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2006 Poteet Strawberry Festival Documentation

2006 Poteet Strawberry Festival performer Joe Nichols  2006 Poteet Strawberry Festival taste of Texas winner  2006 Poteet Strawberry Festival strawberry shortcake

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We produce documentary videos for festivals and events which are used to advertise the event; attract sponsors and world class acts. picture of Poteet Strawberry Festival logo design Phantom Productions provides promotional and marketing products to the news media.

View 15 second Poteet Strawberry ad to run in Regal Cinemas.

Phantom has over 500 hours of hot air ballooning video and
has 13 DVD's mastered for resale.

Rusty's launch for MCET/NASA  picture from Phantom's hot air balloon video Sunrise Sunset I  picture of hot air balloons at the 1992 Baltimore Preakness  balloon races  picture from Phantom Productions' hot air balloon video catalog item Harris Branch Hot air balloon festival

The photos below were taken from video produced for David Perkoff Music during their Austin Children's Hospital Gala.  Videos may be shared with donars and to promote events to new sponsors.

media production for Austin, Texas corporate gala   media production for Austin, Texas corporate gala  media production for Austin, Texas corporate gala

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Phantom provides custom web page content, produces streaming media, secures domain names and hosting services and then manages the site on an ongoing basis to keep everything up to date.

Phantom produced the following web sites and provides on-going support. Click on the buttons below to go to that web site.

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Through DAVID PERKOFF MUSIC, Phantom Productions provides
• Custom corporate and industrial theater presentations
• Concert production for celebrity and national acts
• After dinner stage shows featuring Magic, Comedy, Swing Dance,
• Booking service for regional bands in all styles


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