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These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away. Martin T

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picture of Buddy & Peggy riding by Central Scholl gym  picture of BJM  picture of Rock Hounds  picture of Theophilus family and Mom & Pop Crerar   

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photos above by Martin Theophilus ©2014 • click photos to enlarge

Some of these photos are from the Theophilus family albums and some have been contributed by others.




House painted January 2015 more photos



Chris riding with Jeannie and Martin cycling

Sylvia, Stuart, Chris & Martin Hyatt Town lake 01/23/2015





Tuesday, Jan 27, Martin was almost passing out between the bedroom and bath. Entered South Austin ER that night. Serious internal bleeding requiring 4 pints of blood with stomach & bowel surgery cauterizing two cysts. And some complications that never should have happened. More




Feb 1, 2015 home again

Sharon, Anthony, Julius & Rowan visit  • Got to Perez visit page



Bob Seger Houston concert February 14, 2015 • video clips





UT Architecture Tamie Glass' class MOMSR review


Fleetwood Mac Erwin Center - Austin, Texas March 1, 2015 - video


Coyotes in pasture with one approaching and being chased off by KD. Chris had Bastrop SO, & Animal control out

Fran made a quick visit while back in Texas





NARAS Grammy SXSW event Four Seasons with Robert Earl Keen • brief video


Chris, Mary, Mike & Martin 03/20/15 • Bracken



NARAS Producers & Engineers Event Arlyn Studios 03/21/15



Chris brings KD in from the pasture - video


Martin B-Day!

MOMSR - Chris & Martin interview Freddy Fletcher, Arlyn Studio


Our Museum just added the classic vintage Neumann U87 microphone






Arlyn Video shoot Lisa and Freddy Fletcher • Chris shooting & narrating • Martin shooting & editing • Arlyn Interview • Arlyn Tour




Chris & Martin Producing video about Terra Nova Studios for MOMSR - view video


Bracken and Martin take first ride in bed of Chris' Ridgeline pickup • A little apprehensive at first and then loved it...Bracken too! (:-) • video




Attended the Doobie Brothers concert April 27th at the Moody Theater with ex-Eagle Don Felder opening. Also Ray Benson joined the concert• video



Chris, KD & Martin Selfie • Bracken - Brack rolling video


UT Architecture Professor Tamie Glass and 7 of her Interior Design toured our studio/museum. The class is using our Museum as a design project. 05/05/15 MOMSR Board meeting



Chris & Martin interviewed Ray Benson with Asleep At The Wheel at Bismeaux Studios for MOMSR video


Houston with Ken for Mother's Day and Ken's B-Day




Mother's Day 2015  • Chris, Bracken & Martin to Trudy's & Chris' Facetime with Rowan, Julius, Sharon & Anthony



On May 14th the students gave their presentations to 3 UT Architecture professors and an architect from Lake Fraco architecture Our Board and supporters now have an incredible collection of approaches to creating our Museum. It will take us awhile to digest and begin making recommendations as we move forward. We greatly appreciate the University of Texas School of Architecture Professor Tamie Glass who took on this task with her class. The variety of perspectives and the added creativity they brought to our Museum is priceless



Chris and Sheila visited Michael during her UK trip May 2015 - More






June 1, 2015 - 30th wedding anniversary - more history




Chris married Al in the UK. Later they moved to the US 50 years ago today! video




Ray Benson & Asleep At The Wheel MOMSR interview released



June 6, 2015 party - 30th Anniversary & Chris arrives in the US 50 years ago party - lizards and geckos always arrive early • Bracken partied out after beef rib



Chris & Martin Produced video for Mike Murray (including miking Mike) who was presenting Change Management to DARS


David's Father's Day party - movie more photos


Austin City Limits 2015 Hall of Fame inducted the original ACL crew including our friend David Hough and original Audio Director for 41 years. Also Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel, Flaco Jimenez, Guy Clark, Loretta Lynn and Townes Van Zant. The program and photo of Floyd Domino and Lloyd Maines getting ready to play. video



Fun Father's Day! Nothing like starting out with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! There were a lot more early this morning!



