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These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away. Martin T

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Alpine, Texas from the air in 1966picture of Windo Big Bend National parkRoad between Alpine and Ft Davis

Alpine Photos

photos above by Martin Theophilus ©2014 • click photos to enlarge

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1944 Twin Sisters, Alpine, Texas

1947 Peggy Anne with Mom & Pop Crerar

Theophilus/Crerar picnic with the Stephensons

picnic with the Stephensons Peg, Peggy Anne, Ollie, Margaret and George

Stephensons of Alpine Texas

Clyde Beaty Circus truck 1945 (Central School)

Clyde Beaty Circus - Alpine 1945

Peg & Peggy at the adobe  Butterfield stagecoach ruins on the Alpine to Fort Davis highway in 1945

Peg diving and Peggy swimming at Mitre Peak 1945



Picnic at the Rock Pile 1945


Peggy & Dad (Ollie w/Sargent stripes) Mitre Peak

Peg, Peggy & Martin at Electra Wade's


Hwy 118 (Ft Davis Hwy) & Nations - 1 lane unpaved

Alpine, Texas Big Hill pre-paving 1947

Alpine High School bell in parade



!947 Alpine, Texas parade

!947 Alpine, Texas parade

Theophilus swing set 1948

Margaret & George Crerar & Aunt Ina at Clamity Creek south of Alpine

Float prepared for Alpine parade 1950

Alpine parade 1950

Alpine parade 1950

Buddy with firetruck in the Basin - Big Bend National Park

Theophilus' favorite cabin in the Big Bend National Park.  It overlooked the "Window."  Our family stayed there many times in the 1950's.

1955 Big Bend National Park Crerars and Theophilus'

Peggy riding in buggy at Cozy Courts

Cloudcroft, New Mexico Presbyterian Camp Peggy 1954

Alpine, Texas Presbyterian Sunday School class 1954

Picnic with Newbills & Theophilus'

1954 Fort Davis Centennial Celebration (1854 - 1954)

1954 Fort Davis Centennial Celebration (1854 - 1954)

The event, which was held on the weekend of October 9-10, tapped the historic resources of the Davis Mountains like no other celebration that old-timers could remember. - Fort Davis Administrative History

1954 Fort Davis Centennial Celebration (1854 - 1954)

Peg Theophilus' Marathon High School Industrial Arts scrapbook


Peg Theophilus Horse drawing example •  Peg Theophilus

Peg's Marathon art students

Mid 1950's Alpine, Texas flash flood

Alpine flash flood Nations and Ft Davis Highway

Hunters home and Twin Sisters in background

Bill & Buddy Central School in background

1957 Birthday party Buddy, Joe & Bill

1957 Birthday party Donald, Ricky,??

Jackie Crawford, Buddy T (Martin), ?,Bennie Wright & Joe Burgess

Alpine flash flood with Baptist church in background


1957 Balmorphea Peg Theophilus

Roadside park near Sierra Blanca

Martin (Buddy) riding in Big Bend National Park 1958

Martin (Buddy) riding in Big Bend National Park 1958

Sandy & Peggy riding in BBNP 1958

Sandy & Peggy riding in BBNP 1958

1958 Big Bend National Park

1958 Big Bend National Park

Martin (Buddy) Bud (Ollie's brother) & Elsie

Martin (Buddy) Bud (Ollie's brother) & Elsie

Alpine Texas Masons - Front row middle Sam Thomas, front right Jeff Graham, Jack Johnson middle second row, then Doug Dorris and George Crerar top right - not sure of others

Peg on Woodward Ranch 1961

Peggy Anne Alpine High School graduation 1961

Radio telescopes near McDonald Observatory and Fort Davis in 1962. Peg T, Martin & aunt Ina

Snow Marahthon 1965 - Peg was teaching school in Marathon, TX

Snow Marathon 1965 - Peg was teaching school in Marathon, TX

1950's Alpine Junior High Band

Margaret Crerar watching Alpine Community Band 1970's?

Alpine Community Band 1970's?

Alpine Community Band 1970's?

Alpine Community Band 1970's?


Alpine High School Band preparing for 1960 UIL marching competition • (right) Alpine High School Band in parade - Leyland Schultz Director


Above are a package of 10 small photos that were sold as a pack when Martin's parents distributed post cards in the area.


