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Favorite Photos

family & friends

These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.

Martin T      ©2015 Theophilus

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Preparing the stable for trip


Bracken getting almonds from Martin



New Dancer KD web cam installed to check on Dancer in other cameras blind spot  behind the stable

Chris' stable rat is finally caught in an ABC trap


Chris & Bracken • Bracken and big birds - video


Tony Bennett with his daughter Joanna live at the Austin Long Center 01/18/14


Chris & Martin visited Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan • brief videomore pics

Bracken arriving K9Hilton


Johnny & Elaine's daughter Johnna Adams play Gideon's Knot Salvage Theater Austin, TX 01/29/14


Snow and tree down & Chris repairs fence


Bracken's Birthday • Chris Dancer & KD


Colorado Drive • Feb 2014 • for USAA fire evaluation


Chris Spraying weeds  •  Bracken getting almonds in Martin's office & patiently waiting for a handout


2014 Superbowl party celebrated 20 years of parties! • Bracken through the circle


Chris heading to the muck pile


Sharon came to Austin to meet with Kimberly and went to Trudy's with C&M before her flight.


Raccoon eating Dancer's food caught on night vision camera while we were at the Tony Bennett concert


Raccoon trapped, warning Bracken, sleeping the next morning and released into the wild (16 days later the Raccoon is back in the stable eating Dancer's food.)  video


iChat With Seattle


Chris heading to the muck pile


Dancer & KD  •  Chris grazing Dancer & KD • Chris brushing bracken which B loves • Dancer Chris neighbors Jeannie & her husband


Thought the same raccoon had returned 16 days later, however turned out to be a different on.  It was also released. Bird on one of our security cameras


Chris Dancer & Bracken


NARAS (Grammy's) Four Seasons Texas Chapter SXSW party with Billy Joe Shaver, Christine Albert & Theresa Jenkins • video


Dave, his wife Judy and their daughter Schyler joined Pat , James, his daughter Claire and Chris to review tapes Martin had recorded at The Texas Union of their band Housewives Choice in 1983.  Great fun and wonderful memories!  James also gave 3 great original paintings to the others. 


HWC in 1983 and Martin with Cacye at the Texas Union recording HWC.


Porch sitting and Brack taken for weekend lunch • video


Chris spraying pasture • video


Terry & Colleen at the Children's Advocacy gala Cowboys & Caviar • video


KD & Dancer  • Brack waiting for lunch, getting brushed • Bluebonnets in front of Martin's office at the UT Commons


Bracken and squirrel in tree• Dancer & KD coming in for evening • Ken's car


Chris & Gary spread the muck pile • Bracken & Martin on deck • video




Chris with Dancer & KD in the stable • video  Bracken at the stable 04/19/14


Martin attended Mike's meeting at Mo Ranch


Storm coming in


KD & Dancer "Where's Chris going with our trailer?" • video


Bracken listening • donated tape recorders


Dan Sherrill closed his Manchaca and Kyle Railroad Bar-B-Que restaurants on April 20,2014 • details


Easter 2014 • April 20, 2014


Bracken in stable • Chris Dancer • Rain • video

Mother's Day 2014 - Chris & Ken


Brack on alert and chasing rabbit - had to brig us something • video


Sunset 050914


05/08/2014 Lloyd arranged meeting with Nick Barbaro re momsr.org • Nick's dog  & dog car


04/27/2014 Storm moves toward Giddings • Bracken asleep & on alert


Martin & Bracken - front porch C&M dining room • new w/d after 12 yrs


M & B waited while Chris checked on Spanish Oaks event for DPM • B watching rabbit


Bracken loading • Chris brushing Bracken • video


Visit by Mary & Neil 051814


June 12 Chris Dancer & KD



29th anniversary - still the same and having fun!


Chris moving new material into the corral for Dancer and KD


06/21/14 Wayne's party • video

Cool Bracken • Museum's Indiegogo project launched 070714 • Sharon & Anthony - July 4, 2014


Chris Dancer KD Bracken, AF1, low rainbow - 4th of July 


Chris, Dancer and State vet taking blood samples


July 23, 2014 - Phil & Maria Van Praag toured the collection and Phil was interviewed.  Phil's book the Evolution of the Audio Recorder was given to Martin in 1998 and it became the basis for acquiring man of the tape recorders in the collection.  MOMSR interview with Phil


Bracken! • movie


  KXAN Museum interview 071914  •  Composite Chris Dancer KD Bracken KXAN video  •  KXAN Interviewbackup video


Johnny Goudie who hosts an Austin Podcast saw the KXAN story and completed an interview about the Museum Episode 294


Liz, Bennie & Chris moving limestone


Bracken Stalking • video



Chris' Birthday Party at Nancy's August 1, 2014 • videomuch more


Delivery of chipped limestone for Dancer & KD's corral


Chris and a handyman spread the corral material.  Hot! Hot! Hot!


