Olde Alpine Movies  picture of Cathedral Mountain


picture of cars lined up at Alpine, Texas Twin Peaks Drive In

Alpine's Sul Ross College 1936 from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image

Published on Oct 8, 2013 on YouTube
Created by Chris Sibley

Aerial Cinematography by Karl Fallenius

Music by Micha Schellhaas


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Oliver,Smoky Train & LaBeff Ritter Motor

Shootin' Movies of Shootin' Movies

Wooden Soldiers?

Easter egg hunt

702 North 5th - Front Yard Party

End of Yard Party & Central School

702 North 5th - 1948 - Theophilus - Crerarmore 1948

Alpine Train Station#1 1949 - Theophilus - Crerar

Alpine Train Station#2 1949 - George & Margaret Crerar

Alpine Train Station#3 1949-Peggy Theophilus

Snow '50ish 

Alpine in Snow 1950's #2

Alpine Parade 1Alpine Parade 2

Alpine Parade 3 - Fire trucksAlpine Parade 4

Senior Trip 1961  1

Senior Trip 1961  2





Alpine Parade 5 - AHS Band early '60's?

Martin's Highland Sound Studio 1 - recorders & band

Flight around Alpine mid '60s

North 5th & Central Playground

Alpine Parade 6 - Sul Ross Band 1967?

Parade •  SR Band 1967

view video of  Alpine in Snow 1967

Alpine/ Brewster County Police dispatch (North 5th) 1967

Central School & Gym with new building

Corky AHS Student Teaching, SR band TV repair

1968 Corky, Tony, Carol & Martin Sul Ross graduation

Peggy (1942 - 2004) 

Peggy & Tom

picture of Alpine 60s Reunion   

Go to pictures and movies of the 2005 Reunion of the '60's


Theophilus composite movie

Crerars 1959 - view video



Martin's Mom Margaret "Peg" on rock hunting trip with the Sul Ross Geology Dept.  - view video

Carol & Claude Guillemet the French foreign exchange student on the River Road 1964 - view video with Carol, Martin, Donna, Larry and Claude Donna & Larry 2012



Alpine from the air mid 60's - view video

Sully Sul Ross mascot

During holidays, Martin & Carol took care of Sully the Wolf mascot for Sul Ross University in 1966. We took her out on 2 leads a walked around campus.  She got to go to Sr games.  It was hard for us to see her in a cage and unfortunately she was eventually poisoned.  Watch movie of Sul Ross University mascot "Sully" in 1966.

Twin Sisters from SR Mountain - video


Shafter, Texas church during filming of the Andromeda Strain opening sequence.

Shafter, Texas church during filming of the movie "The Andromeda Strain" in 1969.  Martin was working for the TxDHS when he went to visit clients in Shafter, the production crew was shooting.

View Martin's movie while driving around Shafter

picture from Alpine Hot Air Balloon rally

1997 Alpine, Texas Hot Air Balloon Rally

view video promo

In 2009 Chris gave Martin a vacation Amtrak train trip from Austin to Alpine & on to El Paso • view video (opening graphic says Alpine Train Station.  It is of course the Austin train station) • bonus track


Olde Alpine Movies  picture of Cathedral Mountain


picture of cars lined up at Alpine, Texas Twin Peaks Drive In

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