More Alpine, Texas area scenes from Theophilus archives • Old Fort Davis

1950s Alpine, Texas parade (Peggy Anne in last photo)


November 1957 float building?  (Peggy Anne left, Anne Hegland, Foster Rich, Miriam, Camille?) Peg Theophilus was driving an Alpine float one year and was almost asphyxiated. She went off Holland Ave into a curb and luckily was pulled out safely.

1956 Cathedral Mountain Lodge fire



Early 1960's plane crash in dust storm between Alpine and the "Y"

These photos are from Peg Theophilus' (Martin/Buddy's Mom) photo collection.  Peg worked with students to create prom murals and displays.


Photos above are from both the 1959 7th/8th grade prom and the 1959 AHS prom - below are mostly from the 1960 AHS prom



Photo of bus (left) may be during the AHS trip to Monterrey Mexico • AHS band Fall 1958 • unknown


Peg Theophilus' art class (Bain Ward & ?)

1957 AHS band Elvis


AHS Band returning from contest and at Sul Ross Band Day

Granada Theater pass


1955 - 1958 Martin's Mom Peg Theophilus was teaching in Marathon


1950's Alpine Texas Cowboys baseball scorecard   1950's Alpine Texas Cowboys baseball scorecard 1950's Alpine Texas Cowboys baseball scorecard    1950's Alpine Texas Cowboys baseball scorecard

Sul Ross State (College) University photos

  Phyllis Carol Avant in Who's Who   


1968 Sul Ross


The Believers






1967 Lady Bird Johnson visit to the Big Bend, flying into the old Marfa Army Air Base- The Believers played for Lady Bird's party


For a short period, TransTexas Airline flew into the Marfa Army Air Field • go to More about MAAF

1952 TransTexas Airline map showing Marfa Army Airfield 


          Carol and Martin working as police dispatchers for the City of Alpine/Brewster County Sheriff's Dept 1966-1968



Sully Sul Ross mascot
During holidays, Martin & Carol took care of Sully the Wolf mascot for Sul Ross University in 1966. We took her out on 2 leads and walked around (or more accurately dragged around) campus. She loved to collect beer cans and bring them back to her cage.  She got to go to Sul Ross games.  It was hard for us to see her in a cage and unfortunately she was eventually poisoned.   Watch movie of Sul Ross University mascot "Sully" in 1966.


Jan Briggs wedding (photos say  Aug 67, however my folks didn't always develop their pics right away)

Pics from others



AHS class of 1962 Reunion 2005


Class of 1965 back in 5th grade  •  1950s Halloween Ball Alpine, Texas • David Forchhimer & Treva Smith?

Alpine Junior High School Band

Comments from Facebook 080613

Earlene Anderau Pike I'm thinking the only time I remember elementary folks in formal wear was the Halloween coronations every year. Wonder what year?
17 hours ago · Like

Ken Moyer Well the BIG KIDS are 58, and 59, but the little ones are mostly siblings of the older ones, like the little girl third from the left, and the Micro Couple in the MIDDLE... This was at the ALPINE COUNTRY CLUB, (Original one before it burned) about 1949? Not sure who the little girl is with Johnny Carpenter in the middle.
17 hours ago · Like

Ken Moyer Maybe Brenda Logan? that would be logical since Mickey and Harriet are right behind them. This photo BTW, is courtesy of Ann Clanton Sawyer.

1966 AHS pep rally - from Kathryn Agans

  Alpine, Texas snow 1946     1946 snow at Theophilus home

Alpine weather history  •  In 1946 the official records show Alpine received 26.5 inches of snow

My Dad was stationed at Marfa Army Air Base as a Link trainer during WW II. My parents lived behind the house I eventually grew up in. When the war ended they moved back to Cleveland, Ohio. They disliked the cold north weather and decided they wanted to return and live in Alpine. This snow had occurred as my Dad arrived back in Alpine. The Alpine train station had burned to the ground. Folks were stranded on a bus under the train overpass and ladders from a train had to be lowered to rescue them. Dr. Wheat was on a navy ship and had told his crew mates about the wonderful Alpine weather, when a news bulletin said Alpine was buried in snow. I loved it every time it snowed and my parents never regretted moving from Ohio back to Alpine. I was born in Marfa that year, as 2 Alpine doctors were having a dispute about the use of their Alpine clinic. Cheers! Martin