South Austin Pop Culture panel at the Bullock Museum Aug 17, 2014


Stable chips • Chris trimming the grass with Dancer and KD • Martin KD • front porch sitten


August 29, 2014 - Long Center - Crosby, Stills & Nash - video


MOMSR Indiegogo project


Chris in Seattle Sept 5-9, 2014 8 • more photos from Chris' Seattle trip


Misc while Chris in Seattle • Chris rain video

Alpine High School Class of 1964's 50th Reunion September 19, 20 & 21, 2014  Movies: AHS Homecoming Game & StormJudy's rock & rollmore


Great re-connecting!


Alpine Homecoming game with Kermit was delayed by storms - Alpine won 28 to 27 • more


Judy's truck lodged on a rock and everyone pitched in to get her going again!


Alpine cemetery where the Crerars and Theophilus' are buried


The 2 large trees planted by Martin's parents in 1945 were turned into chairs


Holland hotel


Alpine street scene • back of old USPO where Martin's Dad, Garrett, Martin, Joe Burgess and many others waited for the papers to arrive from El Paso and San Angelo and then ran local delivery routes • Paisano Pass marker • MAAB gate and marker • back of Twin Sisters • Geology placque at the roadside park • SR ball game • shop that housed the Alpine/Brewster County police dispatch office where Carol and Martin worked while attending Sul Ross.


House outside Balmorhea & Fredricksburg Brew Pub


Bracken tired after being in the kennels while we were in Alpine & keeping watch on Chris


Skype with Sharon, Anthony & Julius


MOMSR Texas Music Magazine ad Sept 2014


Chris and KD


Chris & Martin attended the NARAS Texas Chapter Special Event with Gloria Gaynor 10/02/14 • video 1 video 2


October 2, 2014 storm • the bright stable photo is lightning at 11 pm at night and looks like daylight • KD is always out in storms and Bracken doesn't mind it either


Phantom TCDS video shoot MCC Austin with Laura and Shelley - October 8 & 9


Sunset over Barbara and Larry's • Chris and new Vet with Dancer


Oct 15, 2014 Eagles San Antonio


Rain Dancer 1982 to 2014 - with Chris from 1995 • October 17, 2014 • Dancer's lifevideo


Flowers from Sharon, Anthony, Julius and Rowan & sending love & kisses


Bracken sunrise • Bullock Museum's La Salle La Belle ship restoration 10/23/14 • Texas Capitol  •  MOMSR Board meeting 10/22/14



Bracken selfie • deer in the neighborhood • Chris looking after Barbara's horses - video


Visit by mastering engineer Paul Stubblebine, his wife Connie and friends from San Francisco who toured the Museum. Martin interviewed Paul for the Museum.


Chris and David from across the street gave out candy to the River Crossing kids who came by on three hay trailers. video • Halloween 2014 Julius and Rowan


Chris' 2007 Honda Ridgeline was run into by 18 year old unlicensed driver speeding, maybe texting, crossed 3 lanes to hit her, no skid marks. 11/04/2014 • Luckily no one was hurt and a Fayetteville EMS crew happened onto the scene almost immediately. Ridgeline is probably totalled. • video


Chris went to Lakeway Joyful Horse veterans benefit - Nell & Chris • KD;s new waterproof blanket


MOMSR Board met at Space Studios Nov 13, 2014


FaceTime 11/16/14


Bracken in lightning flash • Grackles HEB


Chris' new Honda Ridgeline


Bracken on watch - buzzards


Bracken out for ride • Chris' new truck • Chris


Fall leaves turning


Chris & KD • movie


Thanksgiving Day and Sharon and Anthony's 10th Anniversary!

Thanksgiving dinner at Barbara and Larry's


Barbara and Jeannie out riding in neighborhood • Bracken in the stable


Chris giving KD a bath


Chris and David meeting at Central Market

NARAS Texas Grammy holiday party - Freddy Steady, Lisa Morales and Christine Albert - video


More & video  URANIUM SAVAGES 40TH BIRTHDAY PARTY Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company


Central Texas Ballooning Association Christmas party 121314


Chris cleaning out Ridgeline and with Bracken • Bracken & Martin waiting for Chris at HEB


Martin prepared a poster of Phantom's web site about the Believers. Jane Schweers suggested it, Peyton Starr facilitaed the delivery and Martin had them made for JohnSchweers for a suprise hristmas present. Copies also went to Grainger Hunt and Ed Hurley. More




Rowan's 5th Birthday • Christmas Sheila & Johns

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