Chris having KD checked for Laminitis by Dr. Moore


Attended the grand opening of the Firefly Studio near Wimberly. Caught up with Steve & Ray Hennig, Jerry, Bill and Fred. Beautiful studio!


KD gets new shoes - video



July 6 - ACL Moody Theater - Outlaw - A Tribute to Waylon Jennings with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Kacey Musgraves, Jessi Colter, Toby Keith, Lee Ann Womack and many more.  more photos & video


Chris & Martin attended screening of "Amy" Amy Winehouse's documentary hosted by Tx Grammy chapter.
Sad movie, however very well done. Her first manager Nick Shymansky, gave a live interview after the screening.


Margaret Koch, Bullock Museum Deputy Director and Chris • La Belle


Back porch water came from AC drain rather then slab leak


Chris and Martin taped interview with Joel Block at his studio for MOMSR



Chris' Birthday began with the discovery that KD had broken the gate and was next door, luckily unhurt • video



Chris lost one of her best friends Karen Montoya (who was also British) in April and Karen's husband Montie passed away this August. Left - Karen, Montie, Jessie, Chris & Martin • Chris with Karen and her Mum • Jessie, Christina, Karen & Montie • Karen's Mum, Chris, Karen & Montie • Ken with Karen's daughter Christina who was named after Chris • Scott (Christina's husband, Karen, Chris & Christina • Karen's 1963 Beatles signatures • Montie's funeral


David's birthday lunch - video


Upstairs AC repair - Ron WCU replaced by himself - great folks to work with

Chris at Rachels riding Sahara - video of Rachel's horses running





Chis 2015 Seattle trip- Julius, Anthony & Rowan • Chris at Sheila's with Geri, Ron & the Kids • Julius, Rowan & Chris • Chris & Anthony - video  all photos in pdf  Go to full page of photos



Bracken finally passed her driver's test • can we go ride?


Chris took her trailer out to Rachel's to work with Sahara video

University of Texas releases information on Raquel Torres' $30,000 scholarship award for her design. view page


Sahara Comes Home September 12, 2015 • Getting stable ready & picking Sahara up from Rachels • video more photos


Photo sequence with Chris working with Sahara. Oct 10


Colorado Drive grass fire • movie

Penny's retirement party  09/24/15 after 25 years at the Texas Center for Disability Studies



Chris, Martin, Shelley & Laura at Penny's party




DPM event set up by Chris for AIG - 4 ranches around San Antonio with a major band at each location • videomore photos


Photo sequence with Chris and Barbara working with Sahara and she bucked Chris off again Oct 10


Chris and Martin visiting with Ken in Houston - The Martian - Halloween display near Ken's home

Bracken chasing birds and keeping watch • video


Very sad - due to bucking, Chris returned Sahara to Rachel


Chris and KD with Vet • video (turn off sound)


Bruce • Chris and Martin ready for Seattle Skype • Chris KD




October 30, 2015 flood - first time water has gone over the bridge in River Crossing by our home


Latest photos - water over railing




Oct 31, 2015 • neighbors helping cleaning up bridge beside us over Dry Creek


Taffie comes home November 1, 2015 • video


Chris Taffie & KD • Gaila, Chris, Taffie & KD • view video


Chris, Bracken & Martin • Lake Travis Sunday drive





111415 Paella Lovers United with Cody and Pat - video


Thanksgiving lunch TCDS



Thanksgiving with Barbara, Larry and Ken • out with KD and Taffie

Martin, Chris & Ken M's office





December 9, 2015 the Texas Chapter of the Recording Academy (Grammy Asso) held their annual holiday party. and celebrated all the Texas Grammy nominees