More photos from other contributors

Kids Day



Alpine, Texas kindergarden Third Grade Class - one of two third grade classes


More pics from other sources some from Traces of Texas

photo above - Richard Whiteside

Alpine, Texas   Alpine, Texas   Alpine, Texas Alpine, Texas    Alpine, Texas   Alpine, Texas   Alpine, Texas  Alpine, Texas Brewster County Courthouse   Alpine, Texas Public school    Alpine, Texas Early high school and later the Central Grade School  Alpine, Texas Early high school and later the Central Grade School   Alpine, Texas Early high school and later the Central Grade School     Alpine, Texas from Sul Ross State College campus looking toward the football stadium     Alpine, Texas   Alpine, Texas inside of the Texas Cafe photo Jane HinkleyAlpine, Texas inside of the Texas Cafe photo Jane Hinkley  Alpine, Texas  Texas Cafe  Alpine, Texas USPO    Alpine, Texas 1940 diner   Alpine, Texas 1940 diner    Alpine, Texas C. G. Morrison Company    Alpine, Texas Antelope Lodge    Alpine, Texas  Alpine, Texas       Alpine, Texas Meat Market   Alpine, Texas Granada Theater 1940  Alpine, Texas Granada Theater 1940  Alpine, Texas train station which burned to the ground in 1946 snow storm   Alpine, Texas train station which was built after the previous one burned in 1946      Alpine, Texas First Christian Church  Alpine, Texas inside of the Holland Hotel  Alpine, Texas Dr. Lockhart's Clinic   Alpine, Texas Highland Village     Alpine, Texas Highland Village     Alpine, Texas

Marfa, Texas  Marfa, Texas  Marfa, Texas

Fort Davis, Texas  Fort Davis, Texas 

From Mary Bell Lockhart '67 - April 17, 2003

I struck a gold mine of stories about Central School this evening, chatting
with Lee and Joanna Cowell. Here's s few from Lee.

Most of us recall that the boys and girls restrooms in the building were in
the basement. In addition, the boys restroom opened up out into the west
schoolyard while the girls restroom did not open up to the east schoolyard.
(There you have it; the beginnings of gross discrimination, in my humble
opinion. ;>) The boys had a door so that they could go straight out from
the restroom to the playground to play football.

Here’s how it came about. The original building built in 1910 had two out
buildings to the north. One was a bus barn and the other was the boys/girls
restrooms. During cold weather, folks had to go quite a distance to the
restrooms, outside 30-40 ft to the other building.

Lee started at Central in 1938. Sometime about 1940, he says probably in
the summer, a basement was dug out under the main building and the restrooms
were added. This provided indoor restrooms for everyone. There was a
closet in the boy’s restroom for equipment.

Here's another Central School story from Lee. The Janitor in about 1933,
when Lee’s older brother Pete was a student, was a guy named Don Aurelio
Olazaba. He is pictured in the Avalanche book of historical Alpine photos.
The kids mangled his name and called him Aurelius. Mr. Olazaba through, had
names for the kids, too, and he called Pete Cowell "Peter Rabbit".

In those days, there was actually a bell in the bell tower which was used to
ring various events of the school day. Mr. Olazaba had to go up to the
tower to ring the bell. Olazaba could look around the whole school yard, so
he'd scan the entire grounds before he rang the tardy bell. Well, Pete was
always late to school. If he saw Pete coming, he’d yell out "Run, Peter
Rabbit, Run! I’ll hold the bell." And he would delay ringing the bell so
Pete could make it "on time."

Here's another: In 1949, when the schools were moving in buildings from the
Marfa air base, the main Central School wooden staircase was condemned as a
fire hazard. V. J. Smith was the school architect. Lee’s dad, Charlie
Cowell, was working for the schools, moving in and rebuilding these
buildings. They were thinking of putting in a metal staircase, but Charlie
Cowell said that in a fire those would become hot and stressed with heat and
would be unsafe too. He convinced them to put in a concrete stairway in the
middle of the building.

And a final note: The street in front of Central to the south was widened,
curbed and guttered by the City when my dad was either Mayor or Councilman
and Lee Cowell was City Secretary. They purposely made it wider because
that's where so many parents came to pick up their kids.

So, here's a few for the archives.
Mary Bell Lockhart '67

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Centennial School

Alpine OBITUARIES (from old files)

From: Phil Seymour <>
Subject: Alpine High, 1962
Date: June 2, 2009 5:47:45 PM CDT

I was looking through images of Cathedral Mountain to use on a little story in my blog, and I noticed there were some from someone named Martin Theophilus, from Alpine. I remember drawing my cartoons on mimeograph wax paper so that Mr. Theophilus could print them.

What is funny, is I was into music, I was friends with Dave, I played in the high school, and Sul Ross bands, I had my own band, and I kind of remember, "The Believers".

