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These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away. Martin T

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picture of Buddy & Peggy riding by Central Scholl gym  picture of BJM  picture of Rock Hounds  picture of Theophilus family and Mom & Pop Crerar          

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The photos below are stills from Theophilus' movies that were digitized in 2017 by the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. We greatly appreciate their work and highly recommend sharing your old Texas movies with the organization. We had digitized the movies 30 years ago when the technology was not near as good. This conversion really brought the movies to a new level.

Please let us know if you want us to identify someone that we haven't noted in the photos and we'll add the information.

1947 snow in Alpine, Texas • view video


Swimming at Balmorphea and at the Sul Ross State College swimming pool • Crerars • view video



1947 Ohio Visit with Sally (Olllie's Sister) & DonView Video


1947 Alpine Scenes



Grandma Crerar taking train to Ohio for visit


Ollie returning from his Mom's Ohio funeral October 1947


Martin (Buddy) & Susie

1947 Peg Sul Ross Geology Field Trip • Theophilus Baton Rogue trip • view video




1947 Theophilus Halloween Party, Alpine Halloween parade • view video


Theophilus backyard • LaBeff/Ritter Motors promo • Alpine train depot • Presbyterian Church Rev Rogers • Easter egg hunt • view video


1948 Ohio trip to see relatives - Sally & Don • View Video 



Truman campaigning by train in Alpine 1948

1948 Alpine, Texas Snow • View Video

1948 movie shot by the Theophilus' shows another heavy snow. There are some scenes around the Theophilus property including the Central School where the gym had not arrived. There are scenes with Bill Dunn, Mrs. Dunn and other family friends. The Sul Ross swimming pool is also in one scene.


Martin (Buddy) El Paso for surgery 1949 • View Video

In 1949, Martin (Buddy) fell off the swing ladder in the family;s backyard. His Mom and Dad took him to Dr. Lockhart, who said there was more going on in addition to the fall. He referred the family to Dr. Deter at El Paso's Southwestern General Hospital where they found Martin had a Welm's tumor and they removed it and his left kidney. The surgeons were cautiously optimistic that they's found all the cancer. However they also noted that often Welm's tumor patients did not have longevity and predicted High School graduation would be success. The doctors were elated when they received an invitation to Martin's college graduation. Martin and his parents made return train trips to El Paso regularly for the next couple of years for checkups. He had a taxi driver that always met them at the train to take Martin to the hospital. This movie shows scenes at and around El Paso's hospital.



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Buster Diamond and his Dad visiting from Michigan • LaBeff Motors • Peggy Rainbow Theophilus backyard

More Alpine, Texas parades • view video


Peggy as witch • Alpine parade (family took lots of parade footage (:-)

1949 Easter Egg Hunt and Roadside Park Picnic • View Video


1949 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers • Michigan Relatives visit • View Video


1950 Theophilus family friends • Central School movie making • view video



1950 Barney & Buster Deyman (Grandma Crerar's Sister Ina's family Michigan) Alpine visit • view video   


1952 Theophilus home • view video


1954 Fort Davis Centennial • view video


1955 Martin's family trip to Cincinnati (Ollie's Sister) and Baton Rogue (Ollie's Brother) • view video




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