Central Texas Ballooning Asso. Christmas party


Lighting up the house




Facetime Perez family


Eggs Benedict breakfast




Chris & Martin, KD and Bracken New Years Day • Chris and Martin


Photo shoot for UT TCDS - UT Water Tower at the Commons



Chris & Martin videotape and interview Rick McRae - George Strait's guitarist


Chris and Martin celebrated their 31st marriage proposal anniversary at Paw Paws in Bastrop. Bracken came along


Chris, Taffie and KD • video




We are saddened to learn of the passing of Martin and Chris' Uncle Bud - Albert "Bud" Theophilus- 94 - November 20,1921 - January 21, 2016 View more on Bud Theophilus


Martin heads out on his Yamaha


Karen UT TCDS retirement lunch



Bracken's Birthday Feb 1 • not crazy about toys - video


Feb 7, 2016 - 21st annual Chris and Martin Superbowl party more photos


Chris and Gaila unloading hay

Chris sold her tractor in 2 days

Chris at Tractor Supply taking delivery of her new Bad Boy Zero Turn52" pasture mower • video


Chris and Martin visiting Ken in Houston • Family to Family Network offices Mary Jane and Jan



Chris, KD and Taffie


Taffie with trainer • More Photos


KD was on the ground when we returned from meeting with Don re taxes 030716. Vet came from Elgin and was able to get KD up.

Ken at Al's preparing to fly to Eugene, OR - Al, Wilma, Ken, & Chris- 03/05/16



EveryChildTexas - Nancy's' (left first photo above) retirement party 03/06/16 • Peacocks at the Cottage at Mayfield Park


Carol Burnett at the Long Center March 12, 2016


2016 SXSW Grammy Block Party Four Seasons Austin featuring Little Joe y la Familia and Ruban Ramos • video


Chris and trainer working with Tafie and managing KD when Tafffie is out


Chris success mounting and riding Taffie • mowing Bill's pasture • Bracken • Chris Bracken Martin Easter




Video shoot for TCDS at the UT School of Social Work - while we were waiting in the SSW fro the talent to showup, police officers, then Secret Service officers came through. Shortly after the US Sec of Defense arrived. Luckily they didn't confiscate our equipment case which were sitting unattended in the hall.


Martin's Yamaha ride • video


Dr. Moore treating KD with Chris • Bracken keeping watch



Chris working with Taffie





Martin's Niece Karen's daughter Becky and Bracken loves to travel



After Eggs Benedict, Chris, Bracken and Martin headed to Alpine. Spent great time in Alpine, Marfa, Marathon and Fort Davis. Really fun birthday! more pics




Chris Taffie lesson • bird jockey on weather vane



Chris with KD and Taffie with Bracken looking on • video


April rain • Chris' two horsepower mower


Storm brewing • Bracken visiting stable and Taffie intimidating her


Chris KD, Taffie & Bracken - coming in for the night


TCDS Arc of Texas Phantom Productions' video interviews


Chris and Taffie - video


Mother's Day 2016 - Flowers & cards (2Left) from Anthony & Sharon • cards right MT




UT TCDS SSD photo shoot at the UT student Services building

Ken in Eugene, OR


Chris multi-tasking talking entertainment and accepting stone delivery for pasture drainage work



David and 2 boys helped Chris with drainage work


Rain - Chris checking drainage and KD and Taffie fed up • Bracken in the Studio • Martin Go To Meeting w/Amy TCDS


Skype with SAJR


Chris &, Taffie • Chris mowing



Chris hired Martin to shoot photos for an event above the Hula Hut for an Austin title company • more photos & video


May 27, 2016 flooding on Dry Creek in River Crossing • 35 years to the day since Austin's devastating Memorial Day flood. • video 1video 2more photos


Hay delivery


Chris working with Taffie & KD watching






Chris and Martin 31st anniversary


Chris & Bracken • Gecko on front porch • studio • Lake Travis 060516


Chris went to ride with Barbara and Jeannie, however Taffie had other plans • video • mowing



