rain will not keep Chris from caring for KD & Dancer, nor does it defer Troubador and Bracken from loyalty standing watch


NARAS (Grammy's) Holiday Party 12/09/09 with Christine Albert, Chris Gage & Marcia Ball - brief QT video clip  or  RealPlayer


Central Texas Hot Air Balloon Association holiday party


Proposed Bastrop airport site across from River Crossing ...hopefully not with flight pattern over our neighborhood!

Bracken in rear view mirror


2009 Dan's Holiday party


TCDS Christmas dinner - The Commons - The University of Texas


The Driskill Christmas party - David Perkoff Music



Spending time with the family • movie

Christmas at Sharon, Julius, Anthony and Linda


Christmas Day 2009 & dinner with Barbara and Larry


Boxing day



A special present arrived on Boxing Day - our second grandson Rowen Grey Perez was born

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