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Created by parents, for parents...
this web site is a project of the Texas Education Agency and is committed to providing accurate and consistent information to parents & families of students with disabilities. 

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What Matters to Parents

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a disability or been referred for special education services? Maybe your child has been receiving special education services and it’s time to figure out the next steps. Wherever you are in the process, we’ve been there. We know the maze in which you find yourself and we’re eager to point the way to news you can use, information you can trust and understand, and reliable resources for more information. Welcome!

The Texas Education Agency web site is a wealth of information and resources targeted to a variety of readers – educators, school districts, parents, students, and the general public. You can most likely find what you’re looking for there…

But if you are seeking information and resources specific to students with disabilities and their families, then the Texas Project FIRST web site is a practical place to start.

The Texas Project FIRST web site, launched in September 2006, is a constant work in progress. Bookmark us and check back regularly for new additions; Also be sure to sign up to receive email updates. Thanks for visiting and best wishes on your education journey!

Special parts of the Special Ed Programs

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Texas Project FIRST is an activity of the Texas Continuing Improvement Process (TCIP) under the auspices of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Region 9 Education Service Center, and is focused on helping to fulfill the goals of TEA and the Parent Training Committee.

Special Education Information Center: 1-855-SPEDTEX (1-855-773-3839)

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