Chris working with Taffie and giving Bracken a brushing • Squirrel up tree

Bracken going after skunk...luckily unsuccessfully (later not so lucky)




Taffie loving Chris' spraying • video


DPM Event In-A-Jam band - J.W. Marriott




DPM Event In-A-Jam band with Peyton Starr whom Martin first recorded in Alpine, Texas in 1964 when Peyton was with the Believers- J.W. Marriott • video


After 9.5 years, Bracken had her first close skunk encounter - happier after a bath (rt )



Dry Creek monster with turtle


The Perez family visiting Ken in Eugene


Martin added an Eico amplifier to our museum. He built the Eico 2080 from kit for his studio in 1965.


Chris and Taffie heading out for a ride



Bracken watching for Chris • visiting with Barbara


KD and Taffie coming in for the evening with a great sunset • video


Bracken watching squirrel that just ran in front of us.

Chris' birthday 2016




Chris, Bracken & Martin June 30 • Chris & Jeannie heading out & KD watching


Chris Riding Taffie


Bracken and Chris • one of our lizards


Chris Seattle with Anthony, Ken, Julius and Rowan


Martin's Aunt Sally (Theophilus/Gibson)92 passed away on September 3, 2016.  More about Sally Gibson


Chris working with Taffie


Wendy and Joe came by for lunch, a museum tour and met Bracken, KD & Taffie


Dominique and Ivon's wedding Wimberly


Chris and Taffie off to ride with Jeannie • Kd running • video



Chris, Jeannie and Gayla out for ride


Bracken much better with more energy after receiving thyroid meds • Chris brushing Bracken • Lizard on front porch


Chris and Morgana • Chris & Martin 32nd 1st date anniversary

Martin back from Yamaha inspection

Bracken with bone at sunset•


Chris and Taffie ride • Martin Yamaha inspection • Trailer ready to go get hay


C&M DQ with Bracken



Chris with trainer and Chris and Jeannie out for ride


Facetime SAJRD • B out front • Bracken out with Chris in the morning


Bonnie Bracken looking sharp



Bracken ready to go for a ride! • action move

!02416 Interview with Remy for MOMSR


Bracken and Martin

MOMSR Board meeting 102516


Skype with Anne and Ivan • Chris and Taffie • KD




River Crossing Halloween hay ride


Chris & Taffie • Bracken getting to go to Amy's


Chris KD and Farrier


Shirley & Jeff's open house • Chris, David & Jeannie • Jennie & Lauren • Taffie & Bracken


Gary spreading manure for Chris


Thanksgiving with Debbie & Dave • Cody watching the Dallas Washington football game




Chris & Taffie out for ride with Jeannie • Bracken waiting Chris' return


Martin took Bracken for ride while Chris was out with Barb, so these are the many happy Bracken riding faces


Bracken and Martin in the woods


Chris and Taffie


Bracken chasing crow from tree and then a squirrels jumps down and runs to another tree • video


Bracken Crossroads Vet • Brack sad as we head out to CTBA Christmas party


CTBA Christmas party


Texas Grammy NARAS party Gibson Guitars 12/14/16 • Lloyd Doggett, US Representative was honored for his support of the Texas music industry • Perterson Brothers performed • video


Chris is caring for Liz's horses and had the vet check out Taffie's weeping eye while she was inspecting Liz's horses

Chris riding with Barbara and Jeannie


Christmas presentation at the Bastrop Opera House with Barbara and Larry • Chris Coffel toured the Museum & is writing a report to


Martin takes Yamaha for ride • Bastrop County fire • video



Sunset at Colorado Drive


Chris and Martin's 2016 Christmas letter • view pdf


Christmas 2016


Rowan's BDay FaceTime


Martin's Uncle Don Gibson passed away Dec 29, 2016 3 months after his wife Aunt Sally Theophilus Gibson and his Uncle Bud Theophilus in January this year. VIEW PAGE

