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Memoirs and historical records from Brewster County, Texas,

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These pages were initially created to transfer photos from traditional scrapbooks to the internet in order to both preserve and make the pictures and history available to family and friends. It has become more extensive than I intended. However, I see it as a way to save the details before they slip away. Martin T Go to Part 2 go to Part 3go to Part 4go to Part 5go to Part 6

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Alpine, Texas



Until January 3, 1959, Alpine was known as

"The biggest town, in the biggest County, in the biggest state in the United States"


1939 Granada Theater Alpine, Texas (from Granada Theater web: "Construction started on the Granada Theatre in 1928 by the Johnson Company of Fort Stockton, Texas and was completed in 1929. The theater was utilized over the years for screening movies as well as being a place for community events such as the West Texas Jitterbug Championships in 1941 and The Stars Over Texas war bond drive in 1943. In June of that year over 2,500 gathered outside the Granada to catch a glimpse of Hollywood stars; Gene Autry, Chill Wills and Gayle Storm."

A few class photos

  picture of Joe Burgess '55-'56                picture of Jan Evans     picture of Bobby         

1959 Alpine Junior High School Band


Alpine High Band 1958



AHS Band "Misfits"  •  AHS Band "Comedy Combo"  •  Sul Ross Music Dept "Night In New York"  March 11, 1960  •  Sul Ross Depts Music Drama & Speech 1966 "My Fair Lady"


Big Bend Players Dinny and the Witches August 1963 • AHS Band Banquet and Dance



Big Bend Players - "The Orphans Ordeal" or the" Road to Ruin" 1963 Alpine, Texas


                                      picture of Central Grade School    

1964 7th and 8th grade dance invitation



Alpine High School dance band the Starlighters    

1961 AHS Starlighters • AHS Twirlers - Bonnie, Palmer, Carol & Donna • Alpine High School • Alpine, Texas

Plymouth  Gearge Crerar, Martin, Peg, Peggt, Jerry Lee Armstrong 1958  picture of Buddy with Ham gear KN5YCJ   

                         picture of Carol Vogt, Peggy, Patty Koch                                                        picture of George & Palmer    picture PGMS   picture of Peggy's Birthday  picture of Sue Bradford   picture of Sue Bradford with cat   picture of Sue hold Falcon       picture from Alpine dance    picture from Alpine dance  prom decorations David & Jan     Country Club Dance 03 1960    pictures from Alpine 1960's           picture of AHS play  picture of AHS play   picture of AHS play   picture of AHS play                                                          picture from 1959 prom   picture of Palmer                 Jan Evans at surprise birthday party     picture of    picture of                            picture of Lee & Buddy in Air Explorer Squadron  pictre of Air Explorers      Brewster County Rescue Squad - Bud Powers, Rick Sohl, Martin (Buddy) Theophilus, Carl Williams & Ray Baker         

Dedication of the Camino Del Rio Tx Hwy 170 Dedication of the Camino Del Rio Tx Hwy 170 Dedication of the Camino Del Rio Tx Hwy 170

  1962 Falcon   picture of Sue Bradford       Bill & Martin   David in martin'e Ham shack    picture in AHS hall  picture of Lee & Juda                     picture from Alpine play  picture from play                Alpine High School new Sony 300 tape recorder by Mr. Banks AHS Band Director                      


    picture from 1964 Senior Trip to Mexico                               

Added 12/20/15


AHS Class of 1964 Senior Trip to Mexico

         picture JCM  picture of Carol & Claude overlooking Rio Grande




Gus Lines - popular '60s hangout •  The Dingo • Adams "M" System  •  Alpine Bowling Alley  • Green Cafe • A&W Root Beer • Alpine City Drug

Barbara Jean hair • Aurora and Frank announcement


Fort Davis dedication April 4, 1966

Alpine High School Cheer Leaders at the 2005 "60's Reunion


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