I too, went on to a career in recording, radio, TV and performing. Small world.

Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 15:43:23 -0500
Subject: Re: Alpine Radio KVLF
To: "Theophilus, Martin" <>

How neat. When I saw the name Martin Theophilus pop up in the email, I said to myself, I knew someone in Alpine across from Central School. Good to hear from you. Enjoyed talking with Ray. We did an interview about the good old days of radio....and I did not see the Avalanche, but David Watson, one of Stacy's sons has a jewelry store here in Midland and gave me a copy of the Big Bend Sentinel which had a nice feature on KVLF. I have been with Midland College for the last six years and was at OC five years before that.....and then in East Texas for the 20 years before that after leaving Alpine. Our daughter Penny and her husband live in Monahans and our granddaughter is attending Midland College. Radio was fun and I stayed with it at East Texas State in the public broadcasting side before moving into school relations/admissions, etc......Good hearing from you. Phil Wayne Ebensberger

>>> Martin Theophilus <> 3/14/2007 10:08 AM >>>

Dear Mr. Ebensberger,
I came across your name as the Midland College Registrar after seeing Ray Hendryx's article about the history ofmKVLF in a recent Avalanche issue. I was called "Buddy" Theophilus and hung around the station when you and Bob Beal (sp) would put up with me. That exposure to media has taken me on an entertainment journey for which I am very thankful. Hope you're the DJ I'm recalling.

Cheers! Martin (Buddy)

Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 15:16:21 -0600
From: Martin Theophilus <>
Subject: Re: [Alpine] Elementary School (Central) Gym

We lived across the street. I was pre-school and standing on the South side of my grandparents home on Nations. I could not figure out what was happening. It was so lucky no one was killed.

Chris & I are on our way to Alpine this weekend for a quick visit with Karen in Ft. Davis. Look forward to being there!

Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 16:28:11 -0600
From: "Dennis L. Williams" <>

Sure. It was about 1950, 1951. The boiler on the northeast side of the little gymnasium exploded.

Luckily for all, it made funny noises just before the explosion, so Mrs. Page was able to get all the children out before it exploded. Also lucky was the fact that no children were on the north side on the playground.

I saw the aftermath from Mrs. Brown's fourth grade east-facing downstairs window of the old Central School. Quite a sight: a huge hole in that corner, steam and water everywhere, shreds of lumber surrounding the opening, and bricks strewn all over the north playground. A real mess, though damage was largely just to blowing out the northeast corner.

The good news was that we got out of school for the rest of the day. Yea!

At least that's my memory of it, which is probably fuzzed by age.

Dennis Williams, '60

<> wrote:

There's another story about the elementary gym about when the boiler blew up. My brother, Mike, was there at the time, but I don't remember the story. Anybody out there who does????

Carol Ann

From: "gayle rich" <>
To: "Martin \(Buddy\)Theophilus" <>
Subject: Marfa Lights
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 11:30:01 -0800

Hi Buddy:

Ken Moyer sent me some of your recent comments about the Marfa Lights, and first of all I want to compliment your photo "album" -- all of these shots are absolutely beautiful -- very well done indeed! Sure made me want to spend more time in Texas!

Secondly, I am interested in your acquaintance with Jim Bunnell. During the past few years I have visited the Mitchell Flat area near Marfa several times, and have spent quite a lot of time thinking about the Lights and studying a wide range of literature about such phenomena, including Jim's book and website. In my opinion, he has collected, by-far, the most systematic, thorough, and useful data on the Marfa Lights to date. I would like to talk with Jim about all of this sometime, and would appreciate your "connecting" the two of us by mentioning my name to him. Then I'm sure I'll get a much better reception when I contact him than if it were a "cold call". I'll call you in a few days to discuss this idea, and give you a very brief synopsis of what I've been doing since AHS days.

I'd heard about you from time to time over the years from Peggy and John, and it was good to see you in Alpine last summer. I never knew before then that your mother had a passion for the Lights. I wish I could have heard some of her stories about them.  By the way, I tend to sympathize with your feeling that we may not want to solve the mystery. On the other hand, I believe that if someone is one day fortunate enough to be able to explain some of this, the phenomena may turn out to be even more interesting than is the mystery.

Best regards and Merry Christmas to you and your family,



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Alpine, Texas from the air in 1966picture of Windo Big Bend National parkRoad between Alpine and Ft Davis

Alpine Photos

photos above by Martin Theophilus ©2014 • click photos to enlarge

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