Martin and Bracken


New horsey neighbor visit



Chris rode Taffie on last day of the year


Chris and Jeannie out for ride

Chris cooking black eyed peas and a great steak dinner on New Year's day

Bracken and Martin front porch sittin'


Power supply arrived fromGermany for Museum's Neumann U48 microphone


Chris out for ride with Taffie


Bracken about to turn 10 • Baby rabbit was in our garage


Bracken's Birthday • video



2017 Superbowl


Brack out early with Chris • Chris out for ride with Taffie


Valentine's Day (trying to get Bracken to turn to the camera)


KD • Chris out for ride with Jeannie • KD waiting


New entry Studer A807 recorder cover


Bastrop PD traffic stop presentation for Martin's Citizen Academy


Chris, Jeannie and Shirley out for ride • KD looking on



Chris, KD, Taffie & Bracken • Bracken and Turkey Buzzard

Chris' mowing headphones


Chris and Martin with Margaret Koch, Bullock's Acting Director

Bullock Museum preview party for Stevie Ray Vaughan Grammy LA Exhibit


Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders - Austin's Erwin Center - March 12, 2016 • video


Hal Swinhart and his Grandsons toured MOMSR on March 15th • Chris heading out for ride • Bracken waiting for Chris

Facetime with Seattle


Sandy (who originally had Taffie) and her family visited Chris & Taffie • video


Thank you Chris! Very cool birthday!!! Love!!!! • video


Combined Bastrop Police Dept & Sheriff's Department Citizens Police Academy




Bastrop PD SO CPA  Class graduation 042170

Bracken on a Monday morning


Chris working with Taffie using Western Saddle


Bracken getting to go! • video • Taffie keeping an eye on Martin


April 22, 2017 Sheila's 34 year old Amy had to be put sown • view pdfview page


Chris and Taffie out for ride with Barbara and Jeannie


Chris preparing to ride Taffie


Hank & Martin - Red Rock Elementary School • video

Memorial Day Bastrop COPS meeting Veterans returning from Washington DC Memorial Ceremonies


June 1, 2017 Chris and Martin's 32st wedding anniversary • Chris gift before & after



Taffie coming in and Bracken chasing an armadillo • video


Martin out with Bastrop Police Dept's Officer Hamrick


After a ride out with Hank and Rick, Martin completed his initial time with Bastrop Sheriff's Office which enables full participation in the CSA


Skype with Anne & Ivan


Martin helped set up kids games and volunteered to work traffic for the Bastrop Juneteenth Parade with COPS


Chris working with Taffie on trailer loading • Bracken looking on


July 1, 2017 Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage play in Bastrop with Liz and Bennie • Earlier that day Martin passed his Technical and General Ham License (had Novice in 1958) • Lizard


Bracken getting to go in Chris' Ridgeline • waiting for rain on front porch • Bracken treed squirrel


Martin volunteered a couple of mornings with the Bastrop Police Dept's Junior Police Academy • video


Ken surprising Chris at  ABIA 072717  • video


Chris & Ken • Chris Ken, Bracken & Martin out for ride


Ken watching Chris cool down Taffie • video


Chris' BDay dinner Papppadeaux  •  Group photos


Chris front porch • Double rainbow/No Rain! • Martin Bastrop Sheriff's Office patrol



Chris' anniversary of her 39th birthday! • Visit and shirt from Ken • Flowers and messages from the Seattle Perez family • Chris & Taffie • Cards from Sheila & Anne and gifts from Bracken, Taffie & Martin.


 Joel Block and his brother Pete toured MOMSR • Bracken with Don's BBQ rib


Back arbor collapsed (poor support)



Arbor being rebuilt by John Cox and Shawn


Martin worked with Bastrop Sheriff's alumni in Smithville conducting Child IDs


Martin continued with the Teen Police Academy for the Bastrop Police Dept which included meeting "Waffle" the new BISD Police dog.



