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These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away.  Martin T  ©2015 Theophilus

Chris <1984  •  Martin <1984  •  >1984


Chris at sunset in West Texas



Chris at sunset in West Texas
picture of Troubador on his First Birthday
picture of the back of the house
picture of Dancer running
Picture of Martin in museum December 2004
Martin, Mary,Jim and Chris working on IBAT History video
Chris & Dancer riding in River Crossing



Chris - 1944 - 1984  • 1984 to present

Chris' old movies digitized 07/05/20

Video #


Anthony’s Christening at Acton Parish Church, Acton, Suffolk

Gravestone of my Grandad and Granny – John and Jessie Miller

After christening get-together at Sheila’s house and garden with Mum, Sheila, Joe, Peter, Lynn, Anne (my best friend) etc.




Leaving the UK for the US on June 3rd, 1965.  Looks like we landed at JFK and then went to Altanta (maybe to pick up Al’s Ford Fairlane car to drive to League City).  Can’t remember all the details




Perez family get-together on land that Al and I were trying to buy at New Caney, outside Houston.  Shows, Lee and Josie, Al’s Mom and Dad, Jr., Rachel, Mary, etc. , also NoNo   Anthony was just  three and a half months old and got a tick in his navel.  I remember being a bit freaked out by that.  



Also, some shots taken at Galveston at the beach of Lee and Josie and their children, etc.  Rio Grande Zoological Park.



In late July 1965 after we moved to Albuquerque, Anthony and I made a trip up to Saskatchewan, Canada by train to visit my grandmother’s sister Mary McLatchie (we called her Auntie Polly).   The trip took two full days  and I remember that I was afraid to go to sleep on the train in case someone came by and took my baby Anthony.  Auntie Polly and I shared a birthday. On August 2nd, she was 91 and I was 21.




Visit to Santa Fe with our neighbors and exploring the town and caves.

Great pictures of Anthony in his pram laughing – one happy baby.



Al’s Ford Fairlane, some UK scenes, London, and shots around Finchingfield (near the Wethersfield USAF Base).


In Cambridge, Newmarket and the American Cemetery


Al’s trip with the Air Force to Germany


Scenes around Berlin? 


USAF jets and Al's flight in a prop plane over the Swiss Alps.


      Tree on Chris family farm Cuckoo Tye

Play video #2

picture of C&M's dogs 

More about Chris' family

Andrew and Polly were Chris' father's uncle and aunt. Thomas McLatchie was the brother who first went to Saskatchewan. None of the three ever married.   Chris came to the US from England in 1965 with her husband Al and one year old son Anthony.   She soon made a train trip to Canada to visit her 91 one year old Aunt Poly.  Chris and Polly celebrated their birthdays which both fell on August 2nd.  Chris was 21 and Aunt Polly was 91. here's some more info from the Swift Current Assoc.

"Andrew McLatchie came to Canada from Scotland in 1906-07 to the Balgonie Area, where his brother had a farm. Andy returned to Scotland for a visit in 1918 and became ill with the Great Flu of that era. His sister Mary, who was a registered nurse returned with him to Canada in 1919 to nurse him, intending to stay one year. She never returned to the homeland.

The McLatchies built this impressive prairie farm home, on a farm in the Tuberose area, in 1919, just prior to the "Roaring Twenties". All dimensional material in the "Aladdin Home" is made of cedar. The house was one of seventy buildings on the farm. Pictures of the farmstead hang on the wall in the kitchen.

The house was the centre of a farming operation that at one time encompassed 29 quarter sections (4,640 acres) of land and had seventy buildings. That was a very large farm in those times. 18 teams were harnessed every workday morning.

One of the upstairs bedrooms in the house was designated as the "borning room". In her capacity of nurse and midwife, Mary is estimated to have "birthed" over one hundred babies, the majority of them in that room.

Somewhat larger and more elegant than the typical early prairie farmhouse, the McLatchie house was a major social centre in the Tuberose district."

Professor William Christopher Miller was Chris' father's cousin.  He published the Black's Veterinary Dictionary in 1928.  Professor William C. Miller was also responsible for the 1935 edition.  Professor Miller was on the teaching staff of the Royal (Dick) Veteninary College, Edinburgh when he saw the need for such a book and modeled it on Black's Medical Dictionary.   Professor Miller held the chair of animal husbandry at the Royal Veteninary College, London, and completed a distinguished career by becoming Director of the Animal Health Trust's equine research station at Newmarket.   

Parchment from Miller's Cuckoo Tye Farm


Parchment from Miller's Cuckoo Tye Farm


John Allan and Agnes Aitken Allan Chris' Great, Great Grandfathe/Grandmotherr on her Mum's side - Tamfourhill Farm


Tree on Chris family farm Cuckoo Tye  Tree on Chris family farm Cuckoo Tye

Chris' brother Peter Miller working the family's Cuckoo Tye Farm near Sudbury, Suffolk, England

Tree on Chris family farm Cuckoo Tye

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