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These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away. Martin T

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The photos below are stills from Theophilus' movies that were digitized in 2017 by the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. We greatly appreciate their work and highly recommend sharing your old Texas movies with the organization. We had digitized the movies 30 years ago when the technology was not near as good. This conversion really brought the movies to a new  level. I've taken some time to pull


1968/1969/1970 Alpine - Austin - Midland • video

When Carol and Martin were working for the Brewster County Communications Center and attending Sul Ross, they became close friends with most of the law enforcement personnel. Alpine's DPS Officer Carl Williams who later became the Brewster County Sheriff was the Best Man at Carol and Martin's wedding. They also bought Alice and Carl's home when the Williams moved to Midland. Barbara and George Jones were good friends and we always enjoyed watching Sunday afternoon football at the jail, which was also their home. George was Carl's Chief Deputy and later moved to Midland and worked for the Texas DPS Narcotics Division. DPS Officer Jack O'Donnell would often spend the greater part of Martin's dispatch night shift playing cards. He also gave Carol and Martin their first dog Baron. Baron is seen in some of the early clips playing with a Hoover vacuum box and Carol.

Alpine High Exchange Student Claude Guillemet came back for a visit in 1969. Donna and Larry Johnson, Carol and Martin and Claude went down to the Big Bend. Carol and Martin also visited Donna and Larry in San Antonio.

While Carol completed her Masters at Sul Ross, she worked as a Graduate Assistant teaching Freshman English at the college. There are clips of Carol's Sul Ross office. Martin went to work for the Sul Ross Police Dept. and then took a position with the Texas Department of Human Services (22 years). This movies shows scenes from Austin when Martin attended the TDHS orientation for 6 weeks. He stayed at a motel across from Mueller Airport. It is strange to see just how smoky plane take-off used to be.

There are movies of more Alpine parades on this clip and some shots of Jackson Field.




1967 Alpine Band Interscholastic League marching band contest prep and performance • video

Martin and Corky Thornton shared Sul Ross practice teaching at Alpine High School. Going the full year enabled work with 5th grade beginners to 12th grade senior. Also taking the Alpine High School Band through both marching and concert seasons. This video is of the Alpine High band practicing for and the performing in Odessa at the 1967 Interscholastic League Marching Band contest. Tony Brons was practice teaching in Marfa and their band and later the  larger 4A bands are shown performing. You'll  see Corky audio recording the Alpine Band, while Martin shot the video to help improve the show.

Alpine High School football stadium & band practice field


1967 Alpine Band Interscholastic League marching band contest in Odessa, Texas


1968 Sul Ross, Austin, Alpine, Pyote, Graduation, San Antonio Zoo and 1968 Hemisfair • car shots • video

Corky's birthday • Sul Ross seniors having fun (shot movies to reverse them for effects) - Carol, Corky, Martin • Pyote to visit Carol's grandparents, • Carol and Martin's parents to Austin to pickup TxDPS cars won in auction. Carol, Martin, Corky, Mike & Tony graduating and going to the 1968 Hemisfair & Zoo in San Antonio. Very sad to view the elephants chained in the SA zoo. Taking movies of our '66Mustang and Corky's DPS car.








1969 Midland/Odessa Baron and Tonya• video

In 1969 Carol completed her Masters at Sul Ross and was offered a Senior English teaching position at Midland High School. Carol and Martin sold Carl Williams' home in Alpine to His Sister Peggy and Tom Karvonen. C&M moved to Midland and rented a home. With Martin's Mom, they met Martin's Grandmother returning from Scotland at the Midland airport.

Martin applied to the Midland Police Department, but was turned down due to his lost kidney liability. So Martin went back to work for the TDHS in Odessa, working for Mr. Simmons, his previous supervisor when he began with TDHS in Alpine. Shortly thereafter, Martin was offered a Child Protective Services job in Odessa. To meet the State legal requirement at the time that you had to be a resident of a county to file legal petitions for custody, Carol and Martin built a home in Odessa using Wylie Brown. These scenes are from the rented home in Midland and building the home in Odessa. Baron and Tonya were our constant companions. Their puppies were fun!





Peg & Ollie Theophilus made a trip to the Grand Canyon in the late 1960's • video


1971 Carol and Martin's Odessa Wylie Brown Home is completed (08/10/71). Corky is married on June 6, 1971. Scenes of Christmas in the new Fern Circle home. Tonya and Baron have another litter of puppies • video






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