Hank and Martin rode out and the the BSO CSE hosted the PHI helicopter


Chris bringing in Liz and Bennie's horses • video


Bracken excited to go video • Bracken catching cookie video


Chris mowing & Bracken on porch • Martin went out with Officer Hamrick on Aug 24


Hurricane Harvey stayed too long! • video


Bracken and Martin on the landing • Brack squirrel • hanging out with Bracken


Chris repairing Hurricane Harvey fence damage • Taffie rolling and then getting washed • video


Took Bracken for a ride and ended up watching the President leaving Texas • video


Chris & Martin catching Tracie and Lonnie at the Hyatt Lost Pines • video


Chris with Julius in Seattle • Seattle visit


Taffie missing Chris..."she's in the saddle?"  No... Seattle!... "oh!"



Shawn working on home and stable repairs • Chris and Shawn with our upgraded railing


She is appreciative getting to go • breakfast to go at Trudys.


Vicki & Hank Studio tour


Barbara took care of Taffie and helped with Liz's horses as well while Chris was in Seattle. Lauren also helped with Fri and Mon mornings



New weather system • Law Enforcement Memorial plates


Murano radio & tech configuration • dashcam • BCD536HP scanner • yaesu ham radio & mic • antenna array for all radios • Law Enforcement memorial License plates

Jimmy's bachelor party MOMSR Museum tour 0100517        



Bracken with a Don's BBQ Bone • video


Bracken squirrels


Chris mowing • Taffie untying lead • Bracken walking the woods • video from recent


Martin rode out with Bastrop Traffic Deputy JJ- JJ was initially working traffic on Hwy 290 with two DPS units writing tickets s fro 80+ in a 55 zone • Also met up with two other volunteers Carl and Miles • JJ was working with a new digital ticketing system (that's the printer by his hat) • end of shift gravel truck out of gas blocking


Chris & Martin attended the Bastrop Chamber First Responders Appreciation Luncheon • Tamera MacIntyre received the 100 Club award • COPS group

Liz Wallace  December 7, 1953 - September 21, 2017

memorial service - Houston, TX October 7, 2017

We have been so fortunate to have Liz and Bennie as neighbors. Liz, always full of energy, humor and there for anyone who needed help. In spite of daunting events Liz and Bennie never wavered. We always enjoyed our times together. Chris so appreciated Liz's help, not only caring for horses, but for Liz's knowledge and helpfulness when problems arose. We are so thankful for Liz and Bennie's friendship. We pray for Bennie and all the family to have strength through this most difficult time. Love, Chris & Martin


Becky, Bennie & Liz walking their horse • Barbara, Liz and Dominique • Chris Liz, Dina & Bennie • Dominique, Barbara & Liz • Martin, Chris, Bennie, Liz, Elaine & Johnny • Liz and Bennie helping with Chris' tractor and moving stable gravel



Officer Alverado Family Violance tree• Martin rode out with Officer Sanford after breast Cancer Awareness photos

Justin Boyd brought his Sound in the Visual Arts Media class from the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio to tour our Museum


Ampex clone shipped to CA



Martin, Chris, Mary & Mike • Chris mowing • UltraLite over RC • Gecko


Bracken • Bracken evolution video


Bracken and squirrel in standoff • Taffie

Larry's Birthday - Maria, Larry, Barbara, Chris & Martin at Gracie's


Chris with Taffie trying to undo her halter •  video


2017 River Crossing Treat parade • video


Martin providing water to Taffie • Brack & Martin Front porch & ride • Bracken Martin's coat


Bracken excited to get to go • video


Taffie grazing • Bracken Squirrels and BBQ • squirrel video


Chris working with Taffie


Bracken chasing birds • video


Taffie grazing with friends • Brack on Alert • Front porch chairs


Seattle Skype

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picture of Buddy & Peggy riding by Central Scholl gym  picture of BJM  picture of Rock Hounds  picture of Theophilus family and Mom & Pop Crerar   

 Theophilus Photos


photos above by Martin Theophilus ©2014 • click photos to enlarge

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