Austin Music Business Association Board Members

Austin Music Business Association Board Members: Steve Thompson, Roy Woodrum, Ed Cantu, Joel Block, Tamera Baldwin, Dick Walker, Rodney herman, Martin Theophilus (Board Chairman), Robert Strait, Sandy Edwards and Larry Quick

Other members not shown: Bill Britton, Cindy Fisher, Beverly griffin, Jazz Jones, Layne Lauritzen, Bill Shea, and French Smith


1990 Austin Music Business Association Advisory Board Members

Bill Arhos, Austin City Limits

Maggie Balough, Editor, Austin American Statesman

Bill Bentley, Warner Brothers Records, Los Angeles

Ron Bergan, NARAS, LA

Sandy Feldstein, CCP/Belwin Publications, Miami

Shirley Kaye, Executive Director, SPARS

Rod Kennedy, Executive Director, Kerrville Folk Festival

David Kreider, Director, Economic Development and INternational Trade, City of Austin, Texas

William Krasikovsky, Entertainment Attorney, New York

Lee Lahourcade, Rust Capitol, Austin

Merlin Littlefield, ASCAP, Nashville

Roger Sovine, BMI, Nashville

Roland Swenson, Director, South By Southwest

Brian Williams, Vice President, Third National Bank, Nashville


    Crris, Tracie, Sunny  Casey Monahan  Toni Price & Casey Monahan  Toni Price  Tracie Lynn  Pro Tape, David Perkoff, Bill Britton, Chris, Sunny          

1991 Reception for Austin Music